snow snow snow

clairdo2March 7, 2009
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That is certainly a winter wonderland...we have had 140 inches, just a few short of the record for us. We have not had any for a couple weeks and all the piles are gone. The record seems safe with no snow in the forecast but there are a few weeks left for the possibility. At first I was hoping for the record, now I am ready to move on with spring.

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Nice pics, Clairdo! I've only seen snow about 7 times in my entire life.

Crunchpa, 140"?? Wow!! What does that convert to in inches of rain?


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I'm not sure of the onversion, but you would probably need an ark. We are on the south side of Lake Erie and when the cold air comes down from Canada and passes over warm (relative term) lake waters,we get hammered. We get lucky because the folks who live on the ridge 20 miles away get double that amount. All the communties have the snow removal equipment that is needed, and life goes on as usual. A good snowblower for the homeowner is a plus.

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One inch of rain coverts to 8 to 12 inches of snow depending on the moisture and packing factor of the snow. The usual estimate for Wisconsin is 8 to 10 inches of snow per inch of water.

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I don't see any pics! Where did they go! Did it melt? LOL

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