OTC meds for naseau in dogs

debbiep_gwDecember 1, 2010

Are there any otc meds to give dogs that have naseau,not vomitting though.I have cerenia for Sally(basset)7 years old that has stomach/mouth issues.She has been to the vet a couple of months ago.She has excessive drooling and has gingivitis but they also think naseau plays a part in the drooling.Her blood panel showed something slightly off to do with the pancreas or pointed to that from some of her systoms(I don't remember the exact details now)but it amounted to she could have bouts of pancreatis flareups.I noticed yesterday she didn't seem to feel well,just sleeping and the drooling was like a water spigot that drips,constant clear water.She stays wet.Anyway I gave her the cerenia and it made a difference but it is very expensive so I need to find another med, prescription or not that will work for naseau.I do have a call into the vet but thought I would ask for opinions here to.

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Pancreatitis is a very serious condition and I hope your vet is going to try to see your dog ASAP.

Has she had her teeth thoroughly checked and is the gingivitis being treated? I would be concerned as to what is causing her nausea. Were you aware that drooling can be a side effect of Cerenia?

Ask your vet for a less expensive medicine for the nausea, but I'd be trying to find out why she's nauseated. The symptoms you described are not a good sign.

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She is not on the cerenia,she has only taken it occasionally.The gingivitis was diagnosed in 07 and the drooling started at that time to.She has been on medications off and on since then.Antibiotics mostly.She went in for a teeth cleaning a few months ago but it was not done at that time.She was very distraught about being left I guess and they suggested waiting.

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With her mouth problems I'm surprised a vet would suggest waiting on teeth cleaning & a thorough mouth exam (under anesthesia).
IMO, she's had this problem too long and it sounds as tho they're treating the symptoms and not trying to find the cause.
Maybe it's time to seek a second opinion...........

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One of the first things that comes to mind is slippery elm bark- should be available at any health food store. Some people swear by this stuff for stomach/intestinal problems, and some people think it is worthless. I've had good luck with it in my cat when she is feeling sick, and I have taken it on occasion with mixed results- sometimes it helps an other times doesn't seem to have much effect.

I did a quick google search for slippery elm and pancreatitius and was surprised to readily find several sites about dogs and the use of slippery elm bark with this condition. If you have some time, it might be something to further research.

Best of luck.

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