We pet owners are worse for the environment than SUV drivers

HandyMacDecember 22, 2009


Shame on us.

Now, the authors of that ridiculous article can kiss my rosy red-----er-----nose.

It is unbelieveable to what inane lengths some people will stoop to have their 15 minutes of attention.

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This probably belongs on Animal Debates, but I agree with you that it's a ridiculous article.

All animals leave a "carbon footprint," including humans, don't we? Plants and animals are all rightful parts of the world.

We may be able to slow down global warming a bit in other ways, but pets to share our lives with are not expendable, in my opinion.

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Those types of people would be happy if the whole human race just up and died and left the earth alone. Crackpots.

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I say that if they lived in Afghanistan, they would be Taliban...that mind-set is not restricted to one place or people, there are always people who have an agenda and they feel they are right.
I don't get exited about it, it's just their skewed opinion.

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What an idiotic article, the impact of pets is minimal compared to industrial and other pollution caused by humans. I guess washing toxic chemicals into waterways and the ocean is fine, as long as it's done by people, but perish the though of dogs peeing outdoors. Stupid!!

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The researchers were simply stating facts. Very clinical but it doesn't cover the whole picture. The SUV owner probably has a couple of over indulged children, lives in too big a house, and buys every toy in sight. If we want to decrease carbon footprints, how about fewer children? I'd rather have a cat and a dog in every home than a child if you look at it from the carbon foot print standard.

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The conceptions about SUV owners crack me up. I have one child who is not over-indulged (absolutely by his standards, pretty much by my standards and even by a crabby great-aunt's standards), do live in too big a house (but it's over 100 years old - recycling at its best), don't even own a DVD player and need the SUV to transport the dogs and navigate the driveway.

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