young cat acting up

monarae_gwNovember 5, 2010

This is an ongoing question presented by so many. I have a young cat, under a year, who desperatly wants to go outside. She has gotten out a couple of times, only to be taken back in as soon as we can get her. Now she is peeing and pooping in front of the front door! I have taken her in to the vet, no problems. She will use the litter box, if I lock her in a room. I have watched her a couple of times, in order to catch her doing this. She sits and waits until I am not looking, then does it. She is a smart on! lol! I have caught her a couple of times, and she got the water bottle, which she hates. She is obsessed with this! We live on a farm, with feral cats outside. They are all either spayed or neutered. I know she is acting out (ticked off) about not being able to to out! What can I do?!?!

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Are the feral cats nearby and close enough that she can see & hear them? If so, that's probably what's drawing her outside.

If you want to keep her as an inside cat, vs an indoor/outdoor cat, then you could try placing a litter box next to the door and see if that helps.

Some cats just have the 'drive' to get outside. I once fostered 2 kittens and one of them tried really hard to slip out the door whenever it opened. The other kitten had no interest in outdoors and went the other way when the door opened.
If it were me and my kitten was desperate to get out, I'd build an enclosure outside a window or kitty door so that she could get outside whenever she wanted.

Some examples are below.

Here is a link that might be useful: cat enclosures

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Wow, those enclosures are really neat! My cat is strictly indoor and likes it that way, so I don't really neat something like that. But they are wonderful.

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