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marci_paMay 17, 2004

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Good Morning:

Very cute Marci! I know how she feels.

I hope that Dee and Maddie are having great trips. Be good girls, but have fun!

Things are going good here. I visited with Pete yesterday and he looks terrific. He continues to have a great attitude and a fantastic outlook. I am so proud of him. Thanks to all of you too. I know all of your prayers and well wishes helped.

DS#1 got engaged this weekend! No wedding plans for the near future, but I think that they just wanted to make that commitment to each other. Very sweet. The ring is beautiful. I am very happy for him and I really love my future daughter in law. They are very good for each other.

Amy, I am so sorry that the WW info has not got to you yet. It will be in the mail this week.

DS#2 and I are back on WW this week. I kind of lost my way a little bit. Things have been very hectic and I started to get unorganized. If I don't plan ahead, I do terribly. DS said he wanted to try it too, so I bought him a WW points calculator. That makes such a big difference for me.

Everyone have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Hi again,

I just went back and read yesterdays posts. Marci, congratulations to you and your son. What an accomplishment. You must be be so proud. Great picture, who's his friend?

QOD: In the summer I love red geraniums in clay pots. I just love the way they look and they last all summer. To receive, red roses with baby's breath. I also love gerbera daisies. I never have much luck growing them, but I think they are a happy flower. My favorite bush is hydrangea. Those too last all summer and look great when they are dried.

Bye again, Besh

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Marci~We will miss you this summer with you not being able to check in as much. Congratulations on DS#1. Do you have any ideas for a graduation party?

BJ~Glad that you aren't feeling as listless now. I have to take 2 naps a day so I know how it is to feel half dead. LOL

Besh~Congrats on DS#1. It was mine just 2 years ago. We honestly LOVE our DDIL. Glad that Pete is making progress.

Raeanne~The QOD was good. And, you are right, it is time that we start doing that again. The only thing is that we all know so much about each other. tee hee

I love lilacs, irises, & I have to say Morning Glories. My DGM loved flowers & she had them everywhere. My DGGM had morning glories & I can remember visiting her in CO & how beautiful they were.

We will miss you DeeMarie & Maddie. Just in case you get a chance to check in--hope that you are having the best time.

Please give me ideas about graduation. I know that you all have great ideas. Patti :)

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Good Morning Everyone,

I am back from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and all I can say is WOW. What gorgeous country and beautiful mountain trails. I had a blast, I am tired, and I am back at work today trying to re-focus. I will try to get caught up later.

NH Suzanne

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Marci - you must be so proud of your handsome son! He did good and so did you.

NH Suzanne - glad you had such a good time - nice break from the stresses of work.

Patti - That is true to try and think of posting a question that we don't already know each others answers to. Are you looking for a present for your DS or some other way of celebrating? Can you do a collage with photos of your son for his graduation? Maybe you can contact a lot of old friends and family to have them each send you a sentiment, memory or photo of DS and make a book for him. What was his major in college?

Besh - congrats to you on your sons engagement. How wonderful, you will be the BEST mother in-law ever. I am back on SS this week.

I made a pork tenderloin on the BBQ grill last night. First I marinated it in lime juice, oregano, olive oil, S&P for at least 2 hours. It was delicious. I also made a salad dressing from dill weed, olive oil, red wine vinegar and a tad of splenda - that was also very good. I am making spareribs tonight.

We have been eating out a lot, so having homecooked meals is a nice change of pace - even though I am the one cooking them LOL.

I went to aqua aerobics today and that was fun - I haven't been there in a long time. There was a leak in the pool and they had to keep adding fresh COLD water and it was just too cold for me.

I hope everyone is well, check in if you get a chance and that means you Gret, Joanne, John, Amy and anyone that has been MIA.

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HELLO???????? ANYBODY OUT THERE???????????

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NH Suzanne - it looks like it's just you and me!

Okay, fess up - who watches Idol??? I am so embarrassed on how addicted I am to that show LOL.

Did we lose SusieQ?

I have a lot of work staring back at me, so I guess I better tackle it now.

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Raeanne, you obviously don't have enough work if you are talking about "Idol" LOL. I don't watch it but lots of people I know do. Sorry, I can't entertain that conversation today.

I can't get into work at all. I am still on a high from my riding adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I rode a Tennessee Walking horse who is double registered as a Spotted Mountain Horse. His name was Mingo and did he give me a great ride. He was very forward and covered ground in a hurry. What a handsome boy.

Okay, back to work. Raeanne, it's your turn to talk about Idol or something! LOL

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NH Suzanne - I can't concentrate either. I'm having trouble with our office website and it's frustrating trying to straighten it out long distance. Webmaster is in CO doesn't like to communicate.

I am also in the process of making postcards and am waiting on some new photos. And I have to write 2 ads for newspapers - but hard to do, with low real estate inventory.

So I feel a bit in limbo right now LOL. It is also a beautiful day out there and that isn't helping things.

I'm glad you had a great ride with Mingo. I drooled over the horses that ran the Preakness this weekend. What magnificent creatures.

Hope you are accomplishing more than me today.

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Ok OK....I am here..reading but it seems like I cannot post ...I could write a book...the gist of it is:

Nothing new on the business purchase

Off to San Diego tomorrow for a week to hang out with my oldest DS. He sent me a ticket and I am OUTTA a here for a much needed respite

My laptop died last night RIGHT before I am leaving. I am getting ready for a trade show and HAD a ton of work to do while I was in SD...UGGHHH

Our house is full with everyone home from college...we love them but are ready for them to that bad?? LOLOL

DEX is hassleing again...

I feel selfish writing just about me and not asking questions or commenting on everyone else..

I have been dieting...and have dropped 8 much needed pounds which I am sure will reappear in San Diego...because I love Mexican food and sangria

Hopefully I can write more when life gets slower...WHEN HTE HE&& IS THAT??

HI to everyone and prayers and hugs where needed ( how insensitive am I )

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Gretchen, great to hear from you. How insensitive are you? Not at all. Everyone gets busy. I myself sometimes just read, but just don't have time to write. Have a great trip and Enjoy!

OK, Raeanne and NH Suzie, thanks for keeping things lively!
Suzanne, I went to the Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of years ago with DS. Just beautiful and so magnificent. We climbed to the top of a lookout station and it was breath taking (and I was breathless!).

Raeanne, what kind of postcards are you making? I remember last year when you were making some with silly advice on them. A great idea! I am not an idol watcher, but I have heard about the latest contraversy about people not getting through to vote. Who are you rooting for?

Tonight I finished my second college course!!!!!!!!!!! The next one starts Monday and will be held 2 nights a week, but ends June 30, so it shouldn't be too bad.

On the diet front, :-(.

Love ya,


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Good THURSDAY morning and it is, because it is my day off and it looks beautiful outside - a little cool right now, but promising.

Besh - DH just sold a magnficient lake view home, so I made postcards boasting this and trying to drum up some listings. Congrats on finishing your course and for continuing your studies. It was between Latoya and Fantasia for me, but since Latoya is gone, it has be to Fantasia.

Gret - We don't care if it's all about YOU, we just like to hear from you. LOL

NH Suzanne - did you have a productive day, or where you still in the Blue Ride Mts? I got a black fly bite on the top of my head, how annoying is that.

I start golf lessons next week. I am slowly but surely crossing off some things on my BIG "to do" list.

BJ - are you lurking or buried under laundry and excavating and construction and......?

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Good Thursday Morning All!

It is a magnificent morning here too. Very cool and dry and going to warm up to the 70's. This afternoons ride will be a fine one indeed without the usual host of biting insects to accompany us.

Besh, so glad to hear that Pete is doing well. I wish him continued improvement and will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats on finishing your course!

Raeanne, I didn't have the worst day here but I didn't get a whole lot done. Our pictures from the trip came back and of course we had to relive the entire trip through them! Today I will be better but I have Blue Ridge Mountains on my mind!

Gretchen, so glad that you checked in. Have a grand trip and get some R&R. I hope that you get some good news on your business aquisition soon.

I keep thinking of one of our rides this past weekend. The terrain is constant up and down and usually very steep but not rock at all like around here. One this ride to Raven Rock which is a vast lookout into the mountains, we climbed and climbed along side a waterfall that just kept going up and up. The waterfalls were lined with walls of wild rhodedendrons that are huge in size. The leaves must have been a foot long or more. They aren't in bloom yet and I can imagine how beautiful it is when they are. They are all different shades of white to pink. Our hostess promises to take a picture for me when they bloom. The trail was made up of deep ravine and waterfall on one side and lovely woods on the other. Anyway we are climbing and I am on the lovely gaited Tennessee walker named Mingo and he is gliding up the steep terrain without ever missing a step. His gait is a five beat so when he moves I can't feel his body and I have to do no work! It was pretty amazing and something I have never experienced before. I am telling you that this horse really worked but you couldn't tell at all. What a sweetie. He was the leader and was far ahead of the others most of the time.
We got to the top of the ridge and parked the horses while we climbed down a very steep narrow trail a short way to Raven Rock. From there we could see great expanses of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it was just breathtaking. There were thunder storms rolling in from afar and you could see the rain far away. It was pretty neat. We decided to head back so we didn't get caught up in the storms and we made it back just before the sky let loose.

That was my first ride. More later except to share with you that the Blue Ridge Mountains are aptly named. Each morning we would wake up and look out from our cabin which had spectacular views two sides. The mountains would have this blue mist hanging over them and stay there until about 10am when it would become brillianly sunny. Just lovely.

Hope other check in today. We need to hear from you MIA's

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Hi Guys,

Just checking in. My kids had their school physicals this week--- the 2 teens need glasses and my 5 y.o. has a loss of hearing in her left ear. My 5 y.o. had 6 immunizations and is running a fever and my 13 y.o. had a tetnus shot and is sicker than ever. Been busy with landscapers ---ARG! - and then the preparation for moving to AK for the summer. I will print the thread and read today in my moments of spare time. Then I will wake up tomorrow and post!

Cheers! BJ

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Gretchen~I agree that it is just nice to hear about YOU. IMHO, you don't have to address everyone. Have fun with DS.

NH Suzanne~I told Dave that NC must have been fantastic if you talked about it like you did & you live in NH. He agreed that you have some wonderful mountains in NH. I've never been but would love to some day.

Raeanne~I'm glad that you are getting to eat at home for a while. There is something to be said for a home cooked meal, even if you have to cook it for yourself! LOL I am going to get the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, The Places You Can Go", & the trip there is pretty expensive plus I don't want my sister to have to pay for all of the food so I think that I have the gift thing down. It is what to do besides eat & swim that I guess I'm being asked for suggestions for. LOL I think that is a pretty good thing all by itself.

DS#1 & DDIL are changing apartments the end of this month. The apartments they were living in were in fire code violation so they are breaking their lease & leaving. DS#1 is taking 4 classes to finish. His degree is in some type of business.

I should have done this earlier this week but I didn't get on here for long enough to do it. QOD~What is one of your favorite movies? I cannot narrow it down to just one so I decided to word it this way. I really like "Somewhere In Time". I know that it was filmed in either NC or SC & NH Suzanne going there has had me thinking of it b/c if I ever get the opportunity to go stay at that place, I plan to.

Have a good weekend. Patti :)

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Patti: My DH's favorite movie is Somewhere In Time also! Back later......

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Good Evening All,

Patti! It's good to hear from you. Where have you been?

BJ, sounds like you have your hands full with children. I hope everything works out with the sick children plus the hearing loss. Wow, you sure do have your share.

I have three sick cats right now. They all got thier annual shots yesterday and they are very quiet. It makes me feel badly because I did it to them! I have a dilema each year over some of the shots but I figure the benefits far outweigh what would happen with out them. Still, it makes me feel bad.

I am so tired right now I am ready for bed practically! I didn't even ride! Last night was late but my home computer is virus free once again.

It's supposed to rain all weekend, not a wash out, but rainy. I fertilized the pasture so the horses have to stay off for two weeks and they are so upset!!! I am planning on trailering them over to a friends in the next town so they can graze while this is going on. If you ever want to upset a horse, take away the pasture!!

I hope everyone has a restful weekend. My head is still in the Blue Ridge mountains. I have been thinking of buying realestate there all week. I might just have been bitten by a bug there! LOL

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Good Morning Everyone!!

Looks like I might have to do the laundry all by myself today. It's raining here. No riding. Maybe I might actually get caught up with some housework. Yeah, right!!!

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Okay, laundry is done. I must be the loser of the day with nothing but laundry to do!! LOL

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How does picking up garbage at the beach in pouring rain rate? That's what the kids and I did this morning. My oldest is doing a Change the World project, so we pitched in and picked up trash and about a million cigarette butts off the beach today. We found LOTS of beer cans too, but in an hour and a half, we only got two tall kitchen bags of garbage, which I think is pretty good. People just aren't littering like they used to. Thank heavens!

The older girls are at a slumber party tonight and tomorrow, I am off to do a makeover on my girlfriend's back yard. She just had twins and, with 2 other young children in the family, they have NO time. So, my girls and I are going to take a bunch of plants, veggies, and a pretty picnic table cloth over there and make a back yard living room for them to enjoy! It'll probably be raining, but we're not made of sugar, so the show WILL go on and we WILL have fun!----lol.

I'm deep in laundry and trying to get myself packing in preparation for the big summer move. I can't wait till the last minute any more!!!!!!!!!

Have a great SUNDAY!

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Good Morning,

BJ, you sure have your hands full. A group of we equestrian women cleaned up trails on Earth Day last month. There is one trail in particular we call the trash trail because for some reason people go out in the middle of the woods and dump things. This year we dragged out a couch, a cap to a pickup truck,(full size), tons of beer cans, other unmentionable things.......ugh and there remains a motor block because no one can lift it! It's unbelievable. We have recycling stations in our town and trash that doesn't fall into household will cost to dispose of so guess what? It lands in the woods. It's disgusting and I can't believe there is so much of it. Fortunately most of the trails are inaccessable by regular vehicles so it's not worse. GRRRRRRRRR. If people would be responsible for their own trash, take out what they brough in, there would be no problem!

It's raining here again today. Last night we had the most incredible thunderstorms. Lovely rolling thunder and a few really loud cracks as it came directly over but it was nice to hear. Plus the rain is helping get the fertilizer down into the soil.

Have a good day everyone.

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Hi Sunday!

The bridle trails here have posts at the entrances, so you can get a horse around them, but not a car. It halps keep the large garbage out, but still, clutter attracts clutter and garbage. The cost of disposing of large items must draw some people to illegall dumping practices. It is irritating! Maybe some "Digitally Monitored" signs posted in the woods would help keep the riff raff out!

I had a large wreck while riding my bike last night. I killed my knee, (major blood action!) but I got up and made it home. My bike will have to go into the shop, I think. The handle bars are crooked, as well as the seat, and the gears were clinking as I nursed the bike and myself home. The picture of it all is rather somical----The drawbacks of weight loss, eh? LOL! I hope I get my bike back SOON---it's become addictive to ride!

Marci- did you get the pics of Maddie and me from the Derby trip? Let me know and if you didn't, I'll re-send them. I sent them right after the trip.

Have fun today!

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Just to let you know how my day is going so far:

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to make a bunch of mini Rolo's and put them in a bag so that you can eat them by the handful? Breakfast anyone??

Arghhhhhh, Besh

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See, I told you my day wasn't going good. I posted on the wrong week!


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