My cat is bulimic!

katchusOctober 20, 2008

Okay so maybe not BUT here is the situation...

I feed my cats once a day, usually at night before I go to bed. I have 2 cats, one of them is fine, but the other (the same one that pees btw if anyone remembers my last post!) throws up all the time. She eats her food way too fast, doesn't chew it and then throws up like 10 minutes later. (I know she doesn't chew it because the food is still whole when she vomits it up.)

So I'm constantly having to regulate her eating - let her eat for a few minutes and then stop her, wait until she eats again and repeat. If I don't do that then I can guarantee she will eat too much/fast and vomit.

Due to another cat in the house with food allergies I can't leave food out for them all the time. I try to feed them a few smaller meals throughout the day (morning, after work, bedtime) so Boo doesn't feel that she is starving and must scarf down her food.

I'm moving in 2 weeks at which point I can probably leave food out for them more regularly (allergy cat will be gone).

Any suggestions? I don't know how to get her to stop binging on food and then vomitting afterwards!

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Try putting a golf ball or two in her feed dish so that she has to move the balls around in order to reach the food. That should slow her down a bit.

You can also mix her food with hot water to turn it into a soup that she has to lap up. If you're feeding her dry, let it soak in hot water for 30 mins until it turns mushy, then smoosh it into a soup with additional water.


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I think I read, if you elevate the dish, it might help.....Interesting about the golf ball...

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That's an old horseman's (or horsewoman's) trick. If a horse bolts his grain, putting a few fist-sized rocks in the feed bucket can slow him down.

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Wow, that's great to know... My Boxer vomits often, although not as much as when we first got him. Guess they have to eat fast at a shelter with so many vying for the food.

We split their feeding at night, allowing some time before we set out the other half. He still vomits at least twice a week. DH affectionately calls him 'puke boy' although I prefer Barf-olomew (love that movie Space Balls). The vet checked him out when we first brought him home and said he was fine and that he himself had a barfer.

The golf ball sounds like a great idea. Dh is a golfer so there's always extra balls around!

Thanks Laurie,

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I tried the cat food soup thing last night and Boo was SO not interested! First I tried feeding them seperately (giving the non-barf cat normal food) and Boo refused to eat the CFS and kept going over to the other bowl! I eventually just left out the soup and it was relatively untouched this morning, so I just fed them proper food.

I will definitely try the golfball idea - or something similar as I have no access to golf balls!

Also - what is this about elevating the dish???

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Sue, don't use golf balls with a boxer. He's a large enough dog that he could swallow golf balls. Try tennis balls, softballs, hockey pucks, or rocks that are too large for him to swallow.

katchus, find a few golf ball sized rocks for your cat's food dish and wash them well. They'll provide the same eating obstacles that golf balls would.


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Chances are it is not because he/she is eating too fast. It is probably due to an enlarged esophogus- there might be a 'pouch' in the esophogus- shortly after the cat eats the cat vomits- emptying the pouch. Elevating the dish helps. I put my cats dish on a cinder block- not too fancy, but it did slow the vomiting down alot. the only way you can tell is to x-ray- inexpensive, and then you know for sure. I had to watch that she didn't stand on her hind legs to reach the food easier, though.

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Boxer is my very chubby tuxedo cat!

I like the idea of raised dishes too. Looks mighty uncomfortable with the dish on the floor.


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I'll third or fourth the recommendation of elevating the dish. I used to have the same problem with my kitty barfing up her food immediately after eating, and once I raised her dished up, it's helped immensely.

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Suggestion: Try feeding that cat less at least twice a day, three times a day if possible. Eating once a day is not enough for many cats.

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