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marci_paFebruary 16, 2004
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Good Morning:

I had a great weekend. We went away with friends to a cabin on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. It is where "On Golden Pond" was filmed. It was not a BADA BING weekend, but we had a great time just being away.

Not much else new. I'm on vacation this week. :-) My plan is also to declutter and release. I am great at packing things in a box and not getting rid of them. This week they are out of here!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Good morning all!

Well---I did have a BADA BING Valentine's Day--we went to Memphis for a tradeshow, and we painted the town red! He was disappointed b/c he wanted us to stay at the Peabody, but all that was left were the waaay expensive suites--we did wander around the lobby though, and went and inhaled ribs, and did Beale Street. I got 2 beautiful pins, and I'm taking him to Nashville next weekend to play and see his fav comedian. :):)

The show was very interesting--if this is any indication, the more vivid pastels (make sense?) should be it for spring, and I saw a ton of funky, retro plastic bracelets and rings with rhinestones embedded in them--a really fun look. Big, fake pearls should be there too, and the designers are tying a piece of grosgain ribbon the the clasp, and making it into a bow, and it's worn on the side of the neck so that the ribbons hang down. A pretty look, w/o being teen-y. We picked up samples of the most popping rhinestone encrusted singlasses--these things just scream!! We got them in pink, a bright orange-red, blue, neon green--just a riot!!! :):) We also picked up some Versace knockoff bracelets that are gorgeous, too--the colors are just great--flattering on all skin tones--

Gotta go--be back in a bit--



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Oh Maddie, I would just LOVE to see the Versace knockoffs. Let me know when you put them up for sale!

Work is just as hectic as it's been since early January. I just got out of a 2-hour meeting and received an e:mail for another huge project while I was gone! My only saving grace is that tonight is my stretching/toning/yoga hour here. I'm soooooo looking forward to it!

Gotta run again...........putting up signs around the various buildings for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, which the corporation is sponsoring locally, and I'm captaining it! Love this type of project that takes me away from the "day job". Gets me going, as I love giving back!

[[[[[[[Ditto on the hugs]]]]]]]]]]]

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Good Morning All,

Maddie, good to hear from you and glad you had a nice weekend. You deserve one for sure. Bada Bing Baby!!

Same for you Dee, BJ, Besh and Raeanne. Sounds like you all had nice weekends.

I had a busy one. I took my nephew for his first riding lesson. He did very well. He listened and was responsive which is encouraging. I secretly would love him to develop a passion for this. He's my favorite nephew and I enjoy his company.

Sunday, DH and I went to a camper/rv show in the hopes of getting some nifty ideas for our horse trailer for camping. It was so disappointing. It was like walking through a trailer park. I can't believe how cheesy they make those things. At least the mfgs that we saw were cheesy. It was a good thought too bad it didn't pan out. It did give us tons of ideas on what NOT to do! LOL

It's so cold here this morning. -15 while mucking this morning at 5am! BRrrrrrr Hopefully this snap will be over by Wed.

GOOD NEWS here. I joined Curves this morning and had my first workout. It's an interesting place and I can see why people get results. My heart rate was definitely up there for the entire 30 mins and I can imagine it will be much better now that I am used to the machines. It's a totally non-threatning place for women to go which is nice too. And only 30 minutes is a very doable thing for me right now. No impact so I can use my foot okay too. I MUSt get my butt in shape before summer!

How is everyone? Probably alot of you have the day off. It's not a widely celebrated holiday here in NH but DH has it off and is home :-(
wish it were me too.

Check in if you are around.

NH Suzanne

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NH Suzanne - I'm at work too :-(. Glad your nephews lesson went well. I was always told that DD#1 was a natural at riding and she is crazy in love with all horses. I may go to Manchester tomorrow with DD#2.

DeeMarie - they picked the right person to be captain!

Maddie - sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - GOOD FOR YOU - you not only needed it, you deserved it.

Gret - I don't believe that you are invited to a wedding too. We will be arriving there on the 23rd for the rehearsal dinner, sat will be the wedding and we will be going home on Sunday. No times are set yet - as soon as I know, so will you. DD#1 fell in love with San Diego and that is all we have heard about since then. Her lease in NYC is up in September - so she can't even consider going anywhere until then. I'm putting it out of my mind for now.

Besh - I love my life clutter free, unfortunately that isn't too often. Where does it all come from??? Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend too.

Maddie - Sounds like some exciting jewelry! I am going to NYC this week and I can't wait to browse around Canal Street and check out the knockoffs LOL.

A lot of good energy around here today - YIPEEE.

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Hi Guys! Well, I lost 2 pounds last night. I've had the flu since about 10pm. I had a flu shot this year (as always), but I guess they didn't get it right.

Right now, I have to drive and pick my teens up about an hour away. They attended a slumber party---arg---not looking forward to THAT drive!

So cool to hear that most had a good Valentine's weekend. Lots of traveling souls here.

And speaking of clutter busting, it's a constant issue for me! Six people bringing 'stuff' into a house! Yow-sa! I have to sneak things OUT!

Keep the energy level positive and stay well!

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Okay, it's not Valentines Day or Presidents day anymore!! Everyone needs to check in. Epsecially you MIA's. Let us know you are okay.
And don't forget you have until Friday to express your interest in a SS Support Group meeting. Then we start making the WHERE choices!!

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I'm here, Suzanne! Excited that my eating is still good, I'm not hungry, and I think I may have lost another pound or weigh-in is tomorrow.

Well, looks like New Jersey is getting some snow tonight into tomorrow. Not happy about that, but I think my area and where I work may be spared the deep stuff. Only 1-3 inches, so I should be able to get into work sometime during the day. It is still so @*(&$(#)#'ing COLD, tho! LOL

DSD #2 came over last night to hunt in the attic for her childhood books. She's got a report to write on some author, and she and her mom believe they left the books at our home. When they moved, DH and I asked them to take everything, but they wanted all their childhood memories (read: JUNK!) to stay with us.....translation: DH's ex refused to cart it away with her. We have old cribs that can never be used again because of code, cheerleading trophies, brownies' uniforms, etc. I don't mind a carton or two, but we totally lost our attic space to our central air conditioning ductwork, and the ONLY stuff there was what the kids and the ex left! Now, I'm supposed to help find those books? No way! I told her to take her dad up the stairs, and they came down empty-handed. I explained that we agreed to keep the boxes; not to inventory them. I suspect they were never there to begin with as I have no business up in my own attic...I can fit my big hiney up there! LOL OK, enough of the vent....

Hope everyone has a good, healthy day!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I'm here. Much better today! I hope no one has to experience that kind of flu bug---ack!

Maddie, your trip sounded like so much fun. You must have been like a kid in a candy store at the trade show!

NHSuzanne~ Congrats on joining CURVES! That place is really a hot ticket here---everyone I know has a membership! Sounds like a great way to get some fitness in! Regarding the RV show, how cheesy were the RVS? I've seen some really nice ones around here. But the manufacturers do use a lot of lightweight materials; plastics, fiberglass, simulated wood, etc to lighten the total vehicle load and increase gas mileage. I don't know if that's what you were talking about tho'!--lol. I love going to those kinds of shows just to look at the new products and see what kinds of space-saving ideas they've come up with. You may want to hit a boat show too, as they ususally have a lot of really fine products and sometimes the boat products are built with better material and you can just as well use them for camping. The space saving techniques they use on boats are awesome , IMO, and I sometimes wish they'd build houses like boats---smaller spaces and dual uses for everything!

DeeMarie~ Arg! I have enough stuff (read:JUNK-lol!) of my own, how do you manage to store everyone else's? Although I haven't used my attic for storage yet; my garage is fully shelved and used heavily. Ask her to try to find her old books! I always think if I get rid of something and then need it later, I could probably find it on, ebay, or one of those auction sights! If it ends up being over my budget, it's not the end of the world; I don't need it THAT bad! You have a soft heart; I will limit my kids' storage to ONE box! I can tell you're thrilled with WW--are you still combining it with SSing? That worked well for me, but some days I'd get a little hungry in the evening.

Raeanne: Are you in Manchester today??????

It's a rainy day here. I think I'm going to haul out a craft box for the kids to stay occupied with and I'm going to try and pick this place up. One day off for me and it looks like a bomb zone!!!!!!!

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Hello again,

DeeMarie, I hope you feel better after your vent! Sigh.......the trials and tribulations of step family!

BJ, the trailers were CHEESY. I too, have seen some very high end models. They didn't make it to this show! I was looking for neat space saving ideas and didn't find any that I didn't already know about.

Someone brought a big bag in of Resses PB cups and I have had about 7 of them, they are bigger than usual!!!! I feel like such a pig right now. Fortunately, I am leaving at 11:30 to go to the dentist and possibly a root canal. I am sure I will be punished for this in the dentists chair! I will have to work extra hard tomorrow at Curves.


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Hi all!

BJ--glad you're feeling better--there must be something going around; several folks I know have had it.


D@mn! always something-gotta go


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Good Morning,

BJ, we had that a couple weeks ago. It's heck! Glad you are over it. I hope your kiddies don't get it. That's even worse. Right now, we are suffering with double ear infections (Tara) and a bad cold that will probably go into a ear infection (Erica)! Bring on SPRING!!!

NH Suzanne, I have heard great things on Curves. I wish we had one in our town. The closest is 30 miles and thats impossible with kids.

Maddie, Your weekend sounds great. I hope the next one coming up is just as good.

KY Susie, if you are reading, I think (????) I am going to be in Owensboro this weekend. E-mail me and maybe we can get together.

Better run.


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Maddie: What's up with your site? When I type in the address, a buncha code comes up, but no jewels! Waaaahhhhhhhhh! My teens wanna shop! ---we'll wait---lol.

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Working now! Thanks!

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Amy~Ditto for me!

Patti :(

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Hey! There's always phones, video cameras, and picture phones to communicate with those who can't be there. :)

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Uh Oh!! Who's birthday is it anyway? Happy Birthday to you!!

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Alrighty---ahem, snort, gasp, cough, cough......



I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie!!! (((((hugs)))))


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Happy Brithday DeeMarie!!!

I hope that it is a wonderful day filled with love and joy!


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Thank you one and all!

MARCI! What a wonderful gift package, filled with love and lovely gifts which were wrapped so festively. I felt like a princess this morning, sitting up in bed surrounded by colorful boxes (I left the box on the floor next to me last night so I could open it as soon as I got up. LOL!)

My first package contained a Michel Delacroix calendar! Wherever did you find it? Anyway, I am famous among my friends for taking apart great calendars at year-end to make collages or frame my favorite "months"! This December will be loads of fun because I'm going to frame most or all of these pictures!

The second package contained milk and dark-chocolate covered caramels from a local candy store. DH eyed the milk ones, and I LOVE dark chocolate. They are actually on the WW plan, if I "point" them, so I will be having one tonight when we get home from dinner! ;-)

Another box contained a soft blue/green set of "Nature's Light soy Candles and Body Basics". The fragrance is wonderful! I'm going to use the candle for one of my relaxing baths, and the Body Basics are coming with me in March on my Costa Cruise!

Yet another box contained the most beautiful Wendell August, hand-hammered metal tray with a raised flower basket. This will be displayed in our living room curio, along with DH and my favorites! I hope to have a picture of it to post on our SS album board.

Of course, there was also the flower bulb, which DH helped me plant last week, a funny card with handwritten sentiments (I love those, Marci!), and great Barnes & Noble Prints & Posters Gallery cards!!

Outstanding....such a surprise.....and greatly appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Happy Birthday DeeMarie!!! Sorry, I feel out of place for not knowing but now that I do.............HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Marci gave me a Wendell August key chain for a gift. It has a horse on it of course!!! Marci gives wonderful packages! So thoughtful and so nicely wrapped, etc. You lucky lady.

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DeeMarie - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you lots of love and happiness today and always. We are so fortunate to have you as part of our "family". Luv ya!

Marci - WTG, sounded more like Christmas than a birthday LOL. This is so much fun, I have to thank you for all the time you give to make sure everyone's birthday is extra special.

Maddie - WTG to you too, the Christmas exchange is always so much fun and something to look forward to each year.

BJ - I did go to Manchester yesterday and did a little damage at the outlets LOL. Got myself a nice black leather skirt, hits just below the knee. Glad you're feeling better!

P.S. DeeMarie - I'm taking the train into and out of the city, so I won't be passing by you. But DH needs to get down there soon, so next time we drive - I will have to make time for a detour to meet up with you.

Just had to pop in and wish DeeMarie the best. I will try to check in later. Very busy trying to get ahead at work, since I am taking Friday and Saturday off to go to NYC. I'm excited because my sister and her 3 daughters are going to meet up with us too.

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I guess DeeMarie's name under Marci's gif isn't showing up on your computer. I couldn't help but think of you yesterday as we revisited all the stores I went to with you. We also passed so many horses - I absolutely love that drive.

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Raeanne, I was thinking of you shopping in Manchester too!! I need to get up there and do some damage with you soon. Maybe May? How would that be for you? It is a beautiful drive from my side too.
Let' s try to make a plan.

Thanks for telling me about the gif! I thought everyone knew but me.
I can't see Dee's name on my screen LOL

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Hello! We took our kids to the Pittsburgh Symphony this morning and I get the afernoon off!! I thought I'd check in and see how the birthday party for DeeMarie was going! LOL

Dee - I am so glad you liked everything. I smiled at the thought of you sitting in bed surrounded by presents!! What a great way to start off the day. I was hoping you wouldn't be mad at me for the chocolates, but I had wanted to include somthing chocolate to go along with the card (Maxine of course!). I picked Anderson's because it is local and unique to our area. I started out looking for a Michel Delacroix print for you and couldn't find one in my price range. Then I remembered that I'd seen designers take apart calendars for the art work and I went on a search for the calendar. I found it at It makes me so happy to hear that you want to frame the pictures!!
The Wendell August plant is in Grove City, which is an hour from here and I took a tour of their facilities once. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship and attention to detail, and I love to give their items as gifts.
One of my preschool Mom's started a business making and selling the soy candles and body basics. So I asked her to make me up a sample bag for you. I love the body cream! I hope the rest of your day everything you hoped for.

NHSuzanne - I popped in this morning before I went to school and I saw your post asking whose birthday it was, but I thought you were kidding. LOL I used a Banner site that uses odd fonts to create her name gif and I saved the banner as a graphic. I know if your computer doesn't recognize a certain font, it won't show up but I thought I had it covered with the gif. I wonder if anyone else can't see Dee's name? And thank you for the compliment about my packages. I am going to Curves at 3 today. How is it going for you?

Raeanne - Have a great time in NYC. I have only been there once and someday I would love to go back. (My real dream is to get nominated for What Not To Wear and go there with a $5,000 credit card in my name!!) LOL

Gretchen - I would love to read your Jodi Picoult book when you are done. And I will send Harvesting the Heart your way when I am done with it. I love that we can help each other out this way!

Has anyone emailed Joanne or KYSusie about the SS get together? We haven't heard from either of them lately and I wonder if KYSusie is reading the threads and how Joanne is feeling.

Gotta grab some lunch before I head to Curves. I love these short days!

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I loved the way you wrote about your morning. We coulda been in bed with you! It was so fun reading about your box of treats! And wowsa! What a bonanza! Marci, you done good! The ultimate in thoughtfulness! So nice!

DeeMarie, you have been using your tag line, "Never, Never Give Up!" for a long time now, and I want you to know that every time I read it, it still hits home with me. I may be having a day that's on the top of the world or a real downer, but either way, each day, I'm doing something that I don't wanna give up on! So, thank you for the constant words of inspiration. I am so glad you are part of our group. I know the other will agree when I say we have loved living your romance, marriage, trials and joys with your stepfamily and in-laws, and your triumphs and struggles along the way. But I especially enjoy the personal emails I have received from you and the private way in which you conduct personal business. ;) You are a truer-than-true professional and a wonderful friend to cherish. Your sense of humor, although not near as sick as Raeanne's or Maddie's (thank heavens!), is always fun to experience! I hope you have a great birthday and you are treated like a queen! Oh, and one more thing---- Just how many points IS one of those fancy schmancy chocolates anyway???????!

:) Love you, BJ (((((((SMOOCHIES 2 U!))))))))

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Thanks for all your well-wishes. I'm having a really good day and can't wait to kick back after the ACS Relay for Life Meeting at one of my favorite restaurants with DH and the girls! I've got about 18 points left for the day.

BJ, the WW points for one lucious, sweet juicy piece of that "fancy schmancy chocolate" is TWO!! Not bad, eh? Of course, I could have about 2 cups of fresh fruit for 2 points, but hey, ya gotta live!!!

As for your "assumption" (and it's a BIG assumption), that my humor is not as sick as Raeanne or Maddie.....well, I got a big bridge to sell ya, real cheap!

Angelically yours,

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DeeMarie~ How much should I write the check for? lol.....

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DeeMarie - speaking of sick sense of humor, everytime I watch Absolutely Fabulous, I think of you and Maddie - have you ever seen it? Another good one is suppose to the The Office on the BBC channel.

BJ - I was going to say that I think DeeMarie is right up there in the warped sicko sense of humor category LOL. We seem to like all the same things LOL.

NH Suzanne - May looks good right now. Hopefully it will continue to look good and we can get together again.

Gotta go, smells like dinner is burning YIKES.

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NHSuzanne~ I thought you were kidding also, guessing who's bday it was! You had us all fooled!

Raeanne: Leather skirt, eh? Snazzy! You go, girl!!!!!

Marci! You don't want to get nominated for "What not to wear"!!!!!!! Gad! They follow you around with a camera for WEEKS before they pounce on you! Ever since my family (yes, teens ***AND*** DH) told me they were going to nominate me, I have looked over my shoulder for some sneaky camera person. I gotta start dressing better---good clothes open doors??????? Hello? Something's just wrong I'm caving though---maybe when I meet up with Maddie, it'll be for shopping instead of eating burgoo, pork chops, and country ham. Maddie? But Maddie IS probably going to be the covergirl of the Colonel's picnic brochure this year.....

Well, I better pick up my house! I'm baby sitting a 7 y.o. and 2 y.o. tomorrow while mommy has her prenatal checkup for the TWINS she's expecting! Better her than me!

Nighty night!

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