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marci_paFebruary 18, 2007

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Good SUNDAY morning!

Thanks for the great GIFs and birthday wishes, Marci!

IÂm having a lovely weekend spent alone with DH. He had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him that since we travel so much, material presents were not importantÂjust our time together at home. We got up early and took out his great new (unused!) waffle iron that his daughters got him last year. Together we made fabulous waffles with real maple syrup, coffee, and crisp bacon. It was such a treat for meÂ.no yogurt, all-bran or fruit in sight for that birthday breakfast!

Then I sat down to open RaeanneÂs package. It was so much fun; she has a way of putting together a theme and I was thrilled with it. R-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n! All of you know by now that I have a difficult time with this. I was the 5-year-old who got up at 4:30am, got dressed, and sat in bed waiting so that I would not be late for kindergarten!

The first package contained a wonderful bottle of wine encased in a beautiful green canvas carrier. This is just the type DH and I need when we go to BYOB restaurants with friends (beats the brown bag every time) LOL

The next package held a delicate, glass candle holder with painted orange flowers. This housed a vanilla candle (my all-time fave fragrance, thank you very much!)

Inside the 3rd package was a green mesh pouch with 5 charms and a card: "To keep in your pocket. A Heart for love. A Peace Sign for hope. An Acorn for a long and healthy life. An Angel to watch over you. The World, because its future is in your hands." The charms are precious, and IÂll keep them in my purse. (I will also pack them in my suitcase whenever IÂm near a casinoÂhey, ya never know! LOL!

There was a personal-sized packet of "Sniff" tissues (purple and decorated with cocktail olives). Package stated "Some call it cocktail hour, for me itÂs a support group". Very funny and I will take them the next time my colleagues and I feel the need to leave work early and head over to the nearest Hilton bar! Haha

The 5th gift was a book  "Learn to RELAX  A Practical Guide to Easing Tension & Conquering Stress" with a Saratoga Springs bookmark. Perfect for my next de-stress bubble bath.

I also received postcards from The Sagamore (which I hope to get to someday), and RaeanneÂs favorite picnic spot on Lake GeorgeÂ.oh, and a calendar from her DHÂs business (handsome guy and great personalilty too!)

Finally, her lovely cardÂ..full of various computer-generated smileys and a personal note from Raeanne: "in times of stress, light the candle, read the book, hold onto the charms. If this fails, break open the wine."

Thank you for making my birthday so special, Raeanne!

Will send pics to Marci for the album.

QOD: Anything exciting going on this week?

Besh, have a great week at home!


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Since Dee shouldn't have to sing for herself and Maddie is not hanging around these days - I will do the honors - so hold your ears.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to our dear sweet wonderful joisey girl DEEEEEEE
Happy Birthday to you

Have a fantastic birthday my "unbirthday" pal. I hope that you received the package. I am so thrilled to say that I not only met you once, but I met you twice and I look to many more times in the future. You truly are a special friend and one of the SS family originals. LOVE YA.

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Okay, that is funny that we would post at the same time. I'm glad you got the package. I was worried about sending the wine. It is our favorite Chardonnay and I hope you enjoy it too. I did think that relaxation was the way to go for you LOL. Sounds like you and DH are having a nice celebration - let it continue!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!!!!!!!!!! I hope that your day continues to go well. It sounds like you had a great start!

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Dee!!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and got some wonderful gifts from Raeanne.

Enjoy - you deserve it!!

Love, Donna

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DeeMarie Sounds like a wonderful Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Take Care!


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Happy B day Dee!!!!!!!

29 one more time!


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Thanks to everyone! It was a really nice birthday.

John, you have my undying love. 29, indeed! ;-)

Maddie, I'm disappointed that you did not come out of hiding to sing to me. Let's hear it, sister, I've waited a year for this! lol

Make this week count!

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Happy day afer birthday wishes Dee. Glad you had a nice one!

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Zig! Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes. Hope all is well out in the midwest. Don't be a!

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hello? hello? hello?


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Happy Belated Birthday Dear DeeMarie! I am glad you had a good one and I am sorry that you didn't have a bigger party here!!! Where the heck is everyone? And where or where is our resident singer, dear, dear Maddie?

John gave you a very nice present indeed! You young thing you!

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Thanks Suzanne!

Anyone remember Alfapha of Our Gang?
"Just an echo....Yoooo Hoooo"
"In the valley......Yoooo Hoooo"

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A very belated Happy Birthday DeeMarie!



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Dee - I will take the part of the frog: ribbet, ribbet... Alfalfa was a favorite of mine.

Been busy and still busy, but will post more tomorrow.

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Good morning all,

It feels like spring out here today! It's gorgeous. Crazy weather indeed.

We had a terrible tragedy here in NH. 17 loons were found frozen to death on Lake Winnapasaukee where there has been a great effort to preserve the birds from extinction. All of the state has active programs to help the loons survive urbans sprawl. Biologists think that they landed on black ice thinking it was open water and could not fly off as they are not adept at walking. It's so sad. If any of you live near big lakes that you know have loons keep an eye out for them. They think the warmer temps and open water so late in the season kept them here longer rather that going to the shore.

This is a great day to check in here and say hello!!

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Hey guys, check out Marci's pic of Raeanne's birthday package is now there!

Make today count.

I have a business dinner tonight 7-10pm. Been in this office since 7:30am, so after a glass of wine I should be fairly mellow. Look out!

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Our electricity was out for over 12 hours yesterday!! Good thing we have a wood stove and good thing the temps have risen! I read a book by candle light last night and kept hoping the lights would come on any time soon. They didn't come on until a few minutes ago.

DeeMarie - I posted your picture then I didn't get a chance to tell anyone. :~(

Now I have to go and see if there is any hot water for a shower!

Have a good day!

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Marci - 12 hours - WOW. I'm glad you are back on.

Dee - What a long day for you - I would say a glass of wine will be mandatory LOL.

I am glad that Dee posted the gifts on Marci's site as I didn't realize there is a picture of Donna there.

Donna - you are looking good girl! It is so nice to put a face to the name.

Suzanne - how tragic! I love loons. The wildcare group has had a lot of reports of Grebes landing on ice covered parking lots thinking it's water and then can't leave, as they need to be on the water for take off.

I had a hectic but very fun weekend, we had very good friends we haven't seen in about a year stop by unexpected and stayed over - so we had a lot of fun catching up.

On Monday I had to take DH for a corrective eye surgery (from a previous lasik surgery). He won't know if it worked until Friday - so please send some positive vibes his way. I have to say he has really enjoyed having his own private chauffer (ME). He can drive now, but there is a contact lens over his one eye, so things look a little hazy through that eye.

Today is my one year anniversary with the personal trainer. Eating is good, but I have hit a plateau, so I may need to do something to shake things up.

Enjoy your day!

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Happy Friday!!


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Happy Friday to you Tikanas!

Where is everyone today?

What are you plans for the weekend?

A year with trainer Raeanne! That's unbelievable! Time flies.

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Happy Friday to everyone and goodbye to my birthday week! lol

QOD: Other than taking DMIL out for pizza tonight (that's real NJ pizza!!), I have made no plans for the weekend. DH told me he needs to work a bit on Saturday morning, so that will be a good time for me to go through about 4 boxes worth of paperwork stacked up in our office closet. I want to redo that closet for greater organization. On Sunday, I hope that DH continues his work on our master bath while I go through clothes closets for a Vietnam Vet donation.

Gee, sounds like a fun weekend for me. Might even get some laundry in there Raeanne and BJ! ;-)

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - I did all my laundry yesterday, but I am sure I will have another load to do sometime this weekend. Believe it or not we have finally found pizza that is very close to NY/NJ style - nice thin crust and great flavor. The only difference is we are in the minority when it comes to folding the pizza and never using a fork and knife LOL. I figured the owner had to be from Brooklyn, but he is from VT. Once in a great while I treat myself to some. We hit Patsy's whenever we go to NYC.

QOD - no big plans this weekend. I might venture out on the frozen lake and snowshoe with a couple friends - I have never done that and I don't make a habit of trying to walk on water - so wish me luck LOL.

Tikanis - don't rush in an out of here asking questions and not giving any answers LOL - we miss you.

Did Jen leave for Cancun last weekend or is it this weekend? Either way I wish her a great trip.

Donna - how is your dad doing?

Lynn - is DH still doing well?

Patti - put that grandbaby down and stop all that spoiling - just kidding - hang onto her as long as you can.

Marci - were you off this week?

Suzanne - did you get anymore snow - we got another 3 inches last night - but that hardly counts after last week.

Make the most of today.

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Hi guys!

Dee - glad you enjoyed your birthday week. Enjoy that NJ pizza...yours is probably New York while mine is Philly.

Raeanne - thanks for the compliment!! It really does look like me, I think. I hate pictures of me. Thanks for asking about my dad - he goes for his baseline PET scan on 3/6 and then we see the doc in Philly 3/19. He feels good and is driving again but is reluctant to make any plans till he knows what is going on. I can't believe you have been with your trainer for one year - wow, that flew by.

Suzanne and Raeanne with snow....sorry but yuck.

Suzanne - those poor loons, how very, very sad.

Patti - enjoy that baby but stop in and say hi!!

Lynn - how is your DH?

Tikanis and Zig - hi!!! Glad to see you.

I hope Jen is in Cancun and having a blast.

QOD: Nothing special...taking the dogs for grooming and having dinner with a friend.

Enjoy the weekend!!!


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We just got back to Dallas yesterday afternoon so now we are playing again with DGD. We had alot of fun playing with DGSs too. We really enjoyed our trip in NM. The only bad thing has been our time with my parents & that is just something to be expected now. DDIL said that she has seen a side of Dave & I that she would never have seen if she hadn't had had Aubrey.

DeeMarie~Sorry that I didn't get to get here to wish you a Happy Birthday. We were playing parents to my parents.

I am praying for everyone that needs prayers.

Of course, being on the road for a month, we probably have gained weight. But, when we get home, we are going to get serious. I fell again in NM. We had about 2 1/2' of snow & couldn't get up the hill in our SUV so had to park downhill & walk up. My DFIL told Dave to take me back to FL & put me in the bedroom & lock the door. LOL He doesn't want me falling anymore. My foot is still swollen.

I saw my sister yesterday & everyone has asked about her. Her throat is still very swollen. She was supposed to go back to work but I wouldn't go back to work & have to drive in the Dallas traffic. She cannot hold her head up 8 hours yet or even turn it that far, I don't think. She has to have another x-ray before she can return to work. She is planning on at least starting 1/2 days, I think. I've been after her not to rush things. They had to take out 2 vertabrae & 3 discs. They had only planned on taking out 1 vertabra. So now she has a plate & a rod. The vertabra under the one they originally planned to take out was so full of cracks that it was about to crumble & it wouldn't hold the screws or whatever they were going to put in the back. We have to go back on Monday & it will be one of the saddest days for me. I love it here & love playing Grandma with the Grandkids. They are such a joy! My oldest DGS said that he loves my laugh! LOL Patti :)

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