Sunrise on the pond 2

rcnaylorDecember 7, 2007

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That's a pretty big pond. The sky is sure colourful and you captured it nicely in the reflective water.

Great shot!


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Lately I've been hearing this catchy little jingle on a TV commercial. "Just another ordinary miracle..." Your photos capture another ordinary miracle we see so often, RC. Just gorgeous, all of them.

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I'm very flattered by your kind words.

But, you also hit the nail on the head. Its one that I actually think about quite alot. How wonderful is it that we have such beauty around us to TRY to capture? Most of my shots are of nature and I figure I am just lucky to have them to shoot. I try to give thanks for the beauty around us, and the resources and health to enjoy it every day. They ARE miracles.

And, if I keep at it, I figure one of these days I will be able to do a decent job of catching some of those wonders. :)

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