Possible moisture in floor of home

osidenativeJune 24, 2010

I can't get an answer & don't know where to turn. We are in escrow on a house that was built in Souther California in 2003. During our home inspection our inspector noticed discoloration of the hard wood floor in numerous differnt spots in the hallway & family room as well at the bathroom near the toilette. When he used the moisture reader some spots indicated very little moisture and others much more, near the toilette and under the area rug. The inspector & a plummer that came out have told me it could be a possible perculation of teh slab issue & they wouldn't purchase the home. No one can tell how this can be tested & how to know how bad the issue is. We have considered backing out of the sale but I want to know if there is a way of testing to see if it is actual moisture coming from the slab & if this can be fixed or is just going to cause numerous issues down the road for us. Please help!!

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The HI and the plumber told you what was visible, and gave your their best guess as to cause.

There really is no way to determine exact cause, without opening the slab, and even then, maybe not...

That said, the toilet area moisture could be a leak...did the plumber discount that as a possible cause?

As far as the other areas, was the plumber able to determine if water pipes run under the slab in those areas? If so, they could be the problem.

However, once again, there is probably no way to know for sure without ripping out the floor...which chances are that the seller will not allow as part of the inspection.

IMO, best bet is to ask the seller what caused the water damage. If they have no answer, heeding the advice of the plumber and the HI is probably your best bet.

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To find out how bad it is, you have to rip out the flooring and figure out where the pipes go.

Don't go through with the purchase - you are buying possible thousands of dollars of slab, plumbing and flooring problems.

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