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marci_paFebruary 23, 2004

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Good morning!

Dee and Raeanne--you're right--the spas in KY would be much less expensive, but we don't have any. The closest one is in French Lick, Indiana where Larry Bird (former Boston Celtic) hails from. It is a very old resort, and it has mineral springs. FL is about 68 miles west of Louisville, and about 275 from Chicago. The closest airport is in Louisville. I've included a link for you all to see. I've always wanted to go to a spa, but thought it would be so much more fun to do it with girlfriends. I'd be up for a trip to NYC or Chicago, Boston, etc....

Amy--I have a digital video recorder too--and a digital camera--we'll get you pics, one way or the other! :):)

Nashville was great! We saw John Valby, and he is such an onery thing--had a blast, and spent waaay more in the Bass Pro Shop than we should have, but we had fun! :)

Gotta go--



PS--the jazz festival that pops up when you go to the link--Steve Crews is from the college I graduated from, and, poor guy, is the one who taught me to play the guitar....

Here is a link that might be useful: French Lick Resort in Indiana

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Maddie - Thanks for the link, that sounds lovely. I can't believe there aren't any spa's closer to you. We even have them near me and there is nothing near me LOL. It sounds like they have something for everyone and the grounds look lovely. I forgot to mention to you that everywhere I went in NYC, the clothing was adorned with ribbons and I thought of what you said about ribbon being very in. I bought a tank top that is embellished with ribbon around the neck and a bow sewn flat onto the front (looks like it is painted on the shirt) - pink and brown - very cute.

NH Suzanne - Do you have an official head count for our 2005 SS Extravaganza?

Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone.

A close friend of mine is moving and may need some help, so I may not be around the next couple of days.

DeeMarie - how far are you from Kinnelon? (I can't remember if you moved before or after the last time I was in that area). I may be there tomorrow afternoon through Wednesday afternoon.

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Raeanne, I live less than 7 miles from Kinnelon!!!! Please give me a call (I'll e:mail you my #). I can meet you anytime after 6:30pm tomorrow evening. On Wednesday, I can meet you after 4:30pm for a quick "hello" on Route 23 near Route 287.

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DeeMarie - I got your e-mail. I will see what I can swing for tomorrow evening. I will probably be gone by early afternoon on Wednesday (have to get back to pick my pooch up from the kennel). My fingers are crossed!

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Hello All,

I had a busy weekend and a GREAT ONE!!! My DH helped me trailer down to a barn nearby with a splendid indoor arena to ride for a couple of hours with my girlfriend. It's so snowy and icy and very tight manuvering the trailer that i didn't want to do it myself so he did it for us!! It was so good to be on my Sweet P. The horses are so bored too and they really enjoyed themselves. SP was full of it and had tons of energy. She trotted along very nicely and got a little fresh once in a while! It was great and it was so sweet of DH to do this for us. He took a nap in the truck while we were riding. When we got home he ran down to the local cafe and got us lunch! What a guy and it's not even my birthday!

This is where we stand with our 2005 Extravaganza:

Those who want to attend are:
DeeMarie, Raeanne, Besh, Maddie, BJ, Marci, Gretcen, NH Suzanne

I have kept pretty careful notes so if I missed anyone let me know right away! and, my apologies.

So, we have a count of 8 of us! That will be a nice number.

Places that have been suggested are:
Chicago, Kentucky, Disney World, Hawaii, Boston, NYC and Connecticut

We all need to vote on location and we have gotten some input as to cost, spas, etc from some of you. The NYC and cost are quite valid, KY doesn't have spas :( My input is that Boston is another expensive city BUT it is small and some of us know how to find good deals in and around there. There are some good spas in Connecticut and some of them are near and around the Foxwood gambling casinos and I will check today to see if there are any right in the complex.

So ladies, lets cast our votes for where we want to meet in 2005!

NH Suzanne

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NH Suzanne - KY Susie wants to join us too. She sent me an e-mail that I posted yesterday, but you probably missed it, because it looks like I wrote it.

I am going to search a bit on line tonight and see if I can come up with a unique place, then I will cast my vote.

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Suzanne, I think KY Susie wanted to be included. Foxwoods is beautiful, and I love it there! I think it would be a wonderful place to meet and get to know each other without a lot of distractions (and expenses) that NYC poses. I'm not sure I can swing Hawaii, but I'm up for Chicago, Kentucky (French Lick looked pretty too!), Disney World and Boston.

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I just did some research to see about Foxwoods and there is a Marriot at/near one of the casinos that has a Elizabeth Arden Red Door spa there. I guess there are two casinos down that way, Mystic and Foxwoods. Anyway, more info.

I will count KY Susie in. Sorry, I missed that info. That makes 9 of us!!

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How convenient would it be for someone from KY, Chicago or WA to get to Foxwoods? I'm not sure of the proximity of any airport to it. Just a thought. I have never been there and I am very open to going there, especially with the Arden Red Door spa LOL (that's where I'm spending my winnings), but I want it to be easy to reach for those coming from far away.

I will try to check into other options later.

DeeMarie - I sent you another e-mail, I forgot to include my cell phone # with my first e-mail. Hope tomorrow at this time we are face to face.

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There is the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT not a bad jaunt and it's got good fairs to most cities. Alot of people in western NH and VT use it as opposed to going into Boston because while it's longer in miles it's way easier because of traffic. So, to answer you question there is an airport.

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It's about equal distance to the casios from Hartford or Providence, RI it's roughly 50 from Providence and 60 miles from Hartford. So, we have two airports to choose from.

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I'll cast my vote for French Lick.....

Do they have a bar?


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RAEANNE! I did not receive any e:mail! Oh dear, I hope she calls me.........don't want to miss this meeting!

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NH Suzanne, if you have Raeanne's cell phone #, can you please e:mail me?


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I'm sorry, I don't have her cell phone number or her home number. I think I have her home number at home but it doesn't do you any good here. When I get home I will get it to you. Will it be too late? Maybe she didn't leave yet and will read this before she goes.

We have ONE vote already! This is exciting!

NH Suzanne

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Suzanne, I got Rich's cell phone # from someone in his office, so I'll be able to contact her and meet up with her! YIPPEE

OK, my official vote is for Foxwoods (but will join BJ in French Lick if she's digging in her boot-clad heels there!) LMAO!! Of course, wherever the majority goes, I will be there.

Got lots going on with budgets today....later.

Hello to all of you, including those MIAs----Let's here from ya!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good morning!

brief here--does anyone have a website for Foxwoods?


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Thanks to everyone! I called Raeanne, and we are meeting before she goes to dinner tonight! YIPPEE

Here is a link that might be useful: Here ya go, Maddie

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Please, please, please send me a copy of the video too if I'm not able to make the trip with everyone. Thanks. :)

Maddie~It sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love jazz & I'm impressed that you play the guitar.

NH Suzanne~So glad that you got to ride SP this weekend.

I heard from Joanne. She has been in & out of the hospital for the past 4 weeks. She's having problems with her liver too. :(

Gretchen~Please send me the book after you & Marci get through with it. Is there an order that you should read them in or does it matter?

Hi to everyone else. Hope everyone enjoys their week. It is supposed to rain here today & tomorrow. Patti :)

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DeeMarie~We were posting at the same time. I'm so excited that you & Raeanne are going to get to meet up. Patti :)

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WOWSA!!! I wanna stay there--they have a facial especially for us with rosacea. Looks like a great place!!! I can almost feel the swedish massage now! :):):)

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Let's plan a preview trip to see if either the French Licks place or Foxwoods is good enough for our union!!! LOL I want to go now! and I can feel the massage too.......let's go.

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If anyone's looking at values, here are some comparisons:


Foxwood has no spa packages or full day spa rates, but here's the room rates (they have 3 hotels) and some spa offerings and prices. These prices do not include taxes or gratuities.:

Grande Hotel:
229.50 Fri
283.50 Sat

Great Cedar:
175.50 Fri
247.50 Sat

2 Trees (1/2 mile away w/ shuttle service):

  1. Fri
  2. Sat

Spa prices:

80.-90. massage

  1. aroma therapy wrap
    70.-95. facial
  2. pedicure
  3. manicure


Spa Spectacular Package is available for $193.00 per person, per night, double occupancy, Sunday - Thursday, and $198.00 Friday - Saturday. Tax and gratuity not included. Spa Spectacular includes: - Resort Room Accommodations, Breakfast and dinner per person, per day, Choice of three 25 minute treatments per person: Refresher Facial or Manicure or Reflexology or Mini Massage (Neck, Back & Shoulders) or Body Polish or Aromatherapy or Pluto Bath

Pamper Yourself Package includes overnight room accommodations, and two (verus three with the Spa Spectacular package) 25 minute treatments per person, and is offered at $117.00 per per person, per night, double occupancy, Sunday - Thursday, and $122.00 Friday - Saturday. Tax and gratuity not included. Meals are not included with this package.

There are some other full day and a la carte prices for the spa at French Lick. They are on the website.

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Oh, yeah--no doubt about it, FL is much, much less expensive. I figure that, for me as an example, to do Foxwoods (flight, room (2 nights), pampering, food, and entertainment) would be about $1,000.

I'll tell you all what I'll do--I will do my best during the next couple of weekends (I can't *this* weekend) to drive down with a digital camera, and get pics and brochures (to mail to you all), and see what everyone thinks. I haven't been in several years myself, so it would be a treat to go--

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Maddie, I think that everything that anyone could possibly want to know about FL is one the website including a video tour of the place!
I don't think that you need to spend the time doingthat on your time off!! I think we could all pick up the tele and request a package be sent don't you? JMHO and trying to have you not waste your valuable time!

NH Suzanne who is still trying to decide on her vote!

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I forgot to mention the prices I got for Foxwood are with my AAA discount. I assume it's not that much more without the AAA membership.

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This is getting exciting. I will throw one more suggestion in. We have friends that go to Foxwoods often and we also have friends that go to Mohegan Sun in the same vacinity. Everyone tells me that Mohegan Sun has much more to offer. They do have a spa, but it does not list any prices. I will be happy to do some homework on this one, if everyone is interested. I think my vote will be either for Mohegan or Foxwoods.

Dee and Raeanne, I'm sure you are not reading this and I hope that you are having a great time!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Mohegan Sun...just another suggestion

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There are tons of places to stay that aren't right in the casion complexes. Such as the Marriot that has the Red Door Spa. I don't think we have to pay the really high rates for the casino hotels.

I will do some more investigating before I cast my vote. Although, I saw they have horse stables at French Lick! Could sway me.................this is fun!!

I hope DeeMarie and Raeanne are having a good time.

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Hi guys...were your ears ringing? LOL Raeanne and I met for tea (decaf with sweet n low, naturally!). She looks fabulous--must be that New York State water and clean air!! We had about 45 minutes before she had to leave for dinner arrangements, but we laughed and talked liked we had known each other for ever. We both agree that it should be lots of fun next year. BTW, Marci, Raeanne's DH took some pictures when he came to get her, so you will be getting them for our album. Maddie, I gave her a big hug for you!

Nighty night!

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Good Morning All,

Dee, how exciting that you and Raeanne finally were able to connect! Can't wait to see the pix posted at Marci's site. She is a special lady. Thanks for the report.

I have three days left to sell and as usual, I am not near my goal. It's so frustrating but I guess that's the plight of the sales person! I don't know how to change it either.

I am off to Curves. This is my second week and I am hoping that I will begin to see/feel a difference. God knows the scale hasn't budged in months! It has to have something to do with menopause because I have really been watching what I eat, amounts, etc. Grrrrrrrrr

I will check in later.

NH Suzanne

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DeeMarie & Raeanne - I will be on the lookout for the pictures. Sounds like you two had a great time at your "tea"!

NHSuzanne - Our local news channel is doing a report on Curves tonight at 5/pm and I am going to try and watch it. (After I get back from Curves! LOL) I hope it is positive! I will keep you posted.

I will hold off on voting until all the info is in. I will say that I would like to go where ever we get the most bang for our buck! LOL But I think no matter where we go, we will have a blast.

It's that time again and I have to run,

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Hey, looks whose doing a happy dance? I dropped another 1 1/2 pounds, for a total of 8 pounds since February 4!!!!!!

Now, the rest of you.........WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carpe Diem!!!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP

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DeeMarie - I couldn't wait to post and say THANKS - it was so great to meet up with you. I look forward to doing it again - but for a longer time. I e-mailed you the photos for your approval, before I send them off to Marci.

Okay Ladies and John - DeeMarie is just as you would expect - sweet, very cute and a true delight, her personality just radiates. You must see the photos. I will send them to Marci as soon as I get Dee's "permission" LOL.

As far as the meeting goes, I will gladly do either of the mentioned choices, they all sound good to me. I just want to go to the place where most of us will be able to attend, so if that is French L or Foxwoods/Mohegan it doesn't matter to me. I'm thinking that maybe Jen and KY Susie may want to be closer to home (small children). After meeting Dee I can't wait to meet the rest of you.

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Dee - congrats on the loss!!! I wouldn't dare go near a scale after last night's dinner - but today is a new day and I am determined.

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Hi Everyone:
Just quickly posting.
As you saw from Patti's post, I have been quite ill. Still no news. Feel so out of the loop, don't have a clue what everyone is even talking about on the thread. What is Foxwoods, a spa?

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Joanne - ((((HUGS)))), I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Please try to stay in touch with us, we have missed you and have worried about you. I am sending prayers your way.

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I forgot to answer your question. We are having a 2005 meeting and trying to pick a place - Foxwoods is a casino in Connecticut with a spa. We are still tossing ideas around - I am hoping you will be able to join us too.

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[[[[[[[[JOANNE]]]]]]]]]]] We've missed you so much. I was thinking about sending you an e:mail this evening because you were on my mind. Please know that you hold a special place in our hearts. Hope you will try to keep in touch any way you can, and of course we hope you can join us next year.

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Hugs Joanne ((((((HUGS)))) hope you are on the mend soon.

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Joanne~[[[[ H U G S ]]]]

DeeMarie~WTG--Keep on doing the "Happy, Happy" dance!

DeeMarie & Raeanne~I'm so excited about you meeting.

Marci~Can't wait to see the pics.

NH Suzanne~You will make your goal. Hang in there!

Not much happening here. We had spinach squares tonight. Yummers! Patti :)

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Joanne~ Thanks for checking in. We are all sending warm rays of well thoughts to you. Please stay in touch.

Raeanne & DeeMarie~ Yes, our ears were on fire. Can't wait to see the pics, of course. And Deemarie, congrats on the 8 pounds---my heavens, nothing tastes as good as getting thin feels!

My eating kind of went out the window today. Three stressful situations finally made me cave! Luckily, I got out of the house and went to the elementary school where I cracked open a few geodes for the kids in 2nd grade---man, were they surprised when they saw the insides!

I went to see "Miracle" (starring Kurt Russell). My kids loved it and so did I! What a great movie! That American team worked their tails off to get that medal. Catch it if you get a chance, but would be great for a rental too.

Is anyone planning on seeing "The Passion"? Sounds like it makes quite an impression on people.

I can't believe how quickly this month leapt by---yowsers! It's almost over!

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