Change in well pump depth

miltoneOctober 7, 2012

My well pump was worn out due to trying to keep pressure up in a tank that was too small. When the pump guys tried to replace the pump they said there was a misalignment in the well shaft. They had a hard time getting the pump past the misaligned point. When replacing the pump they had to stop at the misaligned point. I think they should have put in a pump with a smaller diameter, but it is a little late for that. Now I am seeing signs of iron on the sides of things that the sprinklers spray on. Does the depth of the pump have anything to do with this, or does the pump get the water from the bottom of the shaft no matter how high the pump is situated?

Thanks, Milton

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Tell then to put the correct diameter pump in to get to the depth you want.

having the pump wel below the natural water table gives you a built in reserve (the water above the pump).

Many wells have some minor wander so they are not perfectly straight.

If a soil bit encounters an errant rock it will be deflected during drilling.

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