vet tech please- medicating/sedating a dog during flight..

ilmbgNovember 17, 2009

I will be recieving a small (9#) dog tomorrow by airline. the dog will be in cargo, NOT baggage. I am a bit concerned that the shipper wants to lightly sedate the dog with 10mg of diphenhydramine. That is normally a pretty benign drug. Some sedatives/pain meds/cardia meds that we use for humans are not givien at the same rate while 'in flight transport'. I want to make certain it is safe for a small dog. I can't call a vet now, as it is after hours where I am...


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I am not a vet tech, but I can tell you that when I had a dog flown to MN from TX several years ago, the airline strictly forbade any sedative to be given to the animal because of the potentially dangerous effects of such drugs in the dog's body at altitude. You need to have the shipper contact the airline and make sure that the use of a sedative in a dog is allowed during air transport. Even if the airline does permit it, if it were my dog, there's NO WAY I would permit the administration of even the tiniest dose of any sort of sedative before putting an animal on a flight.


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I would also refuse to accept a dog that has been drugged. If the sender wants to send the animal with a drop of rescue remedy then fine, anything else I would have issue with. PS - baggage and cargo are the basic same place

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I think I have talked her out of it- I hope so... Having a flight attendant for a roommate a few years ago made my decision on which airline to use for the flight. There is some difference with Delta- of course it will still be noisy, but the cargo area has some climate control/pressure, which baggage does not. My first choise was in cabin, but couldn't find anybody that would be his 'babysitter' on a flight in cabin.
I will be anxious until he arrives safe and sound tomorrow night.

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