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marci_paMarch 4, 2004
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Marci, you did it again! Thanks!

Raeanne and BJ---what can I say? I was certainly feeling the love on this board yesterday. There was gentle music and bubbles coming out of my laptop, followed by the sweet smell of incense!!! Ain't it fun?

Joanne, I truly hope you improve each day; we miss you. As the spring sun begins to warm Canada, I hope you can get out to play your beloved golf--that's the best medicine for you now. :-)

Amy, you could not have picked a better gift for Raeanne! The gift of your talent. WOW!

Patti, hope you will be checking in with us today. Would love to know how you and Dave are feeling.

I'm in the office early today; dropped DH off, as he and his pal are on their way to Florida for "Bike Week" and Spring Training (10 baseball games in 7 days) ugh!! My friend and I fly down next Friday to meet them, and we insisted they take us on a cruise out of Ft.Lauderdale...only fair, right?

I lost another 3 lbs---that makes it 11 pounds since February 4!!! I was really doing a happy dance yesterday; this counting of points seems to be working for me (fingers crossed!)

Hello to Maddie, Besh, NH Suzanne, Susie, KYSusie, Jen, Gretchen, John, and to everyone I've miss. Make the day special.

Gotta run to a teleconference.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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Good Morning Dee! Way to go on the 11 lbs!! That is fantastic! Did you join WW or are you counting points on your own?

I bought the SBD book again, (I bought one and returned it but decided to give it another go) and I am modifying their suggestions to fit my tastes. I can tell a difference in the way my pants fit, but I haven't gotten on the scale yet. I gave up snacks at school for Lent and I haven't been eating after 7/pm. I am still going to Curves 3 times a week and I started doing my walking tapes again. For the moment I feel like I am in control of what I eat and not the other way around.

Raeanne - I am glad you had such a nice birthday. You certainly deserve it!

Oops, just looked at the clock and I've gotta run. Hi to all.


PS - DS will be home this weekend for Spring Break, so I won't be on the computer much next week. Feel free to start the thread without me.

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Good Morning All,

Wow, I feel the love too and it's great!!

This is drop dead day and it promises to be a honey!! I forgot to tell you all that I made my GOAL and, in fact, went over my goal by nearly $1,000!! WOW, I still can't imagine how that happened.

DeeMarie, WTG on the pounds! Your on fire girl.

I feel like I have lost some weight myself. I have been going to Curves too three times a week and I feel like my clothes are fitting looser. They only weigh and measue you once a month so I won't have "official" results for another week. It's okay, I feel better about myself for doing it.

I have a full day today but I will try to check in from time to time so lets hear from EVERYONE!

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Good Morning Folks!!

After 3 lovely spring days, today I awoke to rain....dreary and dismal.

I did have a tiny victory yesterday...I bought a pair of pants on sale during the holidays...just a simple work out type pant, the kind with the stripe down the leg.
I put them on when I got home and no luck, too tight.
Well I wore them yesterday!!!

I wasn't sure I could because I really haven't dropped too much weight but I guess as I tone up, the body is changing.

I am going to ask for some prayers on behalf of my dear friend who is going through a really nasty custody battle with his wife.
They have joint custody and tomorrow they go before the judge to re-evauluate how its working out.

I don't want to go into details but I hope the judge will be able to see this woman as she really is because she does not deserve custody.
But I fear they will because she is "the mother".

If you don't pray then please send positive thoughts, vibes Philly for this family.


p.s. I am making homemade chicken soup if anyone would like a bowl!!

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Yum, I could use a nice comforting bowl of chicken soup right now.
I am in deadlilne heXX!!

Susie, sending positive thoughts to your friend. Custody battles have to be the all time worst. Usually, the child suffers.

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Susie - I was just thinking I should go to the store and get the makings for some chicken soup. I am trying to do a little detox of all the funky stuff I have in my body and thought soup would fill the bill.

NH Suzanne - You are fantastic! I love when things just fall into place, when you least expect it LOL.

DeeMarie - You are on a roll right now girl! Congrats on your continued loss. I was just going to ask when your next cruise was - I knew it wasn't far off (they never are LOL).

Marci - I wish I knew you were going to buy another SBD book, I would've sent you mine. It still tempts me, mainly because you can eat nuts LOL. We will miss you while your DS is home - enjoy him.

Just got back from my massage. It lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes - instead of an hour. She said I really needed it. I hold all my tension in my neck and shoulders and I am a real challenge for her - fortunately she loves a challenge. I have held it there so long, that I am not even aware of it, until I get a nice massage to help melt it away. Next week we are doing a hot stone massage. I could get used to this, but I better not, very expensive habit.

I have to do some work from home today, so I better get busy.

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I am so sorry....
DeeMarie- You rock!!! Congrats on the loss kiddo!!!
11 lbs since Feb??? You have to be so proud of yourself!!

Keep up the good work!!

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Ijust realized that our 2005 meeting place deadline is tomorrow! Is everyone ready to decide OR do you want more time. I am afraid that if we bat it around for too long it won't happen because that ALWAYS happens! Since I am cleaning up from deadline tomorrow why don't we postpone the official vote for next week. Shall we say Wednesday, March 10th?????? Hopefully you all will take the weekend and make a decision.

The choices were:

French Licks Resort in Indiana
The Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods Casinos in Connecticut
A resort in Williamsburg, VA (the name eludes me)

I think that's it. Now is the time to throw something else in there!

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Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo????????????? Anyone out there?????? Stop in and say good morning!

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Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo????????????? Anyone out there?????? Stop in and say good morning!

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I'm here, but not able to talk right now.

BJ--if you see this, I've tried to email you, but my email keeps getting sent back as not having permission to send you email. I think the program thinks I'm spam.

Be back--


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Yes, Suzanne - I am here, but I will need until 3/10 to make my decision - I am a very indecisive person and I am also a go with the flow type of person. Each place is appealing to me, which makes it harder LOL. But I will commit by Weds. Thanks for kicking our butts into gear - you are absolutely right, if we don't make a decision - it won't happen.

Amy - I finished my first real painting last night. I left it at the studio to dry, but when I bring it home next week, I will take a photo and send to you for a professional critique. I am happy with it, as it is my first serious attempt at painting, but there are definite flaws throughout. I am going to work on a still life and then a collage next. This painting is a long journey - at least for me.

It is raining today, I think I may go catch some artifical rays at the tanning salon to perk me up. Getting ready for my next Mexican retreat at the end of March.

Gotta get back to work.

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Good Morning!

I'm here; went into the office and then had to come home to meet a plumber. Of course, only 6 hours after DH leaves for Florida, the furnace conks out! No heat last night here. brrrrrrrrr When DH called, I asked "is it supposed to be 61 degrees in the house"? LOL They just left, and they told me it was fixed, but it's still 59 degrees in here. I need gloves to type! I am absolutely clueless about this stuff. That's why I bought a condo when I was others to worry about this stuff. LOL

OK, gotta go get some work done.

Maddie, you da' spam, da' SPAM!!!!

NH Suzanne, good luck with that selling.

QOD: Where would you like to meet next year? Inquiring minds need to know.
Ladies, let's get the voting completed before our country's November election!!!!!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!


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Okay, we will wait until MARCH 10th to decide WHERE we WILL MEET in 2005!!!! Oh, I can't wait until then!

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Had to call the plumber again because the heat never came up. He wriggled some wires and I heard the steam hissing. Just as it gets warmer, all the @&$*(#(#@$* fire alarms in the house went off!!! I called DH in Florida and told him he had to come home LOL (actually I was screaming over the alarms!) I ready to put a "for sale" sign out.....Raeanne, tell Rich I'm ready to sell lakeside house!

Actually, I fanned one of the alarms and they eventually went off, but my nerves are frazzled. His friend is an electrician and is sending his son over as I type this to install new alarms and check out the whole house for me. WHEW!!

When it rains................

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DeeMarie - Rich is on his way with listing agreement in hand. "A Very Cool Lake Side Home, Fire Alarms in good working order, frazzled owner not included". LOL

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Maddie! Sorry that happened. I'll try and see what happened. Usually, your ISP has been blacklisted when it does that.

I've been out today. Last night, a small area of my incision site that had some major fluid build-up came open and so I am back on my doctor's watch. Ewww, it was not fun. Wednesday will be my reckoning day with him. I assume I'll get less of a lecture than I got from my DH about being too active. Arg. I gotta live life!

Raeanne~ When you take the digital photo of your painting, send it to Marci for the photo book. Trust us!

DeeMarie: You don't a have a gas powered heater, do you? I'm worried about the smoke alarms! Course, I use mine to tell me when my food's done cooking---lol. And congrats on your loss----that is impressive! And healthy----WW always works for me too.

NHSuzanne~I'm still voting for French Lick. Weather, horses farms nearby, and a laid back society. But I'll really go anywhere.

Hi everyone! Have a great weekend!

SusieQ-The jeans are in the mail and should be there SOON!

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I went to see The Passion of Christ tonight. I know there are widely varying reviews of it. I didn't care for it myself; blood, violence, and gore from start to finish.

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BJ - sloooooow down girl! I know it's hard to keep you down, but try your best - I tet worn out just reading your posts. Let me see what I think of the painting next week LOL. Every week I go back and it doesn't look like I remembered it looking. I don't think I could take that movie either, but I am tempted.

DeeMarie - besides freezing what are your plans while DH is out of town - any girls outings in the works?

Gotta go and get ready for work, YUCK. I have been working on a flyer for a gorgeous new listing DH got and it has taken a lot of my hours, so I am backed up with other unfun crap.

Have a great healthy day!

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Let's all give our friend some: [[[[[[[[[[[MADDIE]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]'s. I finally got your e:mail kiddo and answered it. Please look for it, OK?

Raeanne, I went up to Kinnelon last night for dinner with my friend (her husband is with DH!). She made corned beef with cabbage and potatoes, and I had enough points left to enjoy some. We eat that type of food together because both of our DH's HATE the smell of cooking cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc, and we love it! LOL Nothing more exciting than that! LMAO

Well, the furnace is finally fixed, but it took my girlfriend's 24 yo electrian son to do it. He got a part he thought was suspect and changed it. Viola!

Now I can leave for my sister's for a few days with peace of mind.

BJ, as we all have said "easy does it". I know you want to live life; however, if you overdo it now, you may be living a more restricted life! Patience my dear, patience. We love ya!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I got my hair highlighted again; lots of highlighted curls up top. I told DH over the phone that next Friday night, he might be sleeping with a svelt blonde! LOL That oughta get him thinking, eh?

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning:

Just checking in. ((((((((((MADDIE)))))))))). DeeMarie says you need these. I hope they help!!!

BJ, Ditto on the slowing down. Your body is telling you to. Can't you enjoy life just a little more slowly for right now? Be good. Now about that movie. I would love to see it, just purely out of curiousity, but I know that once those visions are in my head I will never get over it. I still have visions about Jaws I everytime I am in the ocean! I think it is very interesting to hear all the different comments about the movie though. Other than the gore, how was the content?

Dee, congratulations on the ####'s!!! You have inspired me to pull out my WW material. I am a life time member from way back, and have gone back several times since then but could never just get back into it. However, after hearing your stories and others I am inspired. I even went on eBay yesterday and bought the points calculator. I really need to do something about my health and the weight is the biggest factor. My cholesterol is high, I just had to go back for another reading on my mamogram (which turned out to be ok) but it was enough to totally freak me out. So thanks for inspiring me. I hope I can do as well as you! Blondie!

Speaking of hair color, I just had mine done yesterday and I went a little darker than normal. I have always been a brunette, then this past summer I went a little blonder, then a little more blonder, etc. When I was leaving for my appt. yesterday DH asked if I would ever have my real color back because he missed it. I don't know if that was sweet or not, but I went a little darker. Next appt. I will go a little more darker and have some highlights put in.

Raeanne, I would love to see your painting. I have such an appreciation for people that can paint anything after visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. The best I can do is paint a wall!

As far as the voting goes, I did vote for Foxwoods/Mohegan, but I will go with the majority. If I can swing it, I will be there!!!

NH Suzanne, congratulations on going over your goal! What a great feeling that must be.

SusieQ, positive thoughts are being sent to your friend. I hope things turn out ok.

Patti and Dave, thinking of you both and I hope things are going well.

Amy, I keep thinking about you and your game. My DS just signed up to play an online game called Tibia. A bunch of his friends play and he loves it. Are you familiar with that one?

Hello to everyone else. I have to go do some book work for my brother. He is going in next month for his bone marrow transplant so I am helping him get caught up on some paperwork, etc.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Good day, all. It's still morning here, but on the mainland it's afternoon.
BJ - That was a beautiful tribute for Raeanne's birthday. You have a way with words, and it was all true. Thank you for posting that. I support the motion that you slow down and take care of yourself. We need you healthy!

Raeanne - I still use the eye pillow and tapes and other things you sent me. That's exciting about the painting! I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm playing with a painting now too that is just for fun. It came out of the game. I still have trouble getting things to turn out exactly as I want sometimes, but the challenge is part of the fun.

There have been many who have sent me treasured things - including Besh, Deemarie, Marci, Patti, Maddie, Joanne, BJ, and others (forgive my lapse of memory). I have cards and pictures taped up on doors and walls. My life is much richer because of all of you, and even people who know me and hear me talk about it have said this is a special group.

DeeMarie - That's wonderful about the weight loss. You must be so pleased! I'm just staying low carb at around 1700 calories, but I haven't been weighing. Do you get hungry?

Susie - I'll send prayers and thoughts for your friend, and I'd love a bowl of the chicken soup, even though I'm sure it's gone by now. Chicken soup's good for almost anything.

NH Suzanne - Congratulations on your successes! You continually excel in your efforts and your accomplishments are awesome!

Besh - No, I haven't checked into Tibia, but I will. Thanks.

Marci, I admire your gifs and contributions every day, but rarely say anything. Thank you for the good cheer and laughs with the gifs.

After all my good intentions, I haven't given up the online relationship, but I'm keeping some distance. He's depressed and reclusive, wouldn't you know, but very creative and intelligent. I have my perfect man that BJ sent to remind me not to settle for less.

((((HUGS)))) to all. John, and Patti and Dave, hope you are doing OK.


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