'I claim this old chair'.

schoolhouse_gwNovember 9, 2011
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what a life! LOVE it!!

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Way too cute!

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she isn't looking "feral" anymore!!! What a happy story, and a great sight :)

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I just love how she's making herself at home! How wonderful!

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Awesome! I think she's claimed you too :)

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This week we are working on being picked up. When she's in the house I'll take my hands and pet and rub her on both sides and then slide my hands under her belly and raise her up off the floor a little bit. So far, no scratching or freaking out. I was even able to plant a quick kiss on her cheek one time, but I'm careful about that.

She still bullies my older indoor/outdoor cat, and I've started to "correct" her by poking her with my finger when she goes into stalking mode.

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Worrisome news. I haven't seen Pretty since this morning when she came in for breakfast. She usually comes for supper around 2p - 2:30p, but never showed up. It is now 6pm. Throughout the day, I always see her around the yard and property; but something is not right. I checked the garage three times to see if she was shut in by mistake, and checked the cellar even tho I hadn't been in there today. I walked all around the property and along the edge of the field, called the neighbors and even got in my car and drove up and down the road. No sign. I'm worried she's shut in somewhere by accident....or worse. I don't think there is anyway she would go to someone else unless they set food out and trapped her. I've been checking the back porch every half hour, even my other cat seems to be sitting out there watching. ugh. I'll keep you updated.

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Still missing. I've walked the neighborhood and field, no one has seen her.

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Ugghh. Baby has gone missing before too and I worry when she isn't around to eat. A friend of mine who lets her housecat out found him locked in a neighbor's garage, meowing at her thru a window! He was gone almost a day before she found him.

Sending positive thoughts your way. When she gets home, sit her down and have a talk w/her about boundaries!

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Oh my gosh! I found her. In the garage - the same garage I have checked at least five times because of a gut feeling. And I've only ever seen her in that garage a few times since she's been here. I went to get into my car and saw her run in front of it and into a pile of misc.stuff in the corner. I couldn't believe my eyes, but I backed on out into the driveway and looked back into that corner and there was her head peeking out from under the scooter cover. I waved my hands frantically, the only means of communicating since she is deaf, and she saw me. Relieved, I got out and propped open the side door but I had to leave. Assuming all was well since I knew where she was I hurried and got the errand done, came back. I searched through the pile stuff and then got a flashlight but didn't see her. Hoping I was not hallucinating, I left the side door propped open, got a dish of canned food and sat that in the garage just in case she was still in there.

Something has terrified her! Why didn't she come out those five times I checked before? I want to go out and tear that pile of things down, but maybe I should just relax and let her come around on her own. I sure hope this doesn't put us back to square one. Poor thing, wouldn't she be hungry by now?

Sorry I posted (twice!) in such a panic, but I knew I would find some kindred spirits here. ha. jomuir, glad you had a happy ending with your Baby too.

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I am so happy to see this post !!!!!!!!!!!! I was so upset for you yesterday, I was afraid to check today. What a relief that she is okay, maybe spooked, but okay after all.

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All is well - for now. I finally spotted her sitting under the barberry shrubs in the garden, did my hand signal to come, she trotted over, came in the house and ate. She spent some time rolling over and over enjoying the lavish attention I bestowed upon her and then wanted back out. I was hesitant, but still taking it slow on forcing the in-house thing. She came in one more time, now both cats are outside.

And to think all my life I've been a dog person. ha. Thanks for your concern.

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I forgot she's deaf!!! No wonder you couldn't go around calling her..

Glad she was found safe & sound. As luck would have it, Baby didn't come around for dinner Sunday night. DH seemed a little concerned, I just thought it was in sync with your cat being AWOL and decided not to worry until Monday, then she was right there Mon. morning waiting for breakfast.

Baby is usually absent if there's a lot of lawn work or activity at any of the houses nearby. Many times she's had her dinner at 9 or 10 pm because we knew she wasn't coming out.

Dear SIL was a dog person. Her daughter keeps getting pets, changing living arrangements and Mom ends up with them (2 dogs so far). Last was a cat, SIL talked smack about cats for years. Now she's so tickled by this cat!

I told my niece to get a bird next, SIL hates birds, lol.

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SIL sounds like an ole' softy. Cute.

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I had a rabbit die in my garage this summer. It was a young one and when I opened the door it was probably to scared to come out. I didn't know it was in there until it started to smell.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm confused...or just don't know the whole story. How is it that she manages to get outside? I assume that since she's deaf that she enjoys a safe, inside existence. But I full well know that cats can be pretty sneaky sometimes.

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rhzo, she was a feral that showed up in April. Very wild, terrified of people. She and I have been working on trust issues since then,but things are progressing, just have to take it slow.

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