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marci_paMarch 19, 2004
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Sorry to be MIA lately but things have been CRAZY this week!!

Tonight I get to go to see my DD's play.
She is the principle dancer!! Can't wait!!

The diet has really stalled....too many distractions but I plan to get right back into the game next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


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good morning all,

I had a minute to check in and see what everyone is up to.

Jen, I hope things get better for Erica. I will be thinking of you.

Things are lovely down here. Really springlike. Forsythia and daffodils in bloom. Warmer weather 50's! I don't think this show is going to be a good one but time will tell.

I have to run. It's time to go to work. The hotel is lovely. It's a Marriott that looks like a chateau tucked into a forest. Actually we are on the outskirts of Washington DC. Not exactly horse country. People hardly know what a horse is around here!

Check in later if I can.

NH Suzanne

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Hi guys!

Sounds like both coasts are blooming! It's so pretty here (when it's not raining!---lol).

JEN! Let us know about Erica---poor little punky---I'll be thinking of your family all day.

...bought a cool bike from REI last night. Went for my first bike ride this morning at 6. Beautiful, but it's gonna take a while to get used to these hilly rides---ouch! Also, I found I'm going to need a face mask---ccccccold face and ears!

...started weight lifting on Tuesday didn't lift enough, so last night I added more and now I am beginning to feel it the day after, so that makes me feel more motivated.

...went to Weight Watchers to weigh in last night. I've got a lifetime memebership, so I use it now and again. Since October 1, I've lost 19.6 pounds. I needed some kind of carrot to keep me going since my weight has stalled. But at least I'm not gaining!!!!! I figure adding the bike riding and weight lifting ought to push me back into a losing streak.

Deemarie! THANKS for checking in! That cruise sounds like a blast! Pasta---yum! And congrats for staying in your points range---VERY GOOD!

SusieQ~Get pictures!!!! I bet you're all wound up inside. How exciting for your DD!

JOHN~ Good luck on the job!!!!!!! That's be great to have a job so near a gym! I have two friends on SBD---they love it. And BTW, cute link.

Maddie! Did you and KYSusie get any pics together? That must have been a fun day at Mary Kay! And 20 pounds off since JAN----wow!----YOU GO! Are you going to the Lippanzaners w/ Rog this weekend?

NHSuzanne~Looks like you have some people/horse educating to do!

Raeanne-Bummer about Bette. In April, I'm taking my teens to see Clay Aikens and that other chicky who won on America Idol---Kelly whatever---I'm so NOT with it!

Besh~ 4 pounds in a week on WW? WOW! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Marci~Our teachers have a day off today---I thought of you. :) Hope you're 'kids' are behaving! The other night, David Letterman told a very cute story of a 3 y.o., but I couldn't do it justice writing it here, so I won't.

Joanne: Hope the tests come out in the positive. Glad the liver tests were "nothing'. What has your DH decided on doing? I'm sending a vibe that he finds placement and still cooks your delicious dinners!!!!---lol. And, yes, Marci takes care of the pics here. :)

Patti~Did you get your papers in order? Hope so and my fingers are crossed for you!

Well, I'm dragging my younger kids with me to have lunch with an old friend of mine. Then, off to shop for a *TWINS* baby shower. I can't decide what I'm going to get for the mom, a really good, long time friend of mine. Her shower is tomorrow, so I better get moving!!!!

I hope you guys are going to have a fun-filled, healthy eating weekend! PLAN AHEAD!

Here is a link that might be useful: Another useless, but fun, link....

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I forgot to say that what I found interesting about was the Martha Stewart saga.....!

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Raeanne~I'm so sorry that you didn't get to see Bette. I was living vicariously through you. She is supposed to be here soon, I think. (She may have started the tour here, I just cannot remember! LOL)

NH Suzanne~Thanks for checking in. I know what you mean. Dave tells me stories of the city people that went to upstate NY & didn't know the difference from a cow or a deer. :)

Maddie~I hope that you get to go see the horses this weekend.

BJ~Congratulations to your DD on the science competition. Also congratulations on the 19.6 pound weight loss. WTG! I think you mispelled "carrot". Wasn't that supposed to say "karat"? LMBO Thanks for asking. Yes, we did get the paperwork filed. Got the big thing filed on Wednesday & the part for the heart attack sent off today! I feel so relieved.

DeeMarie~Sounds like you are living high on the pasta! tee hee

Joanne~Thanks. I cannot wait to open my gift tomorrow. I'm thinking that I'll put it by my bed like Raeanne & open it when I wake up. It sounded like fun when she did it that way. I hope that DH finds something soon.

Jen~[[[[ ERICA ]]]] [[[[ JEN ]]]] I hope that it runs its course soon & that Erica will be feeling better in no time. I know that this has lingered too long.

Susie_que~Enjoy DD's play! I miss those days.

John~Have you heard anything about the job? When do you expect to hear?

Hi to all that I've missed. Amy, please check in! I had the CAT Scan on my abdomen & pelvic yesterday. Don't know what they will have to say. We found out on Wednesday that Dave had basal cell carcinoma on his ear. I know that if he is going to have a cancer that is the better one to have but if you knew how they told us & that they were so blase about it--it is so hard to put it here. I talked to someone today that told me to ask the VA dr. the next time that we see him, to have Dermatology do a full body scan on him once a year. Well, I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what Joanne sent. Have a great day from Sunny Florida! Patti ;)

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Hi guys!

BJ - I have the day off too!! I am already working on May crafts and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Right now I am taking the kids pictures for their photo journals and they are having so much fun posing for the camera.

Jen - I hope the doctor was able to pinpoint why Erica still has a fever. It seems like we are having a rash of sick kids at school lately. One day last week, we were missing 8 out of 18 kids. It was some sort of stomach flu going around.

NHSuzanne - I went to Curves early this morning. I am still going strong and trying to stay within reasonable food guidlines. It is beautiful here in PA today and DC is usually ten degrees warmer than we are, so enjoy!

Joanne - Yes, I am the one to send the pictures to. Just send them along and I will add them to the album.

FOR ANY ONE SENDING ME PICTURES OR EMAILS:I have eliminated my apolloniazoo@yahoo email address. (Too much SPAM and too many worms.) My AVG caught all the worms and my computer never got infected, but it was tiresome all the same. So if you need to email me or send me any pictures, just click on MyPage and contact me that way. I am trying to keep my new email more private.

Some sad news. One of my coworkers got a phone call yesterday afternoon and was informed that they had rushed her Dad to the hospital. Her husband would only tell her to come home and pack a bag and he would meet her at the house. They called her DD home from college and went home. (Her family lives an hour and a half away.) She just called and her dad passed away late last night. Her name is Beth and if you could say a pr*yer or send her family good thoughts, I am sure she would appreciate it.

And on a funny note, did any watch Survivor on Wednesday? Did anyone catch the French Lick commercial? I only heard part of it, as I tend to tune out commercials (or run to the bathroom), but it started out saying something about how nobody goes to French Lick, Indiana and went on to add something about an NCAA game being played there. I just thought it was ironic, since until a month ago, I had never heard of French Lick.

I went to the doctor's this AM for my annual well visit. He told me I am doing everything right and he wished that he had more patients with my "problems" (or lack of problems). He said so many people my age are just trying to get healthy, as opposed to trying to stay healthy. So I feel lucky to be in that minority. I just signed up for a Women's Wellness workshop on April 24th and one of the speakers is the owner of the Curves that I go to.

DH and I are going to see Mystic River tonight. We have been trying to go since Valentine's Day and nothing is going to stop us this time.

I will check in later,

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Good Saturday morning all!

I'm up and at 'em early this morning--I'm at work with Rog, so I thought I'd yammer at you all--

Well, work has sunk to a new low. Dante was wrong in his "Infernio". I have discovered several more levels of h3ll, and have spent the past several days mired in them. My boss has turned into the %^@&! from there, and has now started to verbally abuse me. (I know--I hate the way that sounds; like a whiney soul, but unfortunately, it's true.) She has overextended herself (yet again, both professionally and privately), and I am left to bear the brunt of her attitude. Now, I am the *first* person to admit if I have screwed up, or I'm not following something, but the sh!t that she jumped me for, I could not control. The ball was in her court, she dropped it, and then blamed me. 3 times this past week.

OK--you ask--why aren't you looking for a job? Well.... I told you all last fall that I had a good possibility of getting a really cool dream job, and I didn't want to say anything for fear I would jinx it. That discussion is still hanging over my head, and I have held on to it for all of these months, but the guy keeps stringing me along. So, I haven't really looked for a job like I should, b/c I think it would be wrong to accept a new job, knowing that if the other one comes through, I'm outta there. The position that I was approached with is to be full time with the auction house that I work with part time. YES!!!! (Doing the happy dance!!!) The owner approached me several times last year, and what is sticking is salary. I've come down as far as I can go, and believe you me, it is my final answer. (I do hafta pay bills, afterall.) But.... I am now to the point that I simply must do what I must do. I have made up my mind (what little is left) that I will be gone by June. One way or the other. Life is too short to sit in an office everyday, with your door closed, and cry. In anger.

So--that's me in a nutshell. On a bright note, Rog and I are now **making** the sunglasses, and if I can figure out how to post pics, I will. They are very well received, so far, and I am going to start going around to some indy stores and seeing if I can sell them for Derby. We are handmaking each pair with Swarobski (spelling is wrong, but I don't have the name in front of me) crystals in just stunning, fun colors, and I am putting a tag on each one that says what/how they are made, and our names. So, who knows? Wish us luck! :)

Gotta go--server is beeping at me, and Rog is down the hall--



PS--JEN---((((((((hugs!!!))))) Honey, I hope she's OK--please post and let us know!

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Patti, you will be really glad it is via email and not sung, ha ha. All my brothers got the beautiful voices and there was nothing left by the time I was born!!!!!

Have a great day, love ya.

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Happy Birthday Patti! I hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!


I will be back later to bring everyone up to date on the craziness that is going on in my life!

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Patti - Happy Birthday Girlfriend! I am wishing you a wonderful future full of happiness, HEALTH and NO MORE PAPERWORK!!! Enjoy your day, I am anxiously waiting to hear what was in your birthday box from Joanne and what Dave will be making for dinner tonight LOL.

BJ - I can see you are getting close to experience the MELT - pumping that bike up those hills has to pay off soon! Loved the gawker site.

Susie Q - you must be so proud of DD.

Marci - congrats on the good check-up. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to your co-worker.

Maddie - What can I say??? CONGRATS to you, what a weight that must have come off your shoulders. You will be able to grin and bear it at work now. I can't wait to see those shades, will they be on your website soon?

Gret - I figured life was a bit crazy - not like you to stay away so long.

Myrna - if you are lurking - I am still waiting for you to rejoin us.

DeeMarie - Thanks for letting us know you are having a great time and staying within your points - what an inspiration.

Joanne - hope you are feeling well these days, you are always in my thoughts.

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Thanks everyone! Joanne's gift was really great. She sent pictures & information on the town she lives in & the street she works on. There was pure maple syrup. Joanne knows that this TX girl doesn't know anything about pure maple syrup & that it is honestly a treat to me! Joanne's pictures were of her in the snow at Christmas & one of her & her furbaby, Mulligan. Love the name! She gave me the cutest "diet angel". Honestly, I love it. Then some tea. Canadian maple fudge with a cookie cutter, recipe & fact sheet. (I've never had any so I know it will be a treat!) The coolest bag, Joanne, I think I'm going to use it for the book club that I am starting here. Three gourmet dips. Yummy, cannot wait to try them out. Then a pamphlet on maple syrup with some recipes & a beautiful birthday card. Joanne~I couldn't believe it but it was so close to saying exactly the same thing as the one DS#1 & DDIL had sent to me! And, for the first time ever, yesterday when I called my Mom, she picked up the phone & said, "Hey, beautiful!" So, I'm feeling pretty special. Thank you isn't strong enough to express my gratitude. You honor me by being my Friend!

Ladies & Gent~DS#1 & DDIL sent a bar of soap from Crate & Barrel along with $200. They said that they know that they aren't supposed to tell me how to spend it but would I please give it to "Pops", Dave, so that he could go with me to TX this summer for DS#1's graduation. So, I guess that it is now the 2 of us going. :) Dave isn't cooking tonight. He is taking me to Cypress Gardens. They have a paddle boat there that has a buffet. It takes you around a string of lakes during the sunset. The menu tonight is sirloin steak, grouper, turkey & dressing, a medley of veggies, mashed potatoes, salad bar with all of the fixings, & Chef's choice of dessert. So, we'll leave in about an hour & a half. It is beautiful here & I expect that we will really enjoy ourselves. Again, thanks. This is the nicest group of women. Love~Patti :)

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Maddie~[[[[ H U G S ]]]]

Marci~Prayers to Beth!

Happy Spring everyone! I love it. It is hot here but it could be cold & neither of us old folks, lol, can take the cold weather. Patti :)

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Patti - sounds like you have a wonderful evening planned. Joanne did great with the gifts, I was drooling - just hearing about them LOL. And how special is DS and DDIL to send that money so Dave could join you - that is so touching.

BJ - I went home for lunch and found a postcard dated 9/17/03 from Fanning Island - can you believe it? I will never complain about the mail service from Mexico again LOL. Thanks for thinking of me.

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Hi folks :)

Happy B-day Patti! sounds like a lovely time with your special guy. Personally I never liked paddle boats, I would get tired of paddling by the time the main course came ;)

everyone sounds very chipper and doing mostly fine, good to hear good to hear indeed.

Maddie sorry to hear about your boss :(

Mine got promoted.. even though we lost 20 of the 30 people that worked here since he came aboard. Least hes out of my hair at the moment :) The job interview didnt go very well, but the cut in pay would of been too large to manage... They said they were concerned that I may not be able to handle the strong female attitudes in the office, as I would be the only male. If the pay was better I would of been angry about that, but even if I went to HR about it, it would make for a very rough start in a new dept.... Anyhow I sat there in shock when she said that, and on the tip of my tongue sat my thoughts... "Hmm you may be right, can I have a minute alone with my penis so we can talk about it" or "Its OK none of you are attractive enough to hinder my judgement"..... but I just said that I currently work in an office that is all female nurses and do just fine, I handle conflict like I do with all people, listen to both sides and do whats best for the department.. Oh well it was good practice to interview, and im ready for the next one now :)

I noticed my check was due um today! opps, will send one off to Spike tonight, so if I dont reply for a few days, you know why.

ooh that reminds me of a good joke...

On day the man from the bank comes to the farm to collect an overdue payment.

Banker: hello, Im here to collect an overdue payment, you said the check was in the mail, but its been a few days and we still havent seen it.
Farmer: well of course you havent seen it, we are still waiting for it to come out.
Banker: Come out?
Farmer: Yes, one of our goats ate the check before we could mail it, hes right over there, the check is still in the male.

hope everyone has a super day!

talk to you all soon,


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Patti--omg--I am so sorry!! I've got your birthday in my Palm as today (3/21), and I think that I think that it's the same as my moms (would have been 96 today). I know--I'm confused-- but...


John!!! You've really missed your calling--you are a riot and should be a touring comedian!! ROTFLAMO at your thoughts!! Although, it's amazing that someone would actually say something like that--scheech!

Hope all is well--



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