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marci_paMarch 3, 2008

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OK, gonna go with the hip-hop version here.

Happy Birthday to you (clap, clap)
Happy Birthday to you (clap, clap)
Happy Birrrrrrrrthday, sweet sista' Raeanneeeeeee
Happy Birthday to you (clap, clap)

Will sing it to you in person if you'd like. Let me know and I'll give you a call. You can put me on speaker in the office! LOL

Seriously, you have provided me with knowledge, rich wisdom, humor, calm in the face of adversity, and a genuine feeling of friendship across the miles. I'm so grateful to have you in my life, Raeanne! Hope your day is a great one!


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Happy Birthday Sister!! I second what Dee said (well said Dee and nice singing too). I hope you have a wonderful day and a enjoy yourself with something fun and fulfilling. I hope the sun is out today too!!

Love, NH Suzanne

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Happy birthday, Raeanne!

(For sure, your un-birthday will be not around your birthday since I forgot the exact date. I'm so sorry. *embarassed to death face here*)

Raeanne, you have always been such a cheerful, positive, encouraging friend here on the board. It's a pleasure to know you and read your posts. I'm happy to have your name for the un-birthday celebration for the fun and challenge of finding things that will make you smile. I hope this coming year is your best one yet.

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Marci - thank you so much for the pretty image - I am sitting here at working and picturing myself on nice warm beach right now. Thanks for that Calgon moment.

Dee - Seriously, your voice has never sounded better! Thanks sistah - you know I am honored to have you as my friend.

Suzanne - There is no sun shining today, but I am feeling the love and that is keeping me warm.

Milkdud - That is why this is an "un"birthday event - no pressure on anyone, so don't be embarrassed! It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well. The picks were done somewhat at random, until it worked out that people didn't get the same people they had recently. Thanks for your kind words - it has been a pleasure reading about you too.

I have to tell you that I have never enjoyed a decade more than I have my 50's so far. I am so much more grateful for all that I have, I don't stress about the small stuff and sometimes not even the big stuff LOL. I don't care what people think or say about me, and I am trying things that I only used to dream of.

Thanks for all the good wishes - all of you mean so much to me.

Enjoy your day!

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I'm back! Raeanne, I'm glad that you're having a good day and have such a good attitude about things. I also just realized that I've never gotten your snail mail address from you, so I guess requesting that would be the first step. LOL

I ate well all weekend and stayed on the program. I also cooked enough to have for several meals this week. I am enjoying feeling more organized.

We got the storage shelves hung in the garage. Did it ourselves and saved all that money from having the handyman do it! Those shelves hold so much more stuff than I'd ever hoped for. I did discover 2 Rubbermaid buckets full of my stuff that I hadn't even missed yet, so I've been dealing with what to do with those things. Our garage is just about ready to hold 2 cars now, and I'm so happy about that!

My clothes are finally getting looser, and even hubby noticed this weekend. I've also fixed 4 meals now that he really did like, and I'm going to try 2 new recipes this week that I hope I can add to my repertoire.

It's very warm (69 d.) and raining here today. We're in for a big bad storm later today, probably just in time for me to go to my WW meeting. This will be the first meeting where I don't dread weighing in because I know I did my best, too.

I hope that everyone stays warm (or cool for Patti and me!), and safe, and successful today!

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Happy Birthday, Raeanne!

You are one of my special people that I think of often, and I have a pic of you, along with other SL sisters taped on the outside of my closet door. Didn't forget John,lol, but I don't have a picture of him. Thanks for the tape and eye pillow and other things you sent me during times when I was feeling down. It all makes a difference!And I always liked reading about your painting and drumming and other adventures.

Marci, how did you do that pic?

BJ if you come by, I wrote a message in the last thread with some things to you.

I heard on the TV this morning that sugar weakens the immune system and makes people more vulnerable to things like flu and colds.

Hi Patti, yeah, I do come by occasionally, lol. And thanks everyone else for the words of encouragement. Suzanne, I'll look into that camera. Happy Birthday, Raeanne!
You are one of my special people that I think of often, and I have a pic of you, along with other SS sisters taped on the outside of my closet door. Didn't forget John,lol, but I don't have a picture of him. Thanks for the tape and eye pillow and other things you sent me during times when I was feeling down. It all makes a difference!And I always liked reading about your painting and drumming and other adventures.

Marci, how did you do that pic?

BJ if you come by, I wrote a message in the last thread with some things to you.

I heard on the TV this morning that sugar weakens the immune system and makes people more vulnerable to things like flu and colds.

Hi Patti, yeah, I do come by occasionally, lol. And thanks everyone else for the words of encouragement. Suzanne, I'll look into that camera. I really need one.

Take care everyone, and eat and drink healthy!
I really need one.

Take care everyone, and eat and drink healthy!

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That got messed up somehow, and there is no edit, is there? It said something different in the preview than in the box below it. Sry about repeating myself, lol.

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Happy Birthday Raeanne!

Hope it's absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for being there for me - it means more than you know.


Love, Donna

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Raeanne~I've been not patiently waiting until I could get on the puter to wish you a "Happy Birthday!" I'm super glad that you've had a good one. Any plans?

Milkdud~It was 85 here today & there is a 70% chance of rain tomorrow. DS#1 said it was 70 something in Big D Sat & Sun & supposed to snow today. Ugh!

Marci~Loved the gif.

Amy~So glad to see you.

Donna~So glad to see you too.

Besh~So glad to see you three. tee hee

Raeanne~Have a birthday everyday so everyone will post. LOL

NH Suzanne~I'm afraid that we've been hogging your sun.

Dee~You outdid yourself today. You sounded bee-you-tiful.

I had great news today from the dr. She said the tests were all neg. She will continue to watch liver every 3 mo & if it doesn't go down she will take a biopsy but for now she thinks I can start back on some of the meds. Have to talk to a couple of other drs. now. Patti :)

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Raeanne, Marci, Besh & whoever else is interested~I meant to tell you that I saw that Janet Evanovich's next book, "Fearless Fourteen" is due out on June 17th.

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Hello everyone! I'm back for round three of my planned weight loss. It's WW for me but I thought I'd stick my head in here to say Hi Ya! I look forward to meeting all of you and reading your posts.

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Happy Belated Birthday Raeanne! Hope it was a GREAT one! You deserve it!


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Hi there McPeg!

Welcome to our forum. You'll find lots of support here and many who are counting WW points! I started again on Saturday, Feb 23 and I was down 8 lbs at my weigh-in March 1. Looking forward to seeing less of myself.

Stop by anytime.

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Hi McPeg! Welcome. Let us cheer you on as you work toward your goal. We all see this as a WOE instead of a diet plan so you'll find plenty of support here. :)

Jen~Welcome back. Were you in Hawaii? I missed you.

Hope you are all having a good day.

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Ugh! I am home with the flu! I am not sure which of my preschoolers I have to thank for this, but I wish they had kept it to themselves! The cough is what bothers me the most. The doctor isn't seeing patients in the first stages of flu. They said to let it runs its course. So I guess I have a few more days of being miserable to look forward to.

I haven't read the posts, and I am going back to bed. Just thought I'd check in and see how Raeanne's party went yesterday.


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Good morning! It's sunny and cool here, 49, with a high of 62 today. We're in for cool temps the rest of the week.

McPeg, I just posted on your thread and invited you to come visit! How neat to see that you'd already posted here.

I was down 2.4 more lbs. last night at my meeting. I weigh myself first thing in the morning, and by my meeting I've eaten 2 meals already and had lots of water, so it's never as good as I expect. But, it's a loss, so I'll take it!

Patti, congrats on the good dr. report!

Nice to see you posting, Amy. I enjoy reading about your life in Hawaii. Try to post more often!

Besh, how is the new job coming along? I hope you're still enjoying yourself.

Nothing exciting on my agenda today. I have lots of paper shredding to do because I had my checking account hacked into a month ago, and now I'm paranoid about security. I'm shredding all my old checks from my now-closed account, and every credit card offer we've received in the last week. I've been receiving weird "ebay" emails telling me to update my account with all my personal info, and I've been deleting them because I've never even had an ebay account. UGH!

Hope everyone has a successful day!

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Thanks for the continued birthday wishes - you girls are the best!

Milkdud - those ebay emails are sent to a lot of people. They are fishing for you to fill out the info so they can get your account info. I also get them from Paypal. So continue deleting them. That is too bad about the checking account - what a mess that must've been.

Marci - feel better, get plenty of rest and drink your fluids! A friend's daughter recently came down with the flu and he told her to come right in. They gave her a flu test and then put her on a medicine that helps shorten the length and severity - which it did. I believe the test needed to be taken within 24 hours of her first symtom. Thanks for getting the party started.

Welcome McPeg! - There are a few people here that follow WW plan, so stick around we love to share our wisdom LOL. It really doesn't matter what plan you follow - the common thread is our struggle with weight issues. We are like family and share most everything.

I had to race home ahead of an ice storm which had started as I was at my art class - but I made it.

Enjoy your day.

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Patti - I missed your post about your good Dr. report - thank goodness! WTG

Milkdud - I also forgot to congratulate you on your loss - you are really doing so well. Keep up the good work.

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[Marci]]]]]]]]]]] Wish I could get some tea and toast out to you today. Feel better soon

Raeanne, I absolutely hate the idea of driving on ice. So glad you got home ahead of that nasty weather. I'm always worried about DH driving in it too, so I pace around the house until he gets home.

Had the best massage today. I went in for the 30-minute treatment, and my back feels incredible. She is a wonderful miracle-worker!

Patti, great news about your results; onward to better and better health for both you and Dave.

Milkdud/McPeg, I was reading on the forums about what counts as dairy in WW. I'm having a hard time making 3 servings happen. I have at least 1 yogurt per day (only 6 oz), and try for a slice or two of cheese either on english muffin in morning or at lunchtime. I don't drink milk and rarely have cereal with milk for breakfast. Does Swiss Miss fat-free, sugar-free count?

OK, I'm going to try to get one more report out before I leave this office today.

Hello to everyone I've missed! :0)


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Popped back in and saw that Marci posted right before I did, but I took so long writing my post that I didn't see it. Marci, I feel for you and hope you find something wonderful to heal you. Chicken soup? Those little darlings do love to share, don't they? Especially those coughs and sneezes. Feel better!

Dee, I have a hard time getting 3 servings of dairy, at least, some days. I do like milk, but unless I have cereal for breakfast, I don't do well. I can't have commercial-flavored yogurts on Core, just plan and FF. I eat FF Borden's sliced cheese for at least half my dairy daily. Maybe if you fix the Swiss Miss with milk it would count. Could you try that? P.S. I can only have the SM Diet on Core, and I've been using water. Think I'll switch to milk.

Also, SF/FF puddings are made with milk, so they would count, too. On Core, I can only have the ones I make, not the premade ones.

Raeanne, glad to hear you beat the ice storm home! Way to move, woman!

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Hope everyone is warm, safe, and feeling OK.

I'm working from home and sitting on one of those yoga balls (55cm), so taking care of abs and back along with work. It's fun!

I've got most of my packing complete but need to get the carry-on stuff done tonight. We leave on Saturday for Florida! YEAH!!

Check in please.

(Where is JOHN???????????????)

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Dee[[[ ]]]~Did we chase everyone off? LOL The dr is going to do bloodwork b/c he feels that my weight loss has been too fast. Otherwise, I think I'm doing pretty good and the weight loss has been a blessing. He just said that since it came off so fast he wants to be certain nothing is wrong. The weather has been really nice so hopefully FL will be vewy, vewy good to you. (Don't be packing your longjohns!)

Now, John~I'm not the only one screaming for you. Where oh where are you???

Where is everyone else hiding?

Marci~Are you feeling better? The dr said for me to be very careful to avoid those with the flu since I am so susceptable. (I overheard one of the nurses talking about him just getting back from having it.) Feel better soon.

Hi all! Patti :)

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I just came up for air tonight and saw it was your b-day. I know you will forgive me for being so frickkin' late in wishing you the HAPPIEST OF B-DAYS, sistah! Now, for my tribute to Raeanne:

Cosmic, smiling, knows-how-ya-feel-even-if-she-can't-see-ya, supernatural, natural, connecting, compassionate, free-thinker, amazing (understatement), fun-loving, more than a friend, AND magical. My wonderful, super fantastic sister, you deserve much more than anyone mortal can give you for your birthday. But we do the best we can.

You're always there, on the other end of the email, when I need you. When I was at the end of my rope, you felt it and wrote me an email that rescued me emotionally. This may sound schmucky but it's true--I love what you do for each of us here, but selfishly, especially for me. :-)

Most girls want a 'ROCK" for their birthday, but you just want "stones in their natural state." That's so you.

Happy Belated Birthday, my sister. Love Ya Forever!

And the baby says, "Happy Birfday, Auntie R!"

That's it for me. I gotta read and catch up. The last few days have been a BLURRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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BJ - you brought tears to my eyes - as you always seem to do with your kindness. You know how I feel about you too!
How is that beautiful bundle of sweetness?

Dee - I can't keep up with all your travels, where in FL are you going to? In case I don't get on here tomorrow, have a wonderful trip.

Marci - I hope you are feeling much better by now.

I just started getting a Feng Shui tip a day and this one is todays. I just wanted to share it. I wake up looking at the lake each day and I do believe that is just what I need to get me off on the right foot each day:
"As Winter winds to an end, sometimes it's a bit more difficult to get up and get going in the morning. Why not make that endeavor exponentially easier by employing what's called 'The Bright Hall Effect?' This 'Effect' says that the first thing you see each day upon awakening will influence, for good or not, the rest of your thoughts and feelings for the whole rest of the day. Whether on the wall in front of you or over the top of your bed, place something sweet, enchanting and inspiring to greet you as you open your eyes and then go ahead and get energized to enjoy one truly terrific day!"

Enjoy your terrific day.

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Hi, can I pop in here?

I am 67 years old and extremely overweight. This is my second journey with WWers. I did really well the first time around but did not pay any attention to maintaining it. Sooo, guess what happened, gradually crept right back on.

I just joined on-line two weeks ago. My first loss was 7 pounds and I am up 1 pound this week. Very discouraging, but I know I have stayed on track, so not sure why it happened, unless I am leveling out from the fast loss the first week. What do you think?

Have not been able to do much in the line of activity as the weather has really been against me. Today I will be able to get out and walk, so I guess I should just do it instead of just talking about it.


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Welcome, Dody! I think that you will like it here. Please join in often. The girls are very knowledgeable & will try to help you.

BJ~You brought tears to my eyes too. LOL What sweet remarks for Raeanne. Hope that sweet Baby is doin' all right.

Raeanne~Wow! Can anyone top that? I think we saved the best for last.

NH Suzanne~Are you at the "end of your rope"? LOL Haven't seen you in a couple of days.

Hello all...please check in. Patti :)

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Dody, a nutritionist once told me that she tried an experiment on herself. She weighed about 110 pounds, but she got on a scale one day at about 4-5 different times. Her weight, in 1 day, fluctuated by 5 pounds!!!! That's almost 5% of her weight. She suggested weighing yourself once a week, same time, etc. Over several months, you will see gradual loss if you are following the plan. I wish you luck, as I have struggled myself.

DH called me to say that his nephew is finally scheduling our new kitchen countertop for next week while we are away. I've been waiting for almost 2 years for him to find time for us! I currently have a 36" wide sink that drives me crazy as it takes up too much of my counterspace. My new sink will be deeper and only 30". DH is out shopping for a new faucet during his lunch hour. This will be awesome if they get it completed while I'm away.

Last night I had a few points left so I made the mistake of taking out the jar of no-salt plain peanuts instead of counting out a portion and ate at least 2 portions' worth. Thank Godness that I'm nearing the end of my point's week because I had to use lots of Flex.

Make today count!


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Aha! So this is where Dee has been! Love this thread/group. I don't post daily but I'm here in spirit. Thank you for the welcome.

Been a good start week for me. I started my first weigh in actually in Mid Feb with the intention of getting back on track...the days passed and then I officially gave myself a start date. Since my Feb weigh in and the last week, I'm down a total of 6 pounds which I figure 3 were in relation to xmas cookies (I made a ton for all my family) and the rest was just overall trying to put more veggies and fruit back in my day with water. So I'm very pleased at the moment. I do expect a plateau in a couple of weeks - I always hit them but I don't worry about them because I picture my body shoving the fat around with the water. Usually that's when I start seeing the inches change.

I don't know everyone yet but I'm looking forward to yakking with you.

As for getting dairy into your day - sugar free puddings with low fat milk great idea. I add milk to soups sometimes and cut back on the water.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Here's where I hang out McPeg, in addition to the KT.

Hope you will join us, as each of us do our own WOE while we keep in touch with good friends.


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Good morning! It was a beautiful sunny day when I first got up and in the low 60's. Now, the sky is darkening, and we're expecting rain. :(

I wandered around the area yesterday doing light shopping and "just looking". With the price of gas here, $3.14 a gallon!!!, I'm not going far and do try parking in a general area where I can walk to different stores instead of driving around.

I really need to go grocery shopping before the weekend, but I'm in a cleaning/organizing mood today, so I'll delay the trip until tomorrow. I discovered a new-to-me little family-owned grocery store yesterday and found some great bargains and an item I couldn't find anywhere but Kroger - FF ricotta cheese, which I love! I also got a 16-slice pkg of Borden FF cheese for $1.89, so I'll definitely go back there. It's also only 2 miles from my house and right by the library! Hey, it takes so little to make me happy these days!

Welcome, Dody! I saw your posts at the WW thread. As I said there, I'm doing the Core plan on WW. I attend the meetings once a week because I like being accountable in person for my eating and weight. Plus, it's a good way for me to meet new people here. Which plan are you doing?

Hi, BJ! Your words to Raeanne were so sweet and touching. I must have missed something somewhere though. Tell me about the "beautiful bundle of sweetness/sweet baby".

Hi, Patti! Dave all better now? Thought you'd be interested to know that I'm getting closer to seriously considering starting my scrapbooking once again. I've missed doing it.

Dee, peanuts are one of my weaknesses. Hubby has finally learned to keep his jars of peanuts well hidden in his study. LOL Isn't it funny how some foods can just trigger a huge binge?

Raeanne, I like the Feng Shui thoughts you posted today. I have a hard time getting going in the mornings since I stopped working. I feel so aimless and at loose ends anymore. I'll try to remember what you posted and see if that helps jumpstart me tomorrow.

Dody, come back and post - successes and failures! I'm 60, and it's harder to lose than it used to be, but I'm seeing it happen, slowly but surely.

NHSuzanne, your snow slideshow was just beautiful! You have such a good eye for detail. I felt like a part of the landscape.

Marci, I hope you're feeling so much better by now. It's hard to get well when you're around little ones because there's always somebody coming down with something fresh.

That's it for me. Have a great day!

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That's what I get for interrupting my posting to do laundry. By the time I finished my post, mcpeg had posted here, but I didn't know it!

Hi, mcpeg!

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Milkdud~I came back just to check the posts & thought that I'd answer you. Dave must have the flu & he is sick AGAIN. I feel so bad for him. I don't know if he got something taking me to the drs or what? I can hardly wait for you to get into SB again. I've got lots of sites if you are interested. Just let me know.

Dee~You'll have so much fun when you get here.

McPeg~Congrats on the weight loss. Thanks for coming back. You are welcome to come back here again & again.

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OK, I'm off to go home and pack. Hope to check in next week from Pompano Beach, but not sure DBIL will have his laptop.

Take care and behave yourselves!
See you on the 17th!

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Dee - 10 DAYS! We never agreed to letting you go for 10 days....

Suzanne - where are you????

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Dee enjoy your holiday! I'll be with you in spirit while shoveling the 35-50 cm of snow...exercise and NEW HOBBY!!!
You have a great time! We'll be here for when you get back - don't sweat it! (no pun intended!).
Hey everyone, how's your weekend looking? Anyone wanting support or need anything? I'll be here - all weekend long - hunkered down for the weekend storm.

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Welcome Dody and McPeg - hope you stick around a while. McPeg - boo on that storm. Here in Jersey we are expecting lots of rain, a good old northeaster.

Dee, you are one traveling woman - enjoy!!!! Hopefully I will have a very small little something waiting for you when you get home. First of several.....

Patti, (((Dave))) and (((Marci))) for you too.

I thought I saw Besh check in at some point.

This week has been busy that's why MIA but a good busy.....

BJ, welcome home!

Hi to everyone else and if I missed you I'm sorry...Raeanne, Milkdud, Lynne, Suzanne, Maddie (enjoy Vegas), Jen....

Patti, I'll probably email you this weekend.

Be good and take care - will check in tomorrow!

QOD: What's up this weekend? For me I have a hair appt tomorrow morning, who knows what after that. Will probably spend 4 hours in the office Sunday catching up (yuck but necessary).


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Poor Dee. It is raining & supposed to rain tomorrow too. Then the low is supposed to be in the low 30s but high in the 60s. Then back up to the 70s I think by Sunday & next week.

Raeanne~Are things going well with you?

McPeg~Great to see you posting. I'm so bored! I'm not used to being around here with no one to talk to. I'll see you here this weekend. I thought we might go to see a good jazz musician tonight but with Dave sick that was out. And, I guess that blows the weekend too. We have a busy, busy week next week so I guess it is just as well that I rest up. I have some new books to read.

Has anyone read the books by Laura Childs? I've got to read "Eldest" b/c a friend loaned it to me & I need to get it back but then I have all of the scrapbooking mystery series and the tea party mystery series that I'm excited to read. I hope that she is a good writer. Milkdud? Marci? Raeanne?

Donna~I'll be waiting for your E-mail. I'm glad that you have been a "good" busy this week. We don't mind when you've been that kind of busy.

Milkdud~Did you get any of the snow that they got in Dallas? I heard from Bob & Jewel & my DSis that it was pretty bad. I-35 was a mess. They closed down the schools & sent my DSis home from work. The drive took her 2 hours & was pretty hairy scarey.

I think that I have a good QOD for next week so that we can get more people to check in & post. How about it? I loved reading everyone's posts. Patti :)

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Good Friday evening/almost Saturday morning!

We got slammed with rain yesterday and temps dropped hard. My sister called from north Texas (Dallas area) yesterday to tell me that they had 4" of snow so far, and her DH was driving from Farmers Branch on I-35 in that mess. His normal drive of 40 mins. took over 2 hours! We just got rain, no ice or snow even though it was down to freezing last night.

Patti, I've read a couple of Laura Child's scrapbooking mysteries. She's pretty good. I've read so many mysteries now that I'm worried that I'll run out of books to read one day. I like the more humorous types of mysteries, not the gory and scary. Hope you like the book.

Donna, good to see you posting. Enjoy your hair-pampering day tomorrow!

Dee, hope your vacation is a fun and restful one.

Hi, McPeg! You're really getting your workout with all that snow, aren't you? LOL

I finally got to Walmart today. First, I shopped for my DGbaby's visit week after next. I wanted her to have some toys here that she doesn't already have at home, so I had a fun time buying her age- and developmentally-appropriate activities. She and big sister are coming on Good Friday to stay while her parents go to visit my other son and his wife in the Dallas area. Aubrie (DGbaby) has her dr. appointments the following week at Texas Children's hospital, and her biopsy will be on that Thursday, March 27th. Big sis will stay here with me while son and DDIL stay with Aubrie at the hospital overnight.

We had dinner at Applebee's tonight, and I tweaked their grilled shrimp and spinach salad so that it was WW-friendly. Love their FF ranch dressing! When I asked about the brand name, the waiter got the manager, and he explained that it's a brand that is WW-approved but not available to the common man. I've yet to find a FF ranch dressing that I can stand, so I was hoping it was something I could buy at the store, darnit! I'm sure I could lose faster if I could make myself eat more salads.

Well, what started out as just a "hi" ended up being a novelette, so I'd better stop now. Have a great weekend if I procrastinate and don't get back in here!

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I am finally feeling better and ready to get something done, but it is a solid sheet of ice outside! I could ice skate on my driveway right now! So I am housebound until the temps rise. I can't wait for Spring!

Dee - I know you are gone, but I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time in FL. I am not going until May and I can't wait.

NHSuzanne - You are MIA and we need to hear from you!

Hope everyone else is surviving the crazy weather. I'll check back in later.


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Donna I'll trade you 17cm of snow for your rain.

Just up from a good sleep, one coffee and going out for my first bout of shoveling snow. At least our plow guy has been round and did as much as he could. Our neighbor across the street has a snowblower and will spend most of his weekend outside clearing folks drive around us. He did ours but would not take any money towards his efforts and machine - so we got a contractor. Knowing the forecast I picked up 2 beers and I'm going to make him a batch of his favorite cookies and drop them off for when he does finally get indoors. (I did have 2 beers last night - but they were counted into the day - it's a weakness so I only buy the individual cans. In the summer I buy cases of non-alcoholic beer. Beer goes straight to my hips if I don't.) I'm not keeping any cookies that I bake at all.

Oh yea, the city plow is going buy now...there goes Steve again doing the drives...he really deserves something.

YankandTex could I visit and enjoy your heat for awhile? Maybe we could all pop round and have an afternoon on the patio and have a group day together! Keep talking about your warmth - I need the mental pictures! Ta.

Milkdud I'd like to know more about Aubrie because I'm new. What is her illness? I'd like to send positive thoughts to her and family. Shopping for kids is great - always wound up with everything in my cart for nieces and nephews.

Marci be careful with that ice. Yikes. We had a horrific ice storm in 1998 - I'm scarred with fear now when ice storms hit. Bought ice grips for my footwear and always keep them with my winter gear now.

Sounds like a good weekend to chill out. Yesterday I was over points but still within my bonus range so I should be okay. I will be posting often because participating in this forum helps me stay focussed on being a good girl. Besides, any excuse to hang out and chat, make new friends is wonderful.

It's movie, quilting, shoveling and meal planning day for me. Hunkering down. All I see out my front window is snowbank - it's now taller than I am!


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Good Saturday morning! It's already 45 here and sunny. I wish I could share this beautiful weather with my snow- and icebound friends here.

Marci, I'm glad to hear that you're better now. But, stay in and enjoy feeling well since it's icy out. I'm terrified of ice because of my knees. If I was still living in Dallas, I would have had snow and ice the past couple of days. Maybe I'm better off down here in swampland!

McPeg, thanks for asking about Aubrie. She's almost 18-months old, was born very jaundiced, and has an enlarged liver that concerned her doctor enough to refer her to a specialist at Texas Children's hospital in Houston. Her liver numbers were good, but her cholesterol level was high, so she is having genetic testing and will have a biopsy in late March to figure out why her liver is large and why she isn't gaining weight like she should. She's our precious little bonus-baby, 7 years younger than her big sister, and we all adore her and want her fixed up. I do appreciate your wanting to keep good thoughts for her. I believe in the power of prayer and good thoughts.

Also, McPeg, that's really nice of you to care enough about your neighbor to bake cookies when you're trying to stay on the straight and narrow with your eating. I'd have a hard time with that. Be careful out there shoveling snow.

Patti, how's the book? I've been reading a short story book by some of my favorite humorous mystery writers. I read late at night so it's easier on the nerves to read amusing things instead of scary stuff.

I've already started a pot of WW Core split pea soup for lunch. Dinner tonight will be grilled tilapia, baked potato chips, and a big green salad.

Stay warm, everyone (except Patti!).

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McPeg - I can relate to the quilting and a good movie. DH is out there now trying to break up some of the ice on the steps. I would rather be shoveling then dealing with this mess. LOL What movie are you going to watch? I just saw "Into the Wild" this week and I have "No Reservations" coming in the mail today.

Patti - What book are you reading? I just finished "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. I am sure I read this in high school English. And I remember the movie version, Charly, starring Cliff Robertson. After reading the story, I put Charly on my Netflix list. I remember loving the movie and I will be curious to see what my reaction is when I see it now.

Anyone else read any good books lately? I have so many on my TBR pile, but I am always looking for something new. Patti - I have "Fearless Fourteen" on my list. Can't wait for June to see what Stephanie is up to.


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We just finished Sweet Home Alabama - love Reese's movies.

Here's a picture of my latest hobbie:

and here's one that's keeps me sane

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Wow McPeg - You and NHSuzanne definitely win for the most snow!! That shoveling has to be worth a few WW points, huh?
And I know what you mean about looking forward to spring planting. We are planting at preschool already, but the lack of sunshine isn't helping. We need your light system.

Milkdud - Snow in Dallas - is that rare? And I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Aubrie as well. Keep us posted on her test results.

Hope Raeanne, Besh, NHSuzanne and anyone else in the northeast is OK. Our rain/ice turned to all snow this afternoon and it hasn't let up. I decided to decorate for Easter and took down all my snowmen decor. I don't want to encourage the weather anymore! LOL


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Hi Marci - add another foot of snow to that picture. It's supposed to let up now for the night. Thank heavens! Yes, I imagine moving the snow has helped with my using of the weekly bonus points on WW. Snow forecast right through March here, hopefully not alot. It's going to be hazardous when it all thaws. Will be using my ice grips alot on my footwear for the hidden ice under the water.

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Remember I said the snow is supposed to let up?
Bwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! Try another 20cm of snow for a total of 50cm/20" this weekend. I'm wanting to eat more carbs this weekend - no wonder with all this snow - comfort food. What I've done to combat this is fill 2/3 of my bowls with mixed salad first, then put less than a cup of pasta on top - saves points, tastes great and is actually very, very tasty. Gotta go shovel snow. Have a great day everyone!

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McPeg - I shouldn't even begin to complain after seeing your snow. What are you growing? I like how you are thinking Spring.

Marci - What are your students growing? We always did a face on a cup and grew grass as the hair put a derby on a popsicle stick and you have a leprachuan in time for St. Pats Day and also I did beans with a Jack and Beanstalk theme of some sort - it is sad that I can't remember all the details. Anything fast growing is the secret LOL. We have an icy mess here too. Glad you are feeling better.

Our heavy rains yesterday turned everything into ice here by 2PM and naturally our power went out for a few hours. At least a couple hours were in the daylight, so I could at least read. We have a generator, but I had to wait for DH to get home to start it up. I could probably start it, but he needs to pull it out of the garage and that I couldn't do. We really need to invest in an automatic one.

Milkdud - I will also keep Aubrie in my thoughts and prayers (you too). When you mention your menu's they always inspire me. I remember you mentioning tilapia and I had to have some and now split pea soup YUMMM. That doesn't work on my WOE, but I would steal a sip or two if I could LOL.

Patti - I haven't read any her books.

I just came back from a morning of pampering. DH gave me a gift certificate at a spa for my birthday. Today I indulged in the most luxurious facial you could possibly imagine. Not only do you get a facial, but you get your arms, hands, legs, feet, neck, head massaged. She put all kinds of great smelling lotions on my hands and feet and put them in heated mittens and booties. You feel drugged when you try to get up to leave. It was 75 minutes of shear heaven.

Well it is back to reality for me and I need to do some laundry - what else is new?

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Oh Raeanne! That sounds like heaven. I want that kind of pampering. LOL

Milkdud~I'm thinking of Aubrie & your family as well. Are you saying that Laura Childs books are scary? I wasn't certain what you were saying.

Marci~I'm reading "Eldest" which is the follow-up to "Eragon". It isn't scary either. It is a fantasy & something a friend loaned me so I'm reading it.

McPeg~Whew! Snow & more snow. I'm thinking perhaps you need a trip to FL. LOL (Or we should send you up some TX chili!) You can take the girl out of TX but not the TX out of the girl. tee hee I'd like to hear more about the cookies. Do they have beer in them??

I made a shirt yesterday & four more today. DGS#3 is going to get 3 of them, DGD#1 will get 1, & I will get 1. I am still a BIG kid. I can't seem to change that either. :) Have a great weekend & be prepared for some thought provoking questions this week. Patti PS~Did you remember to change your clocks?

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((Milkdud and Aubrie)) you and she will be in my prayers. I know that snow is rare in Dallas.

McPeg, no thanks, you can keep your snow and I'll keep my rain! Like Raeanne I wonder what you are growing?

Raeanne, your pampering sounds wonderful..glad you enjoyed.
Today is cold but sunny---last night turned very, very windy.

Marci, glad you are feeling better.

Suzanne, how are you??

Today just flew by....

Hi to all I know I missed -- will check in tomorrow.
Be good :-)


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