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marci_paApril 8, 2004

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Good Morning,

That's funny Marci! Thanks for getting us going once again.

Just checking in to say hello. I am busy sell, sell, selling............. and have sold three ads this morning so far. If everyday could be like that I would have not worries!

QOD: What are everyone's Easter plans?

NH Suzanne

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Good morning!

LOL at today's gif--Marci, what a riot!!

Dee---CONGRATS on your loss! WTG! :):)

Well, we don't have any plans for Easter, except church. He wants to go fishing, but I think we need to stay in and work on the sunglasses (big push now what with the Derby right aroundthe corner). So....

BJ--my check goes in the mail Monday for BBQ tix! 24 days, my sister!!! :):) Is your mom and dad coming, too?

Sorry so short--work is swamped for some reason--taxes, maybe??? LOL!!!



PS--oh yeah--after complaining to Rog that I've picked up weight (I feel bloated), I weighed yesterday moring, and I am very happy to report (drumroll, please!!) 25 POUNDS gone since mid January!!!! (Doing the happy happy joy joy dance here!!!)

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MADDIE!!!!! I'm so proud of you; that's great news on those nasty 25 pounds! Doing a happy dance with you!!!!!!!!

QOD: I'm going to my SILs. She lives about 7 miles from us, so no biggie. I'm bringing antipasto and cookies. DH's daughters are going to be with their mom's family. They came by last night to dye eggs, pick up their baskets and chocolate bunnies, etc. Good riddance to all those treats, I say!!!!!!!!!


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Whoa Maddie!!!! WTG on the 25 must feel light as a feather. I am dancing with you too.

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WTG, Maddie and DeeMarie! Wowsers!

Can't wait to see you, Maddie! I ordered my BBQ Tix 2 days ago!

Easter: We are coloring several dozen eggs Saturday morning, then having my 8-yr old DD's party that afternoon at a ceramic painting place. About ten kids will be painting little ceramic boxes---so cute and FUN!

Sunday, morning Easter hunt, than a lazy brekky, and some family time. Then DH will be off to study and if the weather is nice, we will bike ride! How many hours do you have to ride to work off a marshmallow peep? lol.

Today, I am running around, picking up my teen's friends and then we'll head out to the American Idol Clay Aikens and Kelly Clarkson concert at Key Arena in Seattle! That ought to be LOUD!

I went on a bike ride this morning and really took on a lot of hill action, so I feel good. I've been doing arm weights every other day, but still have the 40-ish looking sag happening. :(

Anyway, I'm off and back later to give a review of the concert!

Have a GREAT day!

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OK, I'll admit it: I like Kelly and Clay....voted for them too! Have fun, BJ.

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Ahhhh, then I wish you could escort the teens there, DeeMarie. I'd love a night off! :)

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BJ, I would go with them! My nieces tell me I'm pretty cool. That's either geniune or they love the presents they get from me! LOL BJ, I thought of you while I did circuit at the fitness center; my trainer gave me exercises for the flabby arms. No amount of those exercises are gonna erase these wings, but I'll give it the old college try! LMAO!!!!!!!

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Hi again. Things are about the same here. I can't keep up with the things I'm wanting to do. I think this is a farcry, but does anyone remember when I posted a link to some flower pictures? I put them in an album somewhere and can't remember where. I tried Ophoto, PhotoIsland, and ImageEvent with no luck. I can't believe I can't remember where they are!


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Amy - Check the link below. You used Yahoo. Are those the flower pictures you meant?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amy's flower paintings

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Hi Guys! Happy Easter weekend!

The concert was great-----low budget, but very spirited! I believe Kelly is the better of the 2 singers, but Clay has an ease with the audience that comes with maturity. The girls loved it; we took their cousin and a friend. Very fun!

I am having a ceramics painting party for my 8 yr old DD today at a ceramics studio. You paint the pieces, they glaze and fire them, and you get them back in a week. Each of 15 kids will paint a piece. Really fun to see the creativity come out in the children. Amy, wish you were here!

Tonight, we're coloring eggs---low cal and low carb, if I want to indulge! That's the GOOD part of it all!

Tomorrow, the big test of will power for me against the peeps! I only bought a 4-pack for each kids, along with some other goodies, but all the girls ALWAYS give mom their peeps from the Easter bunny, so what can I say? Hey, I used to buy the BIG, 12-in-pack-kind, so at least I'm providing damage control this year!

Easter dinner will be very quiet, not a big deal. I watched Alton Brown do a great looking ham the other day. I think I'm going to try it when my folks visit in May.

Oh, well, I gotta fly---PARTY TIME!

Cheers! Check in if you lurk!

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Hi Marci, Those are it. Thanks!

BJ - that sounds like fun. I'd like to be there, too!


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Happy Easter everyone.

Marci you are amazing finding that link for Amy. We are so lucky to have you taking care of us!!

It's been a busy weekend so far. Yesterday we did lots of yard work in the howling wind........................grrrrrrr I really hate the wind. The boys are up and Joseph has brought his live in girlfriend. She is very nice.

I am making ham with baked beans which I just got into the oven an hour ago. I am trying to make it simple, simple with lots of green veggies and I will make scalloped potatoes for the potato lovers in my family. No candy in the house any where but I am planning on making molten chocolate cake for dessert and I will probably indulge.

Need some advice if anyone is out there today. As you may or may not recall, DS#2 went to rehab for drugs and alcohol about a year ago or less. We have been thinking that he is doing well as he is working, keeping his apartment,etc. Overall he is participating more in the family, etc. DS#1's girlfriend told me yesterday that he is drinking and since DS#1 has stopped drinking it's become a problem. She said he's been drinking since a couple of months out of rehab. I know that I need to share this with DH because I know he does not know this but I know it's going to break his heart even though he knows he can't control it etc. I won't tell him today certainly but I think I need to tell him what Kim has confided in me and I have told her that I intend to tell. I feel sick about it. What/how would you do in this situation.

Sorry to be so heavy today of all days but this is in my world right now and I am troubled.

NH Suzanne

Have a great day everyone.

NH Suzanne

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Hi Suzanne,

Your dinner sounds yummy. I have not planned anything, so I guess I'll go freezer diving today!

As far as advice regarding the DS#1 drinking, if I was you, I would talk too DS#1 FIRST, before talking to your DH. Get some info..:

How often is he drinking?

How much is he drinking?

Is he still attending his follow-up support meetings and how often is he attending the meetings (once a week for a year is considered very important, but the more often , the better).

Then ask DS#1 if he thinks he should maybe share this part of his life with his dad.

Ask him how he feels about you sharing it with his dad.

DS#1 is a grown-up person, and is holding a job, paying his rent, etc. I feel like we can't intrude on our kids or family's lives forever---sooner or later, they will do what they will do, and there is not much we can do about it.

So, the short of it is, I'd ask DS#1 how much he feels comfortable with you sharing with your DH and DS#1 needs to share whatever he feels comfortable sharing---soon.

I feel rather close to this, as I have an extremely successful, professional, highly productive sister who, unfortunately, is what the medical community calls a "functioning alchohlic". She has several glasses of red wine nearly every night and continues (for years) to own her own business, hold high offices in the community and in volunteer organizations, and apparently copes with the stress through wine therapy. No one can stop her as she puts up the argument of her maintenance of success for years on end, believes she is handling and compartmentalizing her drinking, and she says she is hurting no one, as she never leaves the house and drives or interferes in anyone's business when having wine.

What can I say? I love spending time with her and admire her work. And I no longer try to talk to her about the way she's running her life---I gave up about 2 years ago. Just food for thought.

Eventually, the heartache heals and fate takes over. We can't help everyone! ouch!

Having shared that very personal moment, I will sign off, and wish you all a happy holiday! Peace on earth.

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Had a wonderful Friday and Saturday with my old sorority sisters; we've been friends since junior high. What a great time; sharing photos, drinking wine, good conversation, catching up, Saturday morning on the beach; looking for shells, heading to brunch; down the Parkway to Atlantic City yesterday afternoon....whew, I was exhausted when I got home last night about 10:30pm, but it was worth it! What a great opportunity to get all six of us together again.

NH Suzanne, I agree with BJ and was going to ask you to call him first. He may be angry, but he needs to know that YOU know and want to help if you can. Hope it all works out for you...I know it hurts to deal with this stuff.

OK, gotta go to SIL's for dinner. I made that huge antipasto and did not even have a taste! Also made my famous Italian knot cookies and did not have a bite...DH already popped several into his mouth!! Good thing I made about 7 dozen of them.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

BJ and DeeMarie, I have already talked to DS#1 and have the information I need enough to know he's pretty close to being out of control he doens't want to "rat" on his brother. DS#2 and I have a strained relationship at best and I will not talk to him about this without his father there. Anything I say could be misconstured and misinterpreted. I have done alot of soul searching over this and I am going to tell DH. He was so elated at having the boys there for Easter that I don't want to ruin the moment for him. I figure in a day or two it will be easier to break the news to him. DH is the one who is best suited to deal with this. He has 14 years of sobriety under his belt and he knows what the disease is all about. He also understands better than anyone the difficulties his son is going through. BJ, we are not talking about a high functioning alcoholic here. We are talking about a young man who is a drug/alcohol addict whose life is becoming unmanageable again. We will always try to help our children if we see they are heading for disaster no matter how old they are! We may not be able to change things but we will try to help get them going in the right direction.

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Sorry, I misunderstood which son it was. After re-reading, I understand it is DS#2. I would have said to talk to HIM first, before going to his dad, but that, I guess, is out of the question. I didn't presume DS#2 was a functioning alcoholic, I was merely relating a personal experience with an alcoholic in an effort to qualify my comments and inquire as to what level he was accomplishing living on his own at this time. I wish you and your DH the best in the difficulties you face in attempting to assist DS#2. It's nice that you're commited to helping him.

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