our dog is having a hard time adjusting to a neighborhood

booboo60November 6, 2013

Hoping you all can help me, I kind of know what to do but dh and I can't agree on what's best for our Boo Boo. We got our beautiful Lab girl at about 8 weeks old 5 years ago. At the time we were selling our house and moving across the state to our property where we built a house and lived for 5 years. It was in the country and Boo Boo had the run of the place, truly a dogs' dream life! Fast forward to today and we have moved to the "home town" where dh and I grew up. We live in a smaller house, smaller property and in a neighborhood where dogs are not allowed to run free. We have been so busy fixing up the house( new roof, garage doors, etc.) that we really haven't addressed what to do with Boo Boo. We have to take her out on a leash or throw the ball for her in the back of the house but always supervising her because if she sees a squirrel, cat, anything that runs she is "outa there"!!! I suggested fencing her in because I think she really needs boundaries. Dh does not want to put up a fence, not sure why, he may just be a little overwhelmed with house stuff but I think we would all benefit if she had a place to go, not be left out there, just somewhere to keep her safe and other critters too!
What do you all think? How do we help her make this huge transition?

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Yes, I agree with you that you're going to need a fence, especially since your dog tends to chase what she sees.
If DH doesn't have a fence on his immediate to-do list then I think you're going to have to make the time and take her to a dog park daily so she can burn off some of that excess energy and to help her cope with the loss of her freedom. Even after you get the fence, she's still going to need to go on long walks or to the dog park for exercise.

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You've *gotta* put up a fence;
it's just part of owning a big dog.

sorry hubs doesn't want to do that, & I think it's telling that you're 'not sure why'.
The easy solution to that one would be for him to *tell* you why, & since he hasn't, my guess is that he doesn't want to spend the money or doesn't like the look of a fence, doesn't want to tell you something that will make him look bad, & can't think of an excuse that *won't* make him look bad.

Please get your precious dog a fence so she can have at least some freedom.

I wish you the best.

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Lol, "sylvia", I think he is having a hard time adjusting to the "hood" himself and probably thinks a fence means "jail" or the end of the world for Boo Boo!

Thanks for the insight!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I don't think he needs a fence. He needs lots of nice walks through your new neighborhood!

It will be a great way for you to meet your new neighbors and give Boo Boo a sense of "home". He will enjoy meeting his new doggie friends too. You can never have too many "friends".

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spedigrees z4VT

I cannot imagine having a dog without a fence. It is not safe to allow a dog to run free even in a rural area. I live out in the country and there are many dangers for an unleashed dog here such as being shot by a game warden or hunter, or being hit by a car on a highway. Loose dogs can travel long distances.

My back door opens out into a large fenced area with trees, a bucket of fresh water, a dog house, and shelter under the steps and under the attached ramp. My dogs are in and out on average 15 times a day. Although I do take them for a long leash walk everyday too, I cannot imagine having to get dressed and take them out on a leash every time they needed to go potty.

I would just call the fence company if I were you. You are the one who is being inconvenienced, and your poor dog needs some off leash time in his own safe fenced yard. Good luck!

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The funny thing is when we lived in the country she stayed close to the house and she was inside alot too. We do take her on walks here, we have to for her to get exercise (us too). Hopefully, we will get a fence built soon, thanks for all the help! See if I can put a pic of Boo Boo on here!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

spedigrees, you can't imagine having to take them out to potty on a leash every time they need to go?

Well, I do that every day, several times a day. It's not an inconvenience. My dogs don't run loose, ever. Taking them for walks is a great pleasure for all of us.

We aren't all so fortunate as to have a fenced in yard, but that doesn't mean we can't have dogs. In fact, my mini schnauzer came from a home with a fenced in yard where he was let out to potty whenever he wanted to. He was rarely walked. As a result, he wasn't socialized very well. When he came to live with me, we walked the neighborhood constantly and he came to make many friends, both human and dogs alike.

So again I say, you don't need to have a fence. You can have perfectly happy dogs without having a fenced in yard. Yes, it does require some activity on your part, but isn't that half the fun of having a dog?

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murraysmom, I think you are right and that is kind of the discussion I am having with dh. He insists the fence would be unsightly, don't really have a good spot for one, plus, he feels we can walk and exercise her on leash and when he is outside working he can have her next to him on a tie out chain. But never neglected.....my feeling was if she had a small area all her own we could let her into that space and she wouldn't have to be on leash, but I do agree with him; I don't "see" a place to put said fence at the moment.

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Another option is to find a doggie day care facility where she can run around safely (indoors or out) even a just a couple of times a week.

Also, both of you could sign up for some fun dog training classes together, for example rally or agility. Both really helped with my Toller when he was young, full of beans, and easily bored.

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I am not sure what the consensus is on cable dog runs. Are they safe for a big dog? Could a big dog break free? If they work well, it might be an option for you for the times your lovely Boo Boo wants to sit out in the sun or eliminate and you are still in your jammies or too busy with another activity. I think having the option to have multiple places that the run can end would be best for the lawn. You could move it regularly so no one place gets worn down and muddy.

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My yard was partially fenced when I brought my dog home. I didn't think it was a big deal until I realized that my dog wanted to run and play on his schedule, not mine. He wanted to be further than five feet from me when taking care of his business. An idea I was not opposed to either. I tried one of those extending leashes but quickly gave up on that idea because it was unsafe for both of us. So I learned how to set a few fence posts and installed a drive gate so I could still have access if needed. Best thing I ever did for him. Now when he is anxious to go out he doesn't have to wait for me to get dressed or bundled up in winter. He can explore and lay in the sun without being tied and best of all he can play to his hearts content since he no longer has to be on a leash. Playing fetch is much easier when you can actually run. There was benefit for me too. I can now get out of bed and put my robe on instead of having to get fully dressed then come in and undress again to take a shower in the morning. And since neither of us likes to be out in the cold or wet I'm sure my Ollie is glad I no longer have to go out with him because he can sprint out, do his thing, then run back in faster than I could get him out to his favorite place.

The best part is that I know he is safer too from other dogs allowed to run loose in the neighborhood. Love having a fence, even though it isn't anything fancy.

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I think you should put up a fence if money allows. One thing to consider before doing that is whether or not your dog can jump it! Some dogs can leap right over a fence. One day I was taking care of a dog that was in rescue, this poor baby wanted to go home with me so bad, I was standing at the back of my truck with the tail gate closed and he just leaped right up over that tail gate and into the back of my truck like nothing. He was a lab mix.

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