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glaserberlDecember 3, 2010

So far we have had Mr. Biggelsworth the 8 week old kitten confined in my office at home. He does go to the shop with me during the day. The other three cats know that he is there and one of them - Bob- is not happy at all. I have let the other two (Cleo & Coby) sniff the kitten and they both have just given a gentle hiss, more like a loud breath. I know they will be OK in time. Bob on the other hand is spitting mad. He'll lay outside the door and growl like a dog. It was kind of funny a couple days ago. He was outside the room but had both paws underneath the door, sticking a couple inches into the room. He was growling and the kitten on the other side just watched from about 6 inches away. Once in a while he would touch one of the paws and the growling would intensify.

I let Bob into the room this morning and he slinked around the room growling and hissing at the kitten. Never went closer than a foot away. He sounds very threatening but the his body language is not. Ears are not flat and his tail is not swishing. Now he is sleeping on the printer. The whole time Mr. Biggelsworth just stayed curled up on his blanket and watched him.

It has been so long that we had a tiny kitten like that. The other cats integrated with no problems. Bob was the last one to join the household and he assumed top cat position pretty fast. Is he just postering or do I have to fear for the safety of the kitten? They will not be unsupervised for a long while but eventually they need to get along.

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It is my belief that some cats don't get along just like some humans don't, Lol! Five years ago when I got another cat, as a kitten, my gray cat was very accepting but the kitten became dominant right away and is to this day!! The younger one tolerates the older one but every once in awhile she will pounce on the old cat which she has done since she was a kitten. The old gray cat is always submissive. They really don't have anything to do with each other.

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If he had plans to kill the kitten, you would never see it happening.

He's just expressing his displeasure.

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you are right. I just came home from grocery shopping to find the door to the office open. Kitty is fine, curled up in his carrier with the door open. Old house and the doors don't close tightly. I'm sure it was the dog who busted the door open. He is very excited about the new housemate.

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With a name like Mr. Biggelsworth, Bob is concerned that this kitten will grow too big for his britches. Bob has the difficult job of teaching baby kitty how to be A Real Cat without becoming The Real Cat.

Bob is doing you a great service, actually. Without him and his sisters to pounce on, Mr. Biggelsworth would be stalking you and climbing your jeans with his little needle claws.

And you probably don't hiss and growl nearly as effectively as Bob does.

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I wish Mr. Biggelsworth would be a little more lively. Right now he mostly sleeps and walks around a little and purrs like crazy as soon as somebody touches him. I just talked to the vet because he is not eating a whole lot. For now we are just keeping an eye on him because otherwise he seems healthy.He did have a check-up on Tuesday and checked out OK.

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Maybe Bob knows this and is trying to provoke his inner Devil Kitten.

I hope he is OK and just getting used to his new home. He's probably just plotting his path of destruction - and how to blame Bob for it all.

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We recently had a litter of kittens. One of our adult female cats didn't like the scenario at all and would leave for days at a time. The last time it was for two weeks and we really thought she was gone forever. Well, she re-appeared looking very shiny and healthy-AND-is now accepting of the kittens (who are now 7 mos. old.)

Same thing happened with the mom who has shunned the kittens since she weaned them (at 14 weeks!) She also disappeared for several days and we really thought she had become coyote lunch since she never left before. Last night we had our first big snow and there she was this morning waiting by the guest house to be let in for breakfast.

She actually ate right from the same dish as one of the kittens! Never thought we would see that. So, eventually if it is important --- they adjust.

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