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marci_paFebruary 26, 2004

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Good morning!

((((((Joanne)))))) I hope you feel better soon! We miss ya! :)

WOOHOOOO Dee!!!! Congrats on the 8 pounds!

BJ--I want to see Mircles; I remember when they won--:) and yes, I'm going to see The Passion. This weekend is out, so I'm trying for next week.

Well, I am up for either spa. I just want a massage! :)

Gotta go--meeting in a few--be back later!



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Good Morning All,

I am really upset with what is going on this morning in the world of radio and censorship. Howard Stern has been taken off in a bunch of markets. Not mine yet thank goodness. I swear it's begining to be like a gustapo in this country. What ever happened to "free speach"?? I guess it's okay as long as no one hears you! If you don't like what you hear and see on the television and radio......shut it off!!

Okay, off my soapbox for now but what a mess.

Let's talk about our meeting!

I am going to vote for French Licks BUT I am willing to go either way as well. SO, let's get busy and decide where we want to go. Should we put a time frame on this too? Let say by the end of next week, March 5th? OMG, MARCH 5th?????????? Cannot believe March is next week.

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Maddie, we posted at the same time! I heard that you can't get a seat at the Passion! It's a phenomena of mammoth proportions.
You have to cast a vote on the place we can't pick it for you girl!!!
I want two massages!!

DeeMarie, I forgot to congratulate you on your loss! WTG girl.

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Hi Guys: Count me in on meeting in 2005. That will be so exciting. Doesn't matter to me, I certainly won't be driving!!!!
Thanks for the HUGS - I seem to need them just now.

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OMG--you're right! I just called our local station that carries Howard, and the lady said that the offical statement from Clear Channel was that HS was off the air until some matters could be resolved. I am soooooo angry at this point I could scream--this is starting to smack of socialism.

And it's hard for me to pick, b/c I can argue either side (true Libra, here)! FL would save me mucho $$$, but Foxwoods sounds like a great place, particulary since I've never been to CT.

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FREE SPEECH!!!!!! What happened to it? When he gets over the top, I shut him off! Why can't people just change the channel? I don't like Madonna, so when I see her or hear her, I change the channel! That's why we have vanilla and chocolate ice cream. LONG LIVE HOWARD STERN!!!!!!!!! LOL

Ahhhhh, now I feel better.

Joanne, I'm so glad you decided to come and join us in 2005! YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run...I've had a "disagreement" with my boss this morning over the e:mail, and I've got to go explain to her, face-to-face, why I am right! LOL

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie - I forwarded the e-mail to the new address you sent me, let me know if you received it.

I am hoping to hear from KY Susie and Jen on where they are voting for and then I will make my decision - if not I will vote by March 5th. Going to do a little research myself.

Joanne - glad you are joining us - can't wait.

NH Suzanne - I am outraged too! When my kids were small and he would be on the radio - I thought he was a disgusting pig, so I changed the channel - never considered trying to get him off the air LOL. Then when I started commuting in 40 minutes of heavy traffic - he helped me keep my sanity and made me laugh all the way to work. Did all the broohaha over Janet Jackson cause this?

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Quick check here from Chicago....Cost can be a factor for me since I will have just dropped a wad of $$$ for back to school stuff for my DS and DD. My DS will be setting up his first apt and I know that I will be spending an arm and leg helping...BUT having said that ....I am just one of nine and I can always pass until the NEXT YEARS get together...because I think that this could possibly become an annual thing.

I am swamped at my job and I am getting ready to go off to San Fran for 4 days for a convention...SO is going with me and my Mom is coming up from Atlanta to take care of DD. I leave on Sunday and will be back late Wednesday night. I need to relax..I am way stressed...


PS Hello to everyone..I just don't have the time to write more

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I do think the Janet Jackson thing put this all into the forefront.....argh. And then there's that congresswoman crying about her 4th grade son being traumatized to such a horrific event at superbowl half the cheerleaders in thier push up bras were okay! This country is getting way too up tight.


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The beginning of government-run lives. The following is JMO and I am willing to take flame for it, but please refrain from name-calling, cause I'm rubber and you're glue; everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

First, the government is all freaked out about gay marriages and wants to change the constitution to protect us from these "people making dangerous changes to the institution of male/female partnership". Give me a break.

Second, the government s beginning to back giving rights to unborn fetuses, further paving the way to full reverse gear in the area of women's rights and control of their own bodies. Puh-leeeze. Are we going to have another bra burning session?

Then, along comes the government's control over real-time radio and TV broadcasting. "Delay and censor! This is the way to control what people hear. They may not have the sense to turn the dial or the brains to know what they should be listening to.", they say. That'll work. Ham operators will be back in BIG business in no time!

This kind of change is NOT good. It's fine if parents want to control what their kids see and listen to, but it is not fine for my government to continually take away human rights and freedoms at such an alarming rate! But we voted them in; let's hope we can vote them O-U-T!

On the food front, I am going to try and behave myself today. I had a one-day slippage that I regret. I think I'm going to order some fat to carry in my purse!!!!!! This new product is SO funny!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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BJ - Pet Fat that is hysterical!!! Just what I need to lug around another 5lbs of fat LOL. You are a riot!!! NH Suzanne, better worry, she is my birthday girl LOL.
You are right on with your commentary! I agree wholeheartedly and could never have said it better.

Gret - I hope it all works out for you, so that you can come next year. Enjoy San Francisco - I love that city.

Amy - DH just called to tell me that a package arrived from you. I should've told him to hide it until next week LOL. I promise I won't peek.

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Good Afternoon all.
I apologize as I have been a bit busy to get online lately.
No real progress to report on as I haven't had time to even get on the scale LOL!!!

Being new I have to ask what is this get together all about?
Please pardon my ignorance 8-)

Am I just out of the loop??
Do we all check in every day??

Here in Philly we are about to have a nice run of weather so I told the kids I take to school that we will be walking to school next week!!
HUGE challenge since one of the kids is always running a bit late so I spoke to the parent and let them know of the plan.
We should get there on time as long as we all leave 15 minutes earlier.
Wish me luck!!

I hope everyone has a wonderul pre-spring weekend!!!


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BJ, don't forget CB radio too!! You are so right with your comments.
I am so angry. Government is out of control. I love my country but fear my government!!

Anyway, I have been so upset that I have been eating reeses pb cups all morning! Some Einstein brought them to the office and I stuffed my face.

Raeanne, I think I deserve a Pet Fat!!! after today. Oink, oink.

On a happier note, Susie, we (this group) is planning a meeting in 2005. Most of us have never met and we are all sure it's going to be lots of fun. There is no rule about checking in. Most of try to check in each day.

3,000 from my goal and on day to's almost funny.

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BJ - did you see that Jay at Pet Fat does seminars - maybe we can arrange for him to meet up with us next year LOL.

Susie - just check in whenever you have a chance to. I love that you are walking the kids to school!

NH Suzanne - sorry you aren't closer to your goal - but don't stress too much over it and PUT DOWN THAT PB CUP lol.

I am on day 2 of healthy eating. Friends are coming this weekend, so it will be another challenge.

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Have you guys seen the "sugar free" Reese's? What the h*ll is THAT all about? LOL I'm gonna eat the real stuff when I want to stuff this face!!!!

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Just something to keep us focused on our weight loss efforts!

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Read before you fly!

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Bravo, Bj, you've hit the mark!! I've read on that the CEO of Clear Channel spoke before a Senate panel today re: cleaning up the media in accordance with the newly established FCC laws of decency. Strange--when he was making all of that money from the HS show, you never heard a peep from him. But get him in front of a bunch of Senators, and all of a sudden he gets on the moral high ground.

And I agree with everything else you've written.

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Besh - That is too funny. I don't even like to get on my own scale, let alone one in a public place! LOL

News alert!!! - There is a new picture in the album! DeeMarie and Raeanne finally met!

(((Joanne))) - I hope you get to the bottom of your health problems and get back in the swing (golf swing) of things soon.

Gretchen - I was getting ready to send out a search party for you. Good thing you checked in! LOL

Patti - I got your sweet thank you card. Loved the picture on the front. My brother just called and wanted a resume from my DS for a job in St. Petersburg. How far are you from there? Did you have your doctor's appointment yet?

I have to get some things done so I can settle in and watch Survivor. So far it has not been as exciting as I thought it would be, but I am still hooked.


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Besh, that's funny. I choke every year when flying to Nantucket because they ask your weight.............right out there where EVERYONE can hear and I have been known to minimize my weight!@! LOL then I get up in the air of this six seater thing and pray that my lie dosent cost us the flight! Too funny They probably add 100 lbs to each passenger for safe keeping!

Marci, I am going right to the album! Thank you for posting it. How is Curves going for you? I am in the second week and I feel okay about it. I have been doing 3x per week and I hope I see some results.............sigh

Maddie, this whole FCC/Congress thing MUST have something to do with the election year! This whole mess is unbelievable. Thank God that the station I get HS on is not part of Clear Channel................I can't even imagine what's next. I can't imagine a world without free speech! Why is everyone so uptight?

Gretchen, I hope that by the time 2005 rolls around you will be able to join us.

We need to make decisions womens!!!

Love, NH Suzanne

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Marci~You are SO sweet. Thanks for asking. I went today to the dr. She was upset b/c the radiologist that read the sonogram of my liver generalized it & just said that it was abnormal & enlarged. So, now I have to go to a gastroenterologist on March 11. St. Petersburg is about 2 hours away. That is where Dave had his hearing for the VA. It would be kewl if your DS lived there & we could meet.

Susie Q~Just jump in here anytime you want. And, I don't know if anyone has told you this or not but if you ask a question & it doesn't get answered right away--don't shy away from asking it again. It doesn't get ignored on purpose.

I have two questions. Would someone mind sending me a tape of your meeting? And, I cannot remember if it was Gretchen or Marci that got the new Picoult book but would you mind circulating it to me after you are both through with it?

That being said, I can hardly wait to go & see the pics. I might have to have someone post the site again but I think it is in my favorites.

John~Do you remember the year that you posted a list of books to read that weren't Oprah's books? Do you still have that site?

Gretchen~I hope that you have a wonderful time. Please be safe. I'm so glad that SO is getting to go with you.

Hi to all that I've missed~Patti :)

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PS. I found the site & loved looking at the picture of DeeMarie & Raeanne as well as looking again at everyone on here. It is so nice to know what you look like! Patti :)

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Hi everyone,

Raeanne - re the package, it's just a small one. I thought I'd draw it out over a few months. More fun, anyway. I know nothing's expected, but I have some things I want to make and couldn't get them finished by the 3rd. I hope you enjoy it, and I'm glad it got there!

My self confidence is low again. I guess you've figured out by now that I have that recurring problem. My recent relationship still has me unbalanced, even though my new perfect man comforts me always. I decided to write that book people have been telling me to write for years. It's a big ambition, but what the heck... I might as well give it a go.

I wonder how I can just purge all those feelings of being not good enough from my insides. There must be some way. One advantage of what I've gone through these last two months (not that it was bad, just turbulent) is that I'm 100% recommitted to eating right. Sorry I haven't been around much, but at least I check in.

Things are going OK mostly. We're supposed to have a storm over the weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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Patti: It was me that received the new Picoult book. Marci asked for it too so you two decide who gets it next. I am hoping to finish it while we are traveling. I love to read and when I am so busy, it really helps me end my day and relax. long day started with getting up at 5:00 to take my DD to softball skill work...and it ended with me sitting here typing to all of you...THE GOOD NEWS is is that my DD has been asked to try out with the upper classmen for softball. She is just a Freshman but her talent is shining through....keep your fingers crossed...she really wants to make varsity as a Freshman. It has been one of her goals this year.

Well I am off to sleep...

see you all tomorrow.


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Good Morning All,

Great picture Dee and Raeanne! So glad that you all got to connect.

Patti, sorry that you still don't have any real answers on your health. It's always something and to have to travel 2 hours to the Dr. is crazy@ I thought only I had to do that LOL

We have only had a few votes and only two suggestions on meeting places. Is that it? Both are great possiblities but are there more?

I am listening to Stearn right now but I wonder for how long! It's crazy. Seems there are some that want to blame the ills and evils in the world today on him! It's silly.

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Whew, thats a relief!!
I thought I was being a bad support friend!! LOL!!!

I have 2 pals at work who just started SB!! I am so glad I am not the only one who is looking to loose weight!!

It gets so hard when co workers bring in snacks!!

About a get together...I would be up to it depending of course, if my DS is ok to leave for awhile.

We finally decided to go with the beach house instead of a hotel room. Couldn't convince my mom so we went ahead and got her a room of her own.
Even though our house sleeps 10!!!

She says she wants her privicy. Ok, whatever??

I am sure we'll all have a good time!!

My niece got a house nearby and my DD's best friend is staying the same week as well!!

NOW, all I have to do is drop some weight LOL!!!
Talk about incentive!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Have we narrowed down our choices to Foxwoods or French Lick? If not I am throwing in The Fife and Drum Inn in Williamsburg VA. They do not have a spa, but there has to be a day spa nearby. I haven't researched how easy it is to get too, but I will. I thought the rates were pretty reasonable and it sounds like it is walking distance to a lot. It only has 9 rooms - but they may offer a package deal - there was a link for "The Girls" but it wouldn't open, so maybe in the future there may be a package for US. Just for your FYI, I am posting a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fife and Drum Inn

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I am not trying to change anything, but Williamsburg popped into my head and thought I would just check it out. I am not trying to change anyone's mind, just putting it out there.

I found The Marriott's Manor Club in Williamsburg and you can rent villa's there. A one bedroom in mid June for a Friday to Sunday stay (2 nights) is $225.25 - it sleeps 4 people, but I am sure that means 1 or 2 beds plus a pull out sofa. They also have a 2 bedroom villa for a max of 6 people for $319 per night (probably be good for 3 to 4 of us, depending on the beds). It is very close to a spa, historic Williamsburg, winery, golf course. It is on 2500 acres and looks beautiful.

I just thought since we have time, to explore other options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marriott's Manor Club

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Hummmmmm, another great idea!! I will check out and reconsider my vote! Thanks Raeanne.

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I've been to the Marriott Manor Club! Very nice, but kind of isolated as I recall. We would definitely need to rent cars.

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Hi all,

I vote French Lick! I have been there before and it was pretty neet.

I have had a really bad week. Erica was in the ER Saturday nite, the doctor just informed us it was the croup and sent us home. Monday, I went to my doc and took Tara with me, I had pink eye and Tara had pink eye & an ear infection. Erica was no better Tuesday, we took her to her doctor and found out she has strep throat and probably has had it since Saturday. Why the ER doctor didn't do a strep test is beyond me. He said her throat was red and irritated. Anyway, to end it all I had strep throat in the end too. Thank goodness we are all on the mend. Let me tell you, my MIL scared us to death Saturday nite with Erica. I am so thankful she is ok.

I didn't get to catch up with KY Susie while we were in Owensboro. Maybe next time.

Hope everyone is ok.

Have a great weekend.


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Hi all!

((((Jen and girls)))) Gosh--when it rains, it pours, huh? I hope you all get to feeling better! :):) I called KYSusie to see if we could get together tonight, but she never called back, so :(:( I was looking forward to seeing her again!

NHSuzanne--yeah--either blame him or Janet. Sigh...

$&!^$%*@ phone--be back


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Maddie, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the whole thing is incredible. I know who to blame!!! It's election year isn't it?????

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Popping in to say hi!

Will read today's thread and post more tomorrow!

I had a brilliant day of eating on track...but now I'm headed out to dinner and a movie with DH. Hope I can keep the strength and will power!

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Good Morning All,

Checking in to say hello and ask

QOD: What kind of vaccumn cleaner do you use and why? I have been using an Electrolux for ever and my current one, about 20 yrs old now is getting tired. I went to the Electrolux site and the new ones look like they are from outer space comared to the old dinasour I have. I know there are all kinds on the market and I am wondering what everyone else uses. I want a top quality cleaner.

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NH Suzanne..

I have a Sharp and it is awesome! I have had it for at least 7 years and it still works great.

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QOD - I'm not going to be of much help. I have a Hayden Central Vac and contrary to what people told me, I love it. It isn't that heavy and the hose doesn't beat up my woodwork and the suction is great, attachments easy to put on and off, and stores compactly, hanging in the closet. I also was an electrolux user and loved them. I would probably stick to it, since it was good to your for 20 years - you can't say that about too many things.

BJ - let us know what you saw at the movies!

It is absolutely gorgeous out today, I see a lot of moms, pushing baby strollers today and the town is lively, but I am STUCK at work.

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NH Suzanne - maybe this will help you, found it on THS Appliance forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Vac

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Gretchen~Thanks. It isn't a question at all. Please send it to Marci first. I still have some catching up to do! :) Congrats to DD.

NH Suzanne~I may have said this before but FL drs. on a whole, do not believe in CFIDS or Fibromyalgia although they are recognized in the Armed Services, SS, WHO, CDC, the USPS, etc. So, that is why I travel so far. It is fun to go look for dolphins though so I enjoy that part & we really have the best therapist & psychiatrist there too. If we had the money, we would move over there in a heart beat, I think.

Susie~Have a great time.

Amy~WTG on writing the book. Perhaps we will both be authors one day.

Jen~Sorry about the illnesses you & the girls have had. [[[[ H U G S ]]]]

BJ~What movie did you go see? I cannot resist the popcorn. Doh!

Raeanne~Virginia seems like a closer goal to me but I still don't know what will happen between now & then.

Maddie~Always on the go. You take some time to rest, all right?

Hi to all that I've missed. I hope that everyone is out having a good weekend. Everytime I take a nap, I get a headache. Kind of like when you go to the dr. & say, "Dr. it hurts when I do this." And, he says, "So, don't do that." I just cannot keep my eyes open. LOL So, I'm off to take something for it. Patti :)

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Good Morning all where ever you are! It's Sunday morning and we are having the most beautiful sunrise!

I had a glorious ride yesterday in 44 degree temps! It was warm and sunny. We rode the snowmobile trails through the woods. It is the first time this winter that it's been warm enough and not too icy! I had such a good time I can't express it enough. The woods are so beautiful in the winter and everything was in a grand mood there. The Chicadees and other little birds were chirping and singing to us. The squirels were active everywhere. The best part is that we didn't run into a snowmobile!

It's going to be even nicer today but I have to go to my carriage club's annual meeting. We have our election of officers, ( I have been nominated as VP this year!), and our annual auction which is the only fund raiser we have for the whole year. It will be fun even though I would rather be outside with my horse!

Raeanne, thanks for the link on the vacs. It had a link to a site which rated all types of vacs. I am leaning strongly towards the Miele which got rav reviews from lots of people there.

I hope everyone has a great day and takes time to check in here.

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Good SUNDAY morning!

only checking in....we went to a Mardi Gras party last night and had a blast! I stay withing points, but had to use almost every "flex" That's it for the week, but it was so over the top; these people spent thousands on this party. Yeeee hawww


[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Jen & the girls]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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Hi Everyone,

Just checking in quickly. I have a baby shower brunch to head off to.

Suzanne, I have a Kirby and hate it. I really think the only reason we have it is because DH fell in love with the "Kirbygirl" that came to demonstrate it and insisted we buy it. It is great if you have wall to wall carpet, but I have mostly hardwood floors so you have to change attachments, etc. and it is heavy! If I were ever to purchase another I may go with and Oreck because it is so lightweight. Good luck.

(((HUGS))) to all.

Love, Besh

PS - I may be going to see Rod Stewart tonight!!!!

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Besh & NH Suzanne~They were showing a place near Boston on tv this a.m. & it looked & sounded SO cold! Brrrrrr.

Suzanne~I'm glad that you were able to have a nice ride.

Besh~I was glad that you had checked in. Have fun at the concert if you go.

DeeMarie~They are still having Mardi Gras parties around here too. I think that the last one may have been last night & that they are now looking at having "Oscar" parties. LOL

Just wanted to mention that there something on the MS river called "Beau Rivage" that has a spa & casino, etc. I saw the ad on tv & it sounded like it was reasonable. I haven't looked for it yet. I plan to spend the day finishing out Dave's corrections on his transcript. Tomorrow, we go to Tampa so that he can get something cut off of his ear & then they will biopsy it to see if it is cancer. Patti :)

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Here's the direct link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Spa....ahhhhhh

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Well, I didn't make it to the movie last night. My 5 y.o. daughter got the flu! So, I'm sitting at home, nursing her back to life.

...with too much time on my hands, so I found a weird website for ya! This cracks me up for some reason. Look at these grocery lists!


Here is a link that might be useful: Top 10 grocery lists.....

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I forgot----click on "Top 10" in the upper header of the website. Then read. They're funny!

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