binding width

bloomorelseJune 24, 2012

Do you cut your binding 2 inches or 2 1/2 inches to double it?

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I just did one today. I do 2 1/2", then do a 3/8 in seam to attach to quilt. Gives a fairly narrow top binding as well as the back side.
Two more sides to hand stitch. I thought I was on the last side heading for home and realized that I had two more to do. So I put it down for a break.

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I cut my binding 2-1/4", and attach to quilt with a 1/4" seam allowance.

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Doublefold Binding Strip Width

(2 times the finished binding width + Seam allowance) X 2

Usually, I cut mine 1 7/8" and sew 1/4" seam allowance for a very full, very narrow binding. No room for error~so you have to cut and sew very accurately. I think because I cut on the bias, it turns to the other side easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Binding

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I'm with Marsha. I cut mine 1-7/8" and double for a quarter inch binding. I use the glue method per Sharon Schamber and not usually bias. I like to round the corners on some quilts and when I do, I cut straight grain bindings and set in bias strips just at the four corners. Works for me.

But, overall, I like the narrow quarter inch binding myself.

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Linda, thanks for the tip to set in bias only at the rounded corners.

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Like Wanda, I've always been pleased with 2 1/4" strips with a 1/4" seam. I've got a 1/4" seam walking foot that works great, although before I got the foot, I just used the measurement on my plate.

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I'm the odd one here: I like a wider binding on the back of the quilt. I think it adds interest. So I cut at least 3 inches and usually do 1/2" on the front.


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Sometimes my binding is just a binding, and narrow works well for that. Sometimes it is a design element, and I choose to use a wider binding. Sometimes I use straight of grain, but I prefer to use bias.

There is no right answer.

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2-2 1/4; I use both depending on the quilt and the binding but probably 2 1/4 most often. Folded with a 1/4"seam, applyed to the front and handsewn to the back.

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I've tried 2 1/4" and found it hard to work with. I prefer 2 1/2".

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Fran, I'd have to agree with you. I use 2 3/8". Makes it not quite a wide on the backside. Can be a pain to measure, but not horrible.

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Thanks for all the comments. I went with 2 1/2, so I didn't have to fight to get it turned and hand sewn on the back. Yeah, it's done. I put it on my frame in the living room around March. It was a King, so glad to get my LR back.

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