Toilet flange on slab.

busboyJune 9, 2010

More toilet issues! The basement toilet was rocking. I removed the toilet and found a crack in the flange. A kit can repair that. The flange is sitting up off the tile on slab about 1/4 inch and the flange is not secured, that is it has play in it. So, best way to secure it? Masonary screws is the likly answer, but I am concerned about the spacing between the flange and the slab. Should I screw it down and load the space with caulk, or hydraulic cement? As I said the flange is sitting up quite a bit so I am concerned the bottom of the toilet might rest ON the flange squeezing out all the wax on the ring. There is evidence of leaking as well. Thanks

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Anchors in the slab to hold the flange tight.

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