Two weeks until the move and my mind won't stop!

ShanaMaiyaMay 18, 2013

It's funny that as someone who didn't want to move in the first place that I am not SO EXCITED I can barely sleep! Even though I have been keeping VERY BUSY during the day, I lie in bed and I start decorating the new house and remodeling the new kitchen in my mind. I will fall asleep only to wake up at 2AM and start all over again. I have even finished the spare room in my head down to the exact vase and flowers! ACK!!! I knocked myself out with a ZZZQuil last night so THAT helped, but good grief. Is this normal or is it just that this is my very first new house buying experience?! Also, if you can give me advice to shut my mind up at night please let me know lol!

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Take the time to write down everything that you've planned, in the middle of the night, so you mind can let go of it and let you sleep.

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I am with you!!! My move is 25 days away. For the past month, I too have decorated, moved furniture, hung artwork, arranged everything in the kitchen drawers, cabinets and pantry. I imagine myself walking in the front door and what I will see as I progress through the house. Oh, and also what I will view through the windows. This is new construction, so there is dirt and a to-be-built retaining wall outside. I imagine myself cooking and the steps I will take, and the direction to turn reaching for things. Over the top OCD, to be sure. But, such fun too.

This is my 6th house to build - the absolute last, a two bedroom retirement patio home. But what is life if not to plan and dream and imagine? This SHOULD be exciting and fun... and so what if you cannot sleep. It is just for now.

I tried thinking of other things, but the house creeps in. I tried stupidly counting sheep, but the house creeps in. So I just go with it. At least I doze some and wake up with a smile, despite the yawns and red eyes...

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I get this way when I purchase a new Remote Control airplane by mail. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming of all the new aerobatic maneuvers I can do with the new plane... knife edges, 4 point rolls, and every landing being perfect.
If I do this for just a toy, I can say that what you are experiencing is pretty normal.

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Lol! I hate housework. We're moving in three weeks. I've decided I don't really care where the house things go. I'm working on the landscaping. I've plans for what I'm planting up near the back fence, what new plants I want to try and I worry if I'm going to have enough space for all of the trees I want. I'm not excited about this move. We're moving from a custom home we built three years ago to a spec home in a neighborhood of spec homes that all basically look alike. I'm already trying to make mine look different.

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Thanks everyone! I see I am not alone and not crazy lol! I am still VERY excited though. I actually had to refill my xanax prescription and after a week of waiting because they said the doctor didn't get back to them, I went there in person today and pleaded, "But I am MOVING! How can I move without XANAX?!" I said it jokingly, but they knew I was serious. They got it taken care of LOL.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You are not alone! I have nightmares every night, and DH wakes me up. Mostly they are about lions biting my neck while I hold my child, but still, not good.

The lion runs off saying he is my friend and he will not bite my neck, but I'm still stuck finding diapers for my little baby girl.

How does this relate to leaving a house and renovating another?

I have no clue, but you have my enduring sympathy!

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