Indianapolis Cat needs a new home ASAP!!

kpardieckOctober 18, 2012

We have a gray 8 year old female cat that needs a home ASAP. She is an indoor cat, very sweet, fixed, and declawed in the front. We just had another baby and she doesnt get the attention she needs. She comes with food and litter.

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poor dispensable kitty.

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Any new owner the cat winds up with should be an upgrade from its present owner.

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Why do you need to rehome your cat? I assume you've owned her for 8 years so what is the real reason you can no longer keep her? How many kids in the house, and are any of them abusive to the cat?

You should first contact your local cat rescue groups and Humane Societies. If you find her a home make sure the new owners plan to keep her indoors at all times since she won't survive outdoors without claws.

I did a quick search for cat rescue in Indianapolis.....check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat rescue

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Disposable animals. Way to teach your kids a lesson. Food and litter, how generous. What about her feelings of living in a home and then discarded like a piece of trash.

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By "attention" do you mean it's more difficult for you to attend to her needs as far as litter clean up,ect? Maybe you could enlist another family member (like hubby?) to help.

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I got one of my best cats ever from a family with 2 kids, he wasn't getting attn either. Kazoo was the Mom's college cat & was about 12 yrs old when I took him. I lived next door & agreed to take him on a trial basis. Every time I visited their house, he'd come running out of a closet or something to me. What was I going to do? He claimed me.

He was an awesome cat, I enjoyed him until he was approx. 18 yrs old when he got very ill & left us for the rainbow bridge. Be picky in who takes your cat, I hope for her sake you find someone who can give her love & attention. It's very hard to find homes for cats, please please be sure she goes to a person who'll keep her forever.

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Just wait until that third child arrives. The first kid will be on Craigslist in no time because he can't get the "attention" that he used to with a new arrival.

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We got our most recent cat through a rescue group with a history of, "We had a new baby and couldn't keep the cat off the bed."

He's the most easy going "chill" cat, all 22 pounds of him. We weren't in the market for a new cat, but he had been in a cage at P******t for 2 months. We HAD to take him. And we're very glad we did.

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You DO realize this is an international website, don't you? Not a classifieds ad site. And what you are doing is disgusting, a pet is a forever commitment, not something to "donate" when it isn't needed anymore. Sorry, but people like you are despicable.

I hope this kitty gets the loving FOREVER home it deserves, you don't deserve to ever have another pet ever again.

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Holy moly are we going to crucify OP next? She came here for advice, obviously not realizing she was going to set off a sh*tstorm. The reality is the cat's not getting what it should & OP knows that & wants to change the future for the cat.

I've known a lot of people who can't keep a pet due to the circumstances in their life at that time. But that doesn't make them bad people. I've also seen a lot of pets put down early for convenience, it seems OP is trying to avoid that here.

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A little harsh yes. But she does at least realize she is not being a good pet owner and is being neglectful. The cat will be better off with a better owner. Although I do think it is awful to concider pets disposable, she is at least making an effort to rehome it.

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