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marci_paFebruary 5, 2004
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Good Morning!!

Marci, that cartoon sums up the last 20 years of my life! Only the dollar figure on weight loss is much higher! LOL

Hope we hear from you mia's today.


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Thought I would start off the weekend with a little humor! LOL

NHSuzanne - We are supposed to get that ice storm (or at least some freezing rain) tonight. My parking lot at school is a sheet of ice and this isn't going to help the situation. It did melt some yesterday, but there is still at least 2" of ice and frozen slush left. We have been having the parents park upstairs and drop off their kids right by the front doors, like a valet service! LOL I just don't want any one falling. I am definitely ready for spring. Congrats on making your goal!!!

Jen - I make my Chicken Parmesan almost like Raeanne. I season the Parmesan with a little basil, lemon/pepper seasoning and some garlic powder. I beat one egg and add a dollop of cream. Then I dip the cutlets in the egg and roll in the seasoned Parmesan. I also saute them in a little olive oil in a preheated skillet. And I agree that a GOOD non-stick skillet keeps the Parmesan cheese from coming off when you brown the cutlets. After they are browned on both sides (and cooked through), I spread my sauce on each cutlet and top with some grated mozzarella and put the lid on the skillet. I turn it on low to heat the sauce and melt the cheese. That is usually when I finish making my veggies or salad. Voila! It is so easy and so good!

DeeMarie - Your package is on its way! I sent it Priority Mail and there is one present I want you to open as soon as it gets there. I marked it with an "Open Me Now" sticker. I will explain more about the contents when you open it. Hope you like everything cause I had fun shopping for you!

Susie - Wasn't it great yesterday to see the SUN!! Unfortunately it only put a dent in the ice covering our parking lot. We need about a week of those sunny days to completely melt it. I am glad you feel comfortable enough to come here and vent about your niece. I have some niece stories of my own so I understand where you are coming from.

Alas, it is time to finish getting ready for school. I know I had more to say, but it will have to wait.


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Good morning all--

I'm here, and I appologize for being MIA. I've been in a funk, and quite frankly, have been a bear to be around. Between work and weather, things haven't improved very much.

I did want to tell everyone hi, and give everyone hugs that needs them--


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Good morning everyone!

Marci, I'll be on the lookout for that package! Yeah! I'm actually looking forward to my birthday this year for some strange reason. LOL

NH Suzanne, Congrats again for making goal! Hope you get some warmer weather up there (of course, that will mean that we had the warm weather first and sent it up to ya!)

Reannne/Marci...I'm home this morning (doctor appointment in another hour), and I made a huge pot of sauce! Actually, I made country pork chops and braccoli (sp?) in it, and the smell is outstanding!

Yesterday, we started a Weight Watchers class in the office, and I joined. I'm going to do a bit of Zone/Somersizing using the points and see if it works. Actually, it's not restrictive and I'm at east with the points so far. I'm desparate to find something that works for life.

OK, I've gotta go and get dressed for my internist appointment; I think he's gonna make me take cholesterol meds, and I'm ready for a fight! LOL I take so much now, and don't want another pill, but hey, what's the alternative?

Maddie, thanks so much for the e:mails that make me smile and laugh out loud! I'm sorry you're having a hard time and wish I could be there to give you the hug you deserve. Consider my shoulders on loan to ya for as long as you need them.

Patti/Dave, good luck at the doctors this week. Be well....

BJ, Survivor's on tonight........yee haw!!!!!!!

Take care, eat healthy and never never give up!

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I'll miss survivor...have to work till 9 (boohoo)
But I'll catch ER!!

I just got a call from my job. They asked me if I can come in any earlier.
I told the girl who called that I have to pick up my kids and my DH won't even get done til 4...putting him home just in time for me to walk out the door.

She said "your kids are old enough to get home by themselves"

Ok, yes fine, they are old enough.
However, I told my kids I would be there for them.
I can only imagine my DD getting off the bus and looking around for my car. (she goes to school pretty far away and takes a bus which drops her off about 10 minutes away)
DS is 11 but he has health issues where he cannot be left alone.

The thing that really ticks me off is the fact that the girl who called has kids the same age and NEVER would think of leaving them home alone.

I guess I am a little spooked by the Florida girl who is still missing even though they got the guy.

And yes I do leave my kids home every now and again, but I have a lot of close neighbors who call and look after them.

Am I weird??

I do trust that my DD will look after DS but I just HATE doing it.

Maybe it has something to do with living in a big city...there is a lot of crime. In fact DD had a gun pulled on her once while she was walking my Rottie.
Apparently the guy was hyped up on something and thought the dog was coming after him.
That was years ago but it still haunts me.

I will go in at my regular scheduled time.

Thanks for letting me rant.


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Susie--OMG--the unmitigated gall of that chick! Who does she think she is? Good for you for sticking to your guns--they are *your* kids after all, and staying home for them is much more important to them than going in earlier will ever be for your employer.

I mean--really--my hubby/family comes first, and in this case, my company can d@mned well bite me if they ever think otherwise. Life is too short, and no one on their deathbed ever said that they wished they'd have spent more time at the office.

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Thanks Maddie.

I just know work is swamped with the storm scare (I work in a supermarket)
I guess I just don't care.
My kids are # uno in my world and nothing comes before them.
Who cares how old they are and who on earth makes the rules??

I made a commitment when Amy was born, that I would always be "there" for her, No matter what!!
Same is true for Drewy.

I am sorry that some folks went home sick today. I feel bad for them, however, my kids are my life!!
They come first!!

But why am I judged by that??
Isn't that what being a parent is all about??

Just because my kids are so called "older" I should leave them home alone???

Well, I am off to gather them and the others I care for after school.


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Maddie - still sending love and hugs your way. Please post your website address. I thought I bookmarked it, but it's not there.

Susie - You should always trust your instincts and if your instincts say to be with your children DO IT, don't ever worry about being judged by others - that is their problem not your's. Enjoy your time with them - I know you are in for a busy night at work. AND feel free to vent here anytime, about anything!

I just came on looking for Maddies website, but couldn't find it. If anyone has it, please post it for me.

I have been legal all week and I feel very strong right now - with no cravings or temptations.

Marci - I never thought about cooking the cutlets in the skillet after you put the sauce, etc. on. That sounds so much easier. I normally like to slightly brown my cheese, but I am trying it your way the next time. I made some broccoli to go with my leftovers the other night. I sauted a ton of garlic in a little extra virgin olive oil and tossed the steamed broccoli in it - it was an excellent sidedish.

BJ - are you still up to your eyeballs in legal stuff??? I hope not.

I am trying to get to the gym and then off to my art lessons tonight. I hope the snow waits until I get home to start.

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Too funny and too true Maddie! Well said!

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for some reason, it will not let me post a direct link to my site, so the ol' cut & paste:

Thanks for looking!



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Raeanne, I convinced my doctor to give me 2 more months to bring my numbers down before he prescribes Lipitor!!! I guess I'd better get the oatmeal out...

Good news is that my blood pressure was 120/74 there, so after a year (February 3, 2003) and lots of effective meds, I can officially say that my blood pressure is under control!!!!

Susie que, you are perfectly within your rights to take care of your children first.

Big ice storm coming this way tonight and tomorrow.

Everyone stay safe and hug your kiddies extra tight tonight. I've been hearing about that poor 11-year-old in Florida whom they are still searching for...please say some prayers for her safe return to her family.

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Hi guys.... I keep thinking I'm gonna read and catch up on everything, and maybe I will TONIGHT! --- during and after Survivor! har, har.

I'm still wallowing in legalities. Having trouble serving the guy I'm trying to take to court. He appears to be avoiding service and since he's in another state, I may have to move the hearing date if they don't serve him by Friday. Arg. I wish I could serve him myself!!!!! I'd fly there and get the stupid job done pronto.

Weighing in on the kid issue here: I think that whatever parents want to do for their kids is great---being there is a very good thing--for some. However, I have never defined my kids as my life and I began pouring cereal on the floor and leaving them to squander in it when they reached the age of 2. This is the age children begin to become independent and I fully encouraged that. Also, I have a great dog that I leave in charge and she makes sure to clean up the messes the kids leave, so when I come home the house is in the same shape I left it in. I only left when there was a really, really good band playing at the tavern nearby and I always took my cell phone with me---oh, and I left the alarm system at my house armed. Seriously, though, here in Washington, when children turn the age of 8, they can be left alone legally, provided there is an emergency plan in place and they can operate in a dire situation. Many kids are capable of taking care of themselves and some start babysitting other children at the age of 10! Some families don't have the luxury of being there when they're kids get home from school; they are still loving, wonderful parents. Good parenting means many things to many people. People's ideas of how and what to do with kids vary wildly, so please don't hold a grudge with your co-worker. Being short-handed is a stressful situation and she may have been momentarily reacting to her intense work environment. :)

Well, that about wraps up my bent editorial for today....

Forgive me! lol.

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BJ - hey girl, I'm glad to hear you left food for them LOL - and who can condemn you - afterall, it was a good band and you did have your cell (not that you would've heard it in all that racket).

DeeMarie - I am glad that your Dr. is listening to you. Just ask him about Q10 if he puts you on lipitor. My friend was just taken off of Lipitor, because of sore muscles.

Maddie - thanks for the website, I will check it out again.

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Dee - I forgot to ask you if you take Vitamin C, E and beta carotene to help with your cholesterol - I can give you the amounts that my Dr. recommends.

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Raeanne, he never mentions vitamins, but I'm willing to give them a try...please advise the amounts. What's Q10?

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Raeanne~ I use the cell phone vibrate feature. Who needs a man? Call me!

DeeMarie: Here's a bit of info on Q-10. It's letter from the President and Fellows of Harvard College. If you punch in "Cholesterol" and Q-10" in a search engine, you'll have some reading ahead of you!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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DeeMarie - Vitamin C is 1000 mg, Vitamin E 400IU, Beta-Carotene 30mg. I would of course mention this to the Dr.
The information my Dr. shared with me on Policosanol (which is mentioned in BJ's link) was from either the American Heart Association or AMA - can't find the paperwork. He is very strict with the Q10 on both Lipitor and Pravachal (as I was on Pravachal, until he came across Policosanol). My Dr. is a family practitioner - not a homeopath, just FYI. I am sure Lipitor will be fine (if it comes to that), as long as you have your liver enzymes checked often and report any soreness.

BJ - you are the link queen and a perv LOL.

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Thanks for the compliments...(((blush)))...


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BJ, we have a friend that was a lineman (person) for the phone company. He was the guy you always see up on the telephone poles. Anyway when he got his first cell phone he told us that he put it on vibrate and kept it in his underwear and while he was up on the telephone pole he used to call himself all day!!


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BJ - always compliments to you.

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Besh: I hope that guy was using protection! He could have quite the *shocking* experience! Back when I was flying (now THAT sounds old!), anyway, back when I was flying, we used to get in hairy situations and have to make a "go"/"no go" decision. I'd think of my old codger of a flight instructor at those times...he'd always say,

"Want help making your decision, BJ? Ask yourself: What will the accident report say?"

So, let's go through it, just for kicks:

"Hmmmm, well, he was up on a telephone pole, calling himself, and .... BAM!" ---that was all she wrote....


Nighty night!

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I'm ROTFLMAO!!!! I'm getting visuals of all of this, ladies...VISUALS!!!

BJ/Raeanne; On a more serious note (if that's possible!), thanks for the info on vitamins, et al!

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This morning, a comforting thought goes out to Carlie Brucia's family. How very tragic that she didn't get to live out her life and realize her potential. I hope law enforcement has enough evidence to make the case into successful conviction for the monster who got her.

Well, I'll check back later.

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Let the guilty pay for this.

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Good morning--

Rog just called and told me about Carlie. My heart just breaks for her family. I honestly can not think of anything bad enough to do to that b@stard. What ever it is--I think it should be slow and painful.

I don't take vitimins the way I should--I was doing Dr. Wallach for a while, and reaaaally felt better, but he's so expensive. I'd like to learn more about the different vitimins, though.

Going to Indy tomorrow for the last bit of my CPE for my auctioneer's license. Rog is going with me, and has something nice planned for later tomorrow. :)

Hope all is well with everyone--



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Prayers and hugs to Carlie's family and friends. What a tragedy.

The snow is flying here and they say it will get much worse before it clears up. Turning to ice later - DD#1 is coming home and that means an 1+ hour drive in the ice to pick her up at the train. Hopefully she will change her mind.

DeeMarie - glad to be of any help.

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Raeanne: One word:


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BJ - TAXI, I never thought of that, wait a minute - I am the TAXI LOL. Actually we live in the sticks and I can't even imagine how much that would cost - if she could even find one. Problem solved itself - they are now saying the icing may not be as severe and DH said he would be able to get her - so it is no longer MY PROBLEM hehehe.

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Marci, your package arrived today! I've found the box that says "OPEN ME NOW". What do I do with it?! LOL


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Hey Marci, I opened the box with the bulb in it...waiting for directions from you! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Light bulb or plant bulb? Fill us in!!!!

The anticipation is already over the top!

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Or dim bulbs? Sorry, I've been on another forum discussion and that just popped into my head.....

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Amaryllis bulb! LOL

DeeMarie - Wow - that got there fast. You need to plant the bulb according to the instructions I put in the box. I wanted to get you a kit that included the pot and the soil, but I couldn't find one. So I went to the link below to get potting ideas and instructions. Also, when I bought it, the guy in the nursery told me you could grow them in water too. I have his email address if you have any questions. Let me know if you want it. I have grown several of them and they really are beautiful! And in the midst of all this ice, snow and sleet I figured you would appreciate something pretty and green! I wanted you to open it now so it wouldn't start sprouting in the box! LOL Now, how hard will it be for you to wait to open everything else? (I wouldn't mind if you wanted to open everything now.)


Here is a link that might be useful: You Grow Girl

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DeeMarie - how will you be able not to peek at the rest of the box??? I don't think I could do it LOL.

Marci - what a thoughtful gift - I can't wait to hear about the rest of it.

I am trying a lemon chicken recipe that was posted at the Recipe Exchange, if I like it, I will let you know about it. Lots of garlic and lemon - so it has to be good LOL.

Have a great evening.

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Dee - I am kind of hoping that you do want to open everything now. Whether it is something I am giving or something I am receiving, I am terrible at waiting! LOL Maybe you and Gretchen could open yours together!!

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Walked out in the middle of "Cold Mountain" tonight....too depressing and showed too much of the bad side of human nature. But Renee Zellweger was great in it.

See y'all tomorrow....

Drive carefully Maddie! And HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BJ - sorry you didn't like Cold Mountain - I loved it. But if you thought half way through was too depressing - you left at a good time! I normally don't like movies like that, but I totally enjoyed all the performances, thought it moved quickly and I can't say enough about Rene Zellweger. I think I like movies where people become connected - that normally wouldn't.

Marci - Since DD is coming home, guess what I am making today! I should have made a huge pot the other day, but thought it would only have to feed the 2 of us.

DD#1 didn't make it last night as her train was indefinitely delayed, she is on her way now.

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Good Morning ALl,

Yes, Dee open your package and you too Gretchen!!

It's clearing out from a night of freezing rain. I have a three hour drive to this morning and I am anxious to get going. I have to cover the NE Branch of the Carriage Association of America banquet. Tomorrow we are taking a tour of a collection of 135 horse drawn vehicles which includes firefighting rigs, stagecoaches, and lots of other cool things. 135 is a huge collection. I will report more later!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. Think of me driving in the freezing rain. Ugh.

NH Szanne

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Marci, I'm going to try to plant the bulb today; however, we are getting guests for the weekend. I need to find some time before they get here. You are correct, I cannot wait for Spring, and I would love to see some colorful flowers around the house. I almost bought a bouquet for myself the other night in the grocery store, but forgot! What a great idea, especially this year for me! :-)

Actually, since it's Gretchen's birthday tomorrow, I would like her to open her gifts for her very own "Special Day". I have absolutely no problem waiting; in fact, I have spent days alone in a house with presents for me under the Christmas tree. LOL!!! I put the rest of the gifts away in a closet until the 18th!

BJ, my girlfriend loved Cold Mountain, but used a ton of tissues. I'm not sure I want to have that experience in a movie theater, so I'll wait until it appears on cable. I've been known to sob out loud at really sad movies, and while I enjoy a good cry every now and then, I'd rather do it with just my DH laughing!!

Suzanne, please be careful out there!

Amy, hope all is well with you.

Patti/Dave, please check in.

Maddie, hope you have fun this weekend!

Jen, keep those girls safe and don't drive if you don't have to....the ice was remarkable yesterday. I stayed in all day and worked right here from 6:30am until 5:00pm. I got much more done than if I had driven to the office (some folks said it took them over 2 hours there and back home). No thanks! LOL

KY Susie, John, Joanne, and all you other MIA's, please check in and tell us how you're doing!

Raeanne, today would be a nice day to put up a big pot of sauce! Mine smelled so good the other morning, but I had to put the containers into the freezer, because I'm sure my nieces will want to go out for dinner tonight. No problem, DH and I would rather not share! LOL Hope you have fun with your kids this weekend!

Gotta run and make the bed.
Take care, eat healthy (down 4 lbs!) and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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NHSuzanne - Drive carefully!!! We want you back here in one piece!

Yesterday was a weather disaster. The parking lot at school, which was already a sheet of ice, became even more slippery with the new coating of ice and snow. We had the parents pull up to the front doors and we escorted the kids in so no one had to walk in the parking lot. We told the parents not to get used to the service! lol

I plan on running errands today if the snow lets up. I am also working on some mailings for my sister. So I rented some movies and plan on slapping on labels and watching Alex and Emma and Whale Rider.

BJ - Speaking of movies, I loved Cold Mountain. I read the book and several interviews with Charles Frazier and I was intrigued by the reasons he wrote the book. The main character, Inman, was based on a relative of his that was injured in the Civil War and walked home. Cold Mountain is an actual place and he researched the area and the people. He found some Civil War graves and wondered about the lives of the innocent people who died at the hands of the "enemy". And even though I wished for a happy ending for all, we all know that there are no happy endings where war is concerned. I came away from the movie with a feeling of sadness but also a feeling that I had witnessed something that may have really taken place.

Raeanne - Hope DD gets home safely. Have fun making more sauce!

Now I need to finish the laundry and decide if I want to go out now or wait until later.


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Gretchen - Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear sweet special Gretchen, happyy birthday to you. You are lucky that I spared you from hearing that in person! Have a wonderful day - you deserve it!

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Happy Birthday GRETCHEN! Hope you have a wonderfully special day. We're glad to have you with us! Your funny stories about life and work make us laugh. Your constant drive to succeed and be the tops in your field inspire us---I love to hear your goals and feel the excitement when you reach them. I was happy when you recently went wide open with us and shared pictures, personal stories of DEX, and told us about your goals to bring in new accounts and plans to DO IT! I hope your birthday brings you happiness and you celebrate it in a fashion that pleases you. We are thrilled to be a part of your life and we cherish the posts you leave here.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, Gretchen. We love you!

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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRETCHEN!!!! I wish the very best day for you and your lovely family!

For the rest of you....make it a great Sunday!!

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I decided to attend an exercise class this afternoon.

I went to the class, jumped, stooped, bent, ran, skipped, stood on my head, and pulled.....

The sad part is that by the time I finally got the leotards on, the class was over.


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETCHEN!!!! I HOPE IT IS A GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BJ, you are too cute. I have this awful vision of myself now trying to put on a leotard. Yuck. I would love to read the accident report on that!

Marci, I finally saw Seabiscuit. DH rented it Friday night. What a great story. I was thinking of you.

Last night we watched Open Range. What a boring movie. I love Robert Duvall and he was a real man's man in this movie and Kevin Costner is great to look at, but he can't act.

Anyway, we attended Scout Sunday today. It is a celebration for cub scouts and boy scouts. It was a nice family event. DS #2 received his first class rank which is pretty neat. Only 2 more to go and he can work on his Eagle project.

My eating has gone from bad to worse. I can't explain it, but I have to change it. Nothing seems to work and I know that I have to get the diet mentality out of my head and just try to eat healthy. I think next I will try a lobotomy!

Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday Gretchen! I hope you have a great day.

Sorry about the eating, Besh. Some things defnitely don't seem fair. Hope you find something you can make peace with. Me, too.

I'm still working on my paintings and neglecting some things. My online game got cancelled. It's not entirely clear exactly why, but I'm sure it has something to do with money. I'm upset about it since I've made some friends there that I got attached to. I sent in my contest entry and I think the results will be out next week. They are going to post them even though the game has been cancelled.

I have a stomachache today and I feel tired and sad. My visit to the doctor on Tuesday went well and she said overall things look good. Although I never was able to tolerate BP medicines, I started taking garlic and got it down from a high of 220/110 to 130/70, so I'm happy about that. Although the garlic hurts my stomach. I wish things could just be all good and not have some kind of harmful cost.

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much here, but at least I'm checking in. Have a good weekend all.


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Happy Birthday Gretchen!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.
I would sing but you don't need that!! LOL I can't wait to hear what was in you package.

Love, NH Suzanne

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Aww thanks for the wishes! This is really a special group of people who became friends. My DD asked my today if she thought we would ever all meet and I told her that I thought we all probably would. We seem to be that type of group. What fun we would have! The town would not be same!

NOW...DeeMarie's gifts were WONDERFUL and perfect! The first gift I opened was a BEAUTIFUL scarf that looks great with my black jacket. I wore it today. The next gift was a small red purse. I LOVE IT! Once again, DeeMarie you were right on. I would have picked out something like this for myself. The last gift I opened was two books about ITALY! Now I really need to go and visit. The photographs were gorgeous. Thank you DeeMaire...your gifts were great.

I had a great birthday as I am entering my last year of the 40's. I was able to have all my children with me today. My DS came in from CA and my other DS came home from school and ofcourse DD was here too. I have not had all of my kids with me since I moved to Chicago. It was truely a memorable birthday. The SO is planning on buying me a brithday gift that will cover this birthday and next. We have been looking at very sparkley things...Has anyone ever been a Movado store?? They are well known for their watches but OH MY GOSH they have the most beautiful jewelry too. I really like jewelry that you don't see in every jewelry store. I like white gold or platinum and they have 18kt white gold. I was we shall see what happens.

So thank you again for your birthday wishes and words...BJ you have a way with words...thank you!

Catch you all later and thank you!


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