What scratching post?

glaserberlDecember 27, 2011

I didn't want to hijack "cat abandoned by my dad" post but need some advice on enticing one of our cats to not use our furniture for scratching. We have 4 cats, 2 use a variety of scratching surfaces, 1 is de-clawed (found him that way) and number 4 is the problem. He is the youngest at just over a year. We have a sisal covered post, 2 of the card board scratchers and a tree limb mounted upright on a wood base. Biggles prefers anything furniture. The chenille ottoman, the cotton cover of a recliner and the fabric bins that fill shelf cubbies. I have covered some corners with double sided sticky tape and he leaves those alone. If I have to I will cover every corner but would rather find a scratching post he likes. Any suggestions?



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Carpeted cat trees were the best money I ever spent. I put them by the windows and the cats love them.

If Puja goes to my furniture, I put a cardboard scratching box there and she uses it.

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Hmm, you're already offering the three surfaces preferred by my cats: sisal, corrugated cardboard, and real wood. But if Biggles prefers scratching fabric, then buy or make him scratching posts covered by a variety of fabrics. Rub the posts liberally with fresh or dried catnip leaves (don't use that catnip spray). Between luring him to the posts with catnip and fabric, and covering all furniture corners with double-sided tape, you should be able to teach that naughty Biggles where his claws do and don't belong.


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So far he has not shown interest in catnip. The other three go nuts. Maybe he has to get a bit more mature to get high on it. I have some short, nubby carpet remnant. Maybe that will interest him. I have tried the scratching post with the longer carpet and it was a no for all of them. Maybe a 4x4 with a different fabric on each side...

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Some cats are not catnip sensitive. There is a genetic receptor and some cats have it, some don't. My siamese wasn't into catnip, but she sure hunted out my doublemint gum I had in my purse. I'd go to get a piece and find hundreds of puncture marks on it. After the fact, it struck me they were tooth marks. Ick.

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For the cat that I now own, I went to walmart and got some of those cardboard scratcher things. It came with a package of catnip in it. Once she sniffed the catnip she left my furniture alone. (mostly) lol

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Kittens usually don't respond to catnip until they reach sexual maturity.

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Ha,he got snipped at the shelter before he at about 6 weeks. He might never know the pleasure of catnip. :)

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