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marci_paApril 26, 2004

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((((((((((Marci))))))))))))), sad, but true........LMAO

Good MONDAY morning everyone!

Get up and CARPE' DIEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carpe' Diem to you too DeeMarie. I love that expression so much that I stenciled it in our son's bedroom as a border!

Marci, thanks for reminding me about the laws of gravity. LMAO

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Good morning!

Marci! So true! I found that out last year when I did a good stretch in front of the mirror--man! the boys looked good! (Now, if I could just figure out a way to walk around like that!! LOL!!) A friend had a b00b job this past Friday, and I'm dying to see her. Gotta wait until Weds, though. Going from an A to a C.

Besh--today's the day, huh? Pete's in my thoughts and pr@ayers!

BJ--less than a week! :):)

Opps--gotta go--



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Hi guys!

It's beautiful here; 85 degrees. I have tons of loose ends to clean up before I head to Derby-ville on Friday. Maddie-I can't wait!

The landscapers are still working---true!

Marci--- har. har. Must you remind us????!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice night!

(((((((((((((((HUGS for Pete and Besh))))))))))))))))

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Hi Everyone,

Pete had his transplant today. Almost seems uneventful considering what he went through last week. The total transplant (replacement) took about 30 minutes. Everything went just the way it was supposed to! I talked to him very briefly when I got home from work and he sounded terrific. The nurses did say that he would be very sick by the end of the week, but once he got through that he definitely would be on the upswing. The Dr. told him that he thought he looked better than some of the patients that he has been discharging. Again, thanks so much for all of the prayers and well wishes. I know that it has contributed to his well being. You guys are the best!

As far as my eating goes. Last week was bad, bad, bad. Today I went back to school so it is back to WW. I have had a good day so far. I have also decided that since Pete was in the hospital getting healthy, that I should be getting healthier myself. That is my goal and I am sticking to it. If my brother is fighting the battle that he is fighting, I can do this also.

BJ & Maddie, very cool that you will be getting together again. Is the Derby this Saturday? It is also DH birthday so I will think of you both when we are celebrating.

Marci, what can I reach for, for my butt? I guess I will have to try and reach for my toes! I love Maxine, she never holds back!

Not much else is new. Where is everyone? Patti, Amy, KY Suzie, Joanne, where are you? You guys have not been around for a long time. Miss you!

(((HUGS))) to everyone else. Thanks again for your support. It means so much.

Love, Besh

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You gotta love Maxine, she is always good for a laugh and I figured we could all use a good laugh.

Besh - That is good news about Pete's transplant. I haven't been posting but I have been trying to read and I have been thinking about you and your family every day. (((Besh & Pete)))

BJ - I watched Mona Lisa Smile this weekend too. I really liked it. I also watched Cheaper By the Dozen and I have to admit that I didn't like it. I think the kids were just too bratty and the preschool teacher in me wanted to put them all in time-out and send the parents to counseling for behavior management! LOL

Gretchen - I will email you about the Jodi book. I also have one to send your way if you want it.

NHSuzanne - I watched Oprah one day last week and it was about the worst day in people's lives. One girl came from drug addicted parents and had been homeless since she was 15. She decided to turn her life around after she had dropped out of school and hit rock bottom. She made a decision one day to see what would happen if she woke up every day and strived to do everything she could to better herself. She finished high school (in record time) and is now a student at Harvard. It was the most inspiring story I have ever heard and I just keep hearing her say, "I wanted to see what I could accomplish if I tried hard every day." She was a role model for Carpe' Diem.

DeeMarie - You must be so happy with your progress on WW. I am doing the happy dance for you!!! Keep up the good work.

I went to a Women's Wellness Clinic this weekend and I had lots of tests run. The most surprising result was my total cholesterol - it was 130!!!! WOW - In fact all my numbers were good and it gave me the incentive I needed to continue eating sensibly (most of the time) and allowing myself an occasional indulgence.

DS breezed in and right back out this weekend. He came home for a concert Friday night and went back to school Saturday night. He assured me that I will get to see plenty of him this summer. He graduates May 14th and since he doesn't have a job, he is going to stay at school and work until his lease runs out. But his DGF is doing her internship in Pittsburgh, so he plans on coming home as often as he can.


PS - Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around. I had a minor accident about a week ago and also my computer quit working about the same time. I'm discouraged about the physical part, since I don't need any more aches and pains. Now my back is sore and my right leg is bruised, but at least I have the computer working again.

Besh, I'm thinking of your brother. It must be so difficult to deal with all that. I'm kind of discouraged right now about all the difficulties that people go through, but it sounds like you both are handling it with courage and strength.

That internet relationship that I talked about that I was going to pass up didn't end and is getting me down a little, which doesn't make sense. It's more than just the relationship, though. I really get to feeling very bad about myself and it's hard to deal with. I just want to pull out of everything.

BJ, I'm sorry about missing your birthday, but it sounds like it was a good one. Happy belated birthday. You can give those people my email address or give me theirs re the contest.

I sold one of the pictures that I did for the game, which was fun. I've just been feeling very lonely and sad and frustrated that my weight didn't continue to drop. I went to a party a couple of days ago. Everyone was eating banana bread and homemade bread with cream cheese and pink and white frosted cake. I passed it all up, but I don't feel good about myself because it seems like it doesn't make any difference. Well, it does, because if I ate it I'd gain. It just seems like my whole life I'm the one not eating the deserts or heavy sandwiches, but I'm the one who is the heaviest. So I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself today.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but a neighbor and friend of mine passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was 32 and died from an accidental overdose of doctor-prescribed morphine. Clearly, I'm not in the best of moods, but it's still nice to remember you all are here. I hope the others post soon who are missing, and congratulations to all the losers. It sounds like WW is working for some people. I still haven't been able to get the information. I went to ebay, but it costs more than I have right now.

I really apologize to be so down at the moment. Everyone here has always been so helpful and supportive, way beyond anything I ever expected. It seems like it should be enough to last me forever, but I still get sad. Hopefully I'll pick up soon.

On a more positive note, I've started writing that book I've been talking about for years. It's a fiction about levels of reality and who we are.

Thanks again for being here.


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Amy, I am so sorry that you are feeling down. Sounds like you have had a lot to deal with lately. Try to focus on the positive. We have all been in weight loss slumps but look how much you HAVE lost. You have done so well and come so far. I don't much about your online relationship, but if it is bringing you down and making you feel badly about yourself, now is the time to ask yourself if this is worth it. It does not sound like it is, but I know it is easy for me to say. I am so sorry about your neighbor. How tragic. As far as going to parties were everyone is eating, that is very difficult. Maybe you could try to picture all of those people 5 years from now, blown up like a balloon from eating too much cream cheese. Or picture them as a giant banana bread with arms and legs. Anything that will make you smile and remind yourself why you choose not to eat it! Amy you have so much to offer. I am happy that you have started your book. Can't wait to read it. You are a very wise woman and I love you for it.

Stay strong. We all love you.

((((HUGS)))) Besh

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I would be happy to photocopy my WW books and any info that I have. Just drop me and email with your address and it will be on its way!


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Amy, I not sure what you weigh, but I believe that you should be eating about 24-26 "points" per day on Weight Watchers; plus you get 35 points per week as "FLEX" points, but you don't need to use them (just a cushion in case you want to eat some of those goodies at a party :) !!!). Try using the link I'm posting to figure out the points of various foods, and journalize, jounalize, journalize.

Here is a link that might be useful: This May Help Amy!!!

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Thanks Besh and DeeMarie. I won't write much this morning, but the info does help. I hope you both have a good day today, and I'll try to get back sooner this time. Besh, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to get info on how much I should be eating. I have a rough idea. I looked up oatmeal(what I had for breakfast)on the list but didn't find it. Another thing that concerns me is that the last time I went to the doctor, my BUN was high. I don't know exactly what it is, but I think it has to do with the uric acid that is left over after protein is digested, so I'm wondering if it's time to switch from a high protein WOE to something else.
(((((HUGS))))to everyone.

Have a good day everyone and eat healthy.


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I'm on another board where we're supposed to edit, not double post. If you double post, you get corrected by the mods, but I don't think we have an edit feature here. The WW info cheers me up a little. I was delighted to see that zucchinis and tomatoes are 0 points. Pecan pie on the other hand is 11. I have zucchinis and tomatoes growing again. My last attempt at a garden was semi-successful. I got lots of lettuce, but other creatures got the zucchini and tomatoes before I did. I'm trying again, but it takes some practice I think, as well as money and time.

Re the relationship - he's always been respectful with me, but holds back which is probably good. I think the main problem is that I've spent years practicing focusing on the good in things and he is very negative about the world in general. I feel like he's disconnected from his inner feelings because of too much pain, and disconnected from the outside world because of too much pain and difficulty, and he's floating somewhere in the middle like a snowflake waiting to melt. He has sometimes talked about waiting for death and yet has not asked for help. It's hard for me to handle, and yet for some reason I've felt a great attraction to him since we first "met" online. Another scare for me is that he is much younger than I am, and I keep wondering what that means to him. He hasn't really said. He always writes back to me with messages that I enjoy, but he rarely initiates contact if I don't write to him. If anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free.


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Good Afternoon,

Besh, I am glad things went well for Pete. I will continue my positive thoughts and prayers for him and your family. I like your advice to's good advice. Your suggestion reminded me of an ad that I have seen on TV with the women having the cinnamon roll dangling off thier arm and a bag of chips or something attached to thier butt! It's amusing.

Amy, sorry you are down. Besh gave some good advice and DeeMarie's website should help you. I know when I am down that I really have to reach down and make myself have a more positive attitude. If I don't it gets out of control and nothing goes well. It's hard but worth the effort.

Speaking of cover is officially history! That stinks.

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NHSuzanne - I'm sorry about the cover. You've had so much success with this. I hope it looks up again soon.


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Thanks Amy. I have to let it go and I have mostly except that the bad feeling will be with my client for a long time and I may never be able to mend them on a business level anyway. This is proof that everything is perfect the way it is. This happened for a reason unknown to be right now. It could be much worse.

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I wrote a long, profound and heartfelt post yesterday, only to lose it somewhere in cyberspace... so you will have to settle for a short and somewhat frivilous one.

I didn't finish my classes, I wasn't ready to move on, there is still work I need to finish on myself first. I hurt my back and I took that as a sign to slow down. I don't feel badly about not finishing, as I did move on to the next level and I feel I learned a lot. It was fun most of the time, but I found it to be very draining at the end of the day.

Amy - I agree with Besh and her advice she has shared. You must think of what is best for you right now. It is like when you get on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you in case of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on before helping others. I am sorry that you hurt yourself. And I applaud your willpower, as always, on passing up all those funky foods.

Marci - Congrats on those numbers WTG. Are you planning anything special for DS graduation? DD#2 graduates also, and I have been trying to find the perfect gift for her. It is between a piece of jewelry and a piece of artwork. I was going to take a trip with her this summer out to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc., but it will be too expensive.

Besh - I am glad that things went well with Pete and I hope he continues to do well. He sounds like a real trooper.

DeeMarie - I am considering WW myself. A group of women do it here and they have been quite succesful.

BJ - 85 degrees and landscapers - life is pretty good!!!

Maddie - I am so gald that you and BJ are getting together again. I don't think I can wait an entire year to meet.

I have a ton of work with my name all over it, so I better get busy.

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NH Suzanne - I thought I had you included in that message - I must learn to proof them first. Yes, everything is perfect the way it is and unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't always know WHY. You always have a wonderful outlook on life.

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Good morning all!

Amy--(((((hugs))))) I agree with Besh, too. And I ditto that you are a very wise woman!

NHSuzanne--you are right, of course. I can look back over many times in my life, and see why things happened the way that they did, and the immense joy that the happenings have brought about. I try to remember this when I whine about my job; I'm here for a reason that I don't know, and when the time/situation is right, I will move on.

Well, I did a 5 mile walk last night with the mother of a friend of mine, and some of her friends. It's called "The Ramble for the Roses" after the Derby (which is called "The Run for the Roses"), and it's a traditon that about 4,000 people do every year as a fund raisor for some local schools. We walk through some of Louisville's oldest/prettiest neighborhoods, and just yap away. What fun! Today is the Great Steamboat Race, and we have the Cincinatti Queen, the Delta Queen, and our own Belle of Louisville. It's always fun as we all party on the banks of the Ohio River and eat fried chicken and whatnot. Tomorrow is the Pegasus Parade, and then Friday is Oaks Day, with the main race being for fillies. And then Saturday is THE race day, and have I got a hat to wear to scare BJ!!! LOLOL! Sunday is the wind-down day, and when all the sunburned, hung-over peeps drag their hurting be-hinds to brunches and the KY Colonel's BBQ. I just love this week!!! :)

Hope all is well with everyone!



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WOW, lots going on here while I was making my presentations this afternoon. We are off in a bit to a Middle Eastern restaurant, and I don't know what to expect. Will fill you all in tomorrow. I had quite a few people tell me that they found both my presentations to be extremely helpful, including my director, so I guess all the hard work was worth it. Breathing a bit easier.

Amy, so glad to see you checking in. Please continue to let us know how you are; we really care.

Maddie, I envy you......wish I could wear a pretty, silly, or scarey hat and join you. :-( Next year, next year, next year.

Raeanne, I missed you this week. I glad that you were able to get benefit out of what you finished and can look forward to learning more another time. Hope you back improves soon. As for your DD's gift....well, I'm sure that you will find the perfect gift. Whatever you pick, your DD will be's the thought and the fact that mom chose it with love in her heart. OK, are ya feelin' the love in here now?!! LOL

Hello to Marci, BJ, Suzanne, Besh, PETE!, Patti, Dave, Gretchen, Zig, Joanne, KY Susie, Jen (how' Erica?), and everyone I've missed.

Gotta return some phone calls and dash outta here.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello All,

Congrats on your presentation DeeMarie. How was the food?

Raeanne, I am sure you will finish that class when you are ready to. I can't imagine what you were doing but I am sure it was quite involved.

Maddie, you and BJ have a blast and we will all be anxious to see this years hat! Have fun and be safe.

I am off to Virginia bright and early tomorrow. Don't know if I will be able to check in but I will if I can.

I am still $6,000 from my goal but alot closer than I was a few days ago. I still may have some opportunities out there before Monday!

Gretchen and all you MIA's check in this week!



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Just popping in for a minute~

HI EVERYONE! Of course, I am running around here like a crazy woman, trying to get my house together. DH decided to have my MIL here while I'm gone to take care of kids and do my driving.

ACKKKKK! Oh well, once I'm on the plane, it's out of my hands! lol.

Maddie~ See you on Sunday! XXXOOOOO!

Here is a link that might be useful: All sales returns.....

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Maddie - I need your Derby expertise. We are having a Derby "race" at Curves and I need to pick the winning horse.

Pick a good number for me!

I hope (know) that you and BJ will have a blast! Hold onto your hat!


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Good morning!

Marci--you don't know what you're asking for! The horse that I picked in the last Derby that I went to is still out running the streets of Louisville!! LOL! The early fav is Cliff's Edge at 4to1. I saw him on TV this morning doing an early moring workout at Churchill Downs, and he is a mighty fine looking horse. I won't bet on him b/c I like him, and don't want to jinx him! LOL!!!

BJ--3 days! I'm so excited! The weather is calling for it to be cooler, in the 60s.

Gotta go!



PS--this link is to one of the most fab lady's ever--she is lovely, and her hats are a sight to behold. My fav one is at a local shop, and it just screams--and so did I when I was it was $750. LOL!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: my fav hat designer that I can't afford!

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Okay, I'm packed and at 4AM, I'm heading out. Be back Monday night or Tuesday.

Maddie, can't wait to see you! Cheers!

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HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and take pictures Maddie & BJ!

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rabbit, rabbit

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same to you, Raeanne!! LOL

Tried to find Maddie and BJ while DH was watching the race, but it was impossible to follow the crowd. :-(

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DeeMarie - LOL - I was looking for some wild a$$ hat and knew that could be our Maddie. I know they are having fun.

I vacuumed the downstairs, did 1 load of laundry and am going to squeeze a walk in before it starts to rain.

I have not been SSing, or doing any healthy WOE lately and it shows. I have to really have a good talking to myself and a walk is just the thing that will help. I know I will lose weight SSing, but can I honestly say it is right for me, when I have to start over again every few months?

I will check in later - have a great Sunday!

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