Garrell Home - Nantahala & office OR music room

littlewhitNovember 9, 2008

After a very lengthy search of house plans, my husband and I have finally chosen "the one". I am wondering if anyone has built or is in the process of building the garrellassociates home plan called Nantahala. I have found many pictures of the plan, but they are all from the same home. I would be interested to see how other homes may be represented as well.

Also, I want to change the function of the "formal dining room" to be more functional for our family. We have 4 boys 9 & younger. I have 2 full file cabinets & work on the computer quite a bit. I would love an organized space for myself, my husband & for the boys to work on homework w/in proximity to me/kitchen. On the other side of the coin, I am convinced my boys will continue w/ music lessons & would love a "library/music" area. I am debating whether to keep it open as it is in the plan & use it for a music room / small den / library OR...close it off, add a door from the kitchen and use it as office / homework station.

Any expert advice would be most appreciated.

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Is this the house?

Here is a link that might be useful: Nantahala

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The main floor, from MA's link:

I like the home very much, though the outside is decorated to death.

To me, it doesn't look like a good plan for very young children. There aren't enough bedrooms, and no place for the kids to watch TV and get rowdy without driving mom & dad crazy. The 'mud room' is too small for a family of 6, and the path to the garage looks like it would be a nightmare on a busy morning with everyone trying to work his way through the maze.

BUT if you like it and have given serious though to how it will work for you and yours, forgive my misgivings: like I said, I think its very nice in most respects.

As to your actual question, I'd use the dining for a study, and the study for a music room. I'd make the doors from the foyer into the study and dining into pocket doors [the actual openings will have to be smaller, but you won't be loosing so much floor space to door swing]. I'd want the foyer to dining doors closeable-- you really don't want people coming to your front door to have a view of room that's just naturally a clutter magnet. I'd close the dining from the lodge room with pockets, too. It would be open enough to keep an eye on the kids when you need to, but you'd still have the option of blocking it off.

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I think that there are enough bedrooms and "too small" is very individual. My mom grew up in a 1200 sq ft house, family of six with a grandma that lived with them part time and she said it was quite roomy.
You might make the keeping room into a kids room/music room and then the study can be your office. Or use the dining room as a office or music room, the breakfast room has plenty of room.
The bedrooms are a bit far from the master if your kids get up a lot in the middle of the night, but not all kids do.

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There are about 35 variations of this plan, you can call the designer directly and they will do a plan search according to your specifications. Also, they do offer customization on all of their house plans, before or after purchase. There will be new photos of the Nantahala posted in the Featured House Plans sections later this week of the Nantahala from Inman SC (Parade of Homes Show House). Take care!

Here is a link that might be useful: Featured House Plans

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We are getting ready to build this home as well, and LOVE it! We have two young girls and are going to add a bathroom off one of the bedrooms so each kid has their own bathroom. We are also finishing the guest suite upstairs for additional square footage. I am thinking about using the loft space upstairs for a desk area. I don't know if that will help you or not, but thought I'd mention it! What state are you building in? We are building in VA? Have you had it priced out yet? We are in the process now...

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I have tried to post 2 times so far....

My husband and I are building this house with changes to the plan as well. For the people earlier who were building, can you email or post up photos of the inside and outside of your finished product? I just want to see what it REALLY looks like!! :)

Do you still like the house??

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My wife and I are thinking of building this design in SC...has anyone priced the construction costs....ours is a hillside lot so the builder says it will be more expensive....I have been in the Inman, SC house and it is great. Mike

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Hello everyone, My wife and I are going to build this house in WA state. Any recommendations on what you would change after living in it and pics would be greatly appreciated.

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My husband and I are planning to build this house in Louisiana. I'd love to see pictures of anyone's progress or finished work.

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Does anyone know if the Nantahala from Inman SC Parade of Homes Show House is still open? We are visiting the upstate area next week. I'd love to tour it if possible. Or at least do a drive by. Could someone provide directions?

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I was curious if anyone who has built this home would be willing to share how much they paid per sq ft, what they did without, what they couldn't do with out, and where the home was built. I am interested in building in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI and e-mailed the plan to a builder who immediately emailed me back $250 a sq ft.

Thoughts, comments...

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We're looking very seriously at this particular plan. We're planning to build on 7.6 wooded acres in Indiana. My question to anyone is - have you had any difficulty finding a builder for this plan?

We're just beginning to look at getting our land into the development phase, we haven't yet purchased the plans or looked at any modifications.

We've had houses built before, but always in a developed subdivision. This is the 1st time starting from "scratch" and I am concerned about finding THE builder!

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hello to all - I am in the middle of building this house in the blue ridge mountains of north carolina - in the framing stage - i am my own general contractor and would love to pass along any information i have. i have also seen this house completed in linville ridge nc and banner elk nc. ask any questions and i will pass along any tips i have, libby

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Dh and myself are planning to purchase 13.27 acres in western colorado to build a version of this house on. Any pictures and information good or bad would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear how your building process is going. Thanks Nanette

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Would love to see pictures/read blogs from anyone that built this plan! We are hoping to build the Harmony Mountain Cottage which is very similar.


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we are considering the home and would like to see it or pictures of it. Do you have a link for either? Either location of home being built or already built. Does anyone have the link to the pic from the Inman parade of homes?>Thanks

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My wife and I are also in the planning stages of building a version on this home and would love to see pictures if anyone is willing to share. I would also appreciate any suggestions you may have on the plan. This will be our first time building.


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We are building this home in Charleston, SC. I have compiled a list of all the similar homes built:,--K-006_Sunset_SC_29685_1113081379?source=web
We have ordered the plans, have a builder and are waiting to close on the 3 acres to build on. I would like to see anyone else's pictures if you are willing to share. We are blogging our process. Thanks,

Here is a link that might be useful: Our building blog

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My husband and I are interested in building the Nantahala any suggestions or pictures you could share would be awesome.We have two teen boys, and have been looking for a piece of land for over a year.

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I'm at the final stages of building (I was the GC) the Nantahala floor plan and would be willing to share my experiences and build pics if interested. I had Garrell modify the floor plan somewhat and it ended up being about 3600 sqft can't even remember what the original was.

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It would be beneficial if you would share your photos and first hand experiences with the Nantahala house plan. We broke ground with the plan in late October and could likely benefit from your perspectives. Following a reality check, we are building the plan with only slight modifications.

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I'm new to this forum and can't figure out how to post pics but I'll figure it it. I take it you are not acting as the GC on your home build?

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Correct. Our custom home builder had not built a house in three years. Now he has three. One is our Nantahala and one is a Tranquility. He was surprised to see the Garrell name and stunned it was the same general plan. We are at another CRITICAL build phase - ceiling rafters. Looking forward to viewing your photos and hearing your advice.

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We combined features from both the Nantahala and Tranquility plans and then I modified it a little more. Upstairs I made the guest room and bathroom bigger and added a 20'x20' movie room. Downstairs I pushed the lodge room wall out 52", bedroom #1 & #2 back wall out 18" and the keeping room back wall out 18". Since Garrell does not include framing plans things got a little interesting when in came to tieing all the roof lines together. Garrell does spec out 2x8 rafters which I changed to 2x6's this reduced cost but it did lessen the effect of the "swooped" rafter tails. I had the snow load recalculated for 2x6's and they proved to be more than sufficient. I could write a book on my experiences so instead of boring you with lots of details I'll just let you decide what you would like hear about. I'm still working on how to upload pictures?

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....guess i would like to read that book ...

not asking to go into everything - but as the poster above asked - the ceiling rafters are quite a bit different than a "normal" home--- anything in general you could share?

we are building one that is a version of the Amicaola (spelling?) / which is nothing more than a version of the Nantahala and Tranquility. We stumbled across a house that we really liked and the homeowners had it drawn up--- only later did we find out that it was a version of Garrells.

our big difference is that we are putting the bedrooms on one side instead of a split design..

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Would be grateful if you could post more pictures of your build. Building this plan has been eye and wallet opening! TIA.

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We should all start a support group for Garrell house plan owner/builders. Lol They're beautiful, but complicated and expensive! We're going to be our own GC and are in the planning & budgeting stages (working on take off estimates, getting bids from subs, writing specs, etc.). We've had some sticker shock on the wood truss/posts/beams, but those really make the plan so we'll just have to see if there is somewhere else we can save some money (like leaving the basement unfinished to start). Always has to be some give and take. This is our third house we've literally built on our own together w/o killing each other...yet. ;)

We've purchased the Amicalola Cottage house plan from G&A and are waiting on to get the modifications back from them so we can really get rolling. We've been lucky enough to find and tour some similar G&A house plans, which has really helped us get a little better feel for the actual spaces.

We'd welcome any suggestions on ways to save money when building this house plan (still keeping the integrity) &/or a heads up for anything we should specifically watch out for on this house plan. We're all ears (or eyes in the this case)! :)


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We are building the Nantahala Cottage #08131. This is our first home building experience. I am the GC. I had too many contacts of trusted people to pay someone else to build. After reading all the above posts, I totally agree with most. This house (or any variation) is a tough task to take on. We are currently dried in, spray foam and drywall next week. Rock and stucco next week also. We love this house and can't wait to get in. However, there are some roadblocks that I hope to help you avoid.
1) The master garden tub...plans call for a 6' tub. plans read from outside wall to outside wall of 6'9". do the math, it doesn't work. PLEASE check your plans before. I caught it early and simply took out the window beside the shower and made plenty of room. Garrell responded with " oops, we didn't realize that"
2) The guest room upstairs...if you change your roof pitch at all, or even if you don't, make sure to check the bathtub wall pitch. If you stood in the bath your head would hit the wall. We just moved the entire bathroom into the attic. We also widened the room to 18'. It will be more like a true guest suite.
3) Make sure your vehichle will fit in the small garage. My wife's Escalade (land yacht) wouldn't come close. We scrapped the cedar posts and extended garage to 25' (flush with third car garage hole)

Some changes we made tailored to our needs...
Third car garage was converted to a bedroom (like on some other plans ie...nantahala, tranquility, harmony)

Keeping room was converted to a REAL mudroom complete with bathroom and fridge. We have ranch, three boys, cattle and horses.

Refridgerator was moved from in-between lodge room and kitchen. We wanted that space open. We recessed the fridge in the "new" mud room wall. It is going to work great.

the Lodge Room gabel outside overhung 5'. We extended to 16' and tied in to covered porch roof. Looks awesome.

Bid on exposed trusses was $65,000!!! We are putting in hollowed out real cedar trusses for $3,000. Can't tell the difference.

We rounded out the master shower wall for a doorless walk in shower.

To be real honest, this house is truly a pain in arse to build. However, it will be a wonderful piece of art when done. They say building a house will test your marriage. BELIEVE THEM!!! This house will do it faster and more than any other. I finally came to a and woman don't think different, they think on two totally different planets!!!

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Would love to see pictures of everyones build. Great stories and details.

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My husband and I are looking to build this house in about a year or so, I bet your home is awesome....
My dad was a home builder years ago I showed him the pic today , well he justed smiled and said ...600,000-800,000
To build ... What you think is he right ???? I love your Idea on the hollow out truss... great saving
Thanks for your info...Chris and Chantel Webre...

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Will depend upon the cost of labor in your area. Will also vary depending upon the Nantahala plan selected, hip OR gable roofline. The foundation and the framing costs for this plan are very high! And, so are the eyebrow windows and truss package.

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Leadoff3, I am forgoing the shake shingles...too much work! Would love to see your exterior choices

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From April Arkansas Pictures

Nantahala Cottage (hip roof)
Location: NW Arkansas
Front elevation - 90% complete
Exterior colors in photos not representative of actual product colors. From April Arkansas Pictures

Front elevation - Master bath window
To replace shutter straps w/18 inch
straps. From March Visit

Radius screened porch - ceiling will have 3 box beams. Radius open deck easy; radius screens NOT so much. From March Visit

Scissor trusses (3) in foyer - Note: view of exterior porch truss through large foyer transom From March Visit

3 King trusses Lodge room - doug fir trimmed out on both exterior (room) walls From March Visit

Foyer/DR beams - downsized from GA plan From March Visit

Ceiling in Breakfast nook

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We are building this home in the mountains of Virginia. My husband and I fell in love with this home. Little did we know how much it would cost to build. We bought the Garrell Nantahala plans and had our local architect "tweak" it. We were shocked that the cost was over a million dollars. After squaring off some of the rounded areas and adjusting the roof line, the cost is still going to be well over $900,000. We thought about using Eldorado stone, but chose a natural stone veneer instead, from Charles Luck Stone Mastercut. We chose not to finish the basement (good thing, since the cost would have really skyrocketed), but we did rough it in. We moved the fireplace on the deck to the wall opposite the keeping room and moved the keeping room fireplace to share the chimney with the outdoor fireplace. We also screened in that area of the deck. I will post pictures when we get further along. They are framing out now and pouring the garage floor this week and bringing in the trusses before starting the roof. We are excited!

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Wow! Purchased the plans for the Nantahala Cottage 07330 and was really surprised at the lack of help from Garrell & Associates. 5 builder quotes let me know that this was a house to waste some money on. The cost/sq ft in April 2012 for high end homes like this in our area was building roughly for $120-150/sq ft ( is an example) The average bid to build this 2611 sq ft home is $222/sq ft. Did I mention that I own the lot already? This was just the building, materials and GM costs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nantahala Cottage Gable

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bobtat - did the builders tell you what was bringing up the cost of the house so much?

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7 roof lines
Framing for 7 roof lines
Timber trusses
Eyebrow windows

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Thanks, I was just curious! :)

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Can anyone give me information on what they did for the beams that are called for by an engineer? I am hoping to sandwich 2x10's together so I do not have to call in an engineer.

Also, are the beams in the lodge room strictly decorative? We are wanting to put off putting them up till a future date.

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My husband and I just purchased 80 acres in Brevard, NC. After hours and hours of searching we have decided on the Amicacola cottage house plan. We are hoping to be breaking ground in March however we have our current home to sell. I would love any photos or suggestions anyone has on the plan. My email is

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Gamtnroadie, my husband is a structural engineer and designed our beams for our specific modified G&A house plan. I asked him about your 2x10 idea and he said there was no way to know w/o seeing the house plans and he spans. He is not as generous as I am with his time or knowledge....but I tried for ya. ;)

We also sent the final house plans to the lumber company so they could do their take off for the material. Their design guy also sized the beams using his computer software to confirmed everything before ordering. They did that for free since we were buying the material from them so I'd start with a lumber co. to see if they can help you more there.

Also, the truss in the Lodge Room don't have to be structural. We framed the roof as usual and then we'll put up the Truss after the drywall is in.

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If anyone has built this home in the states of Louisiana,Mississippi,Arkansas,we would love to be able to view a finished product and can drive to your location. We live in Mississippi now but will be moving to Colorado mountains and this is the plan we have chosen.

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We were about ready to begin building the Nantahala, but things came to a screaching hault when the lumber yard looked at the plans and said it would cost us around $1million to build (our contractor was the one who spoke with them). We are having a hard time understanding where that figure came from because we had obtained bids from 3 builders before we ever sold our previous home. The bids ranged from $125/sq ft to $140/sq ft. My husband is a dirt contractor and is doing the septic and plumbing. At this point, I am in tears because I had my heart set on this plan, and we were hoping to break ground within a week! Do you mind sharing what it is costing you per sq ft? Our plan number is 07330 it is 2611 sq ft, and we are doing the 334 sq ft bonus room. Too, if anyone has any advice or wisdom to share, I am open.

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I'd say get a second opinion? Might also help the folks here to know your location.

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Gamtnroadie and/or billygoatjoe:
Are you finished building? Are you located in TN and Arkansas? Would love to drive up and see your homes- would either of you consider that?
Live in Mississipi so could get to either location easily.

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After originally planning on the Amicalola house plan we have since decided on the Nantahala Cottage with the gable roof plan # 07330� The simpler gable roof will make the cost of the roof much less and really doesn�t hurt the appearance much when you look at side by side pictures. We have spoken to one GE who quoted us $165 a sqft if we were able to do a lot to help?!? Yeah that�s not going to happen. So we will for SURE be our own GE. Also he said it used to taken them 3 months to do the original Amicalola roof and they had gotten it down ti 1.5 months. So I�m excited to find out about the gable roof as I think that�s where a lot of the difficult comes from with these plans. And I would still love to speak to anyone who has / is building these plans and would love pics. My email is

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@Leadoff3... PRAYING you see this! You said you extended the overhang in the back to tie in to the patio? I would LOVE to see a picture! We're building the Nantahala and we're doing the full covered porch in the back and would like to see how yours came out. Currently framing, NEED HELP! Please see this, please see this, please see this!!! LOL

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Anybody else tie in the overhang to the patio?!

This post was edited by Mauricio214 on Thu, May 9, 13 at 5:32

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Dwise84: We are building this house soon (finalizing financing) and would love to do a walk through of a real house. Would you be interested in letting my wife and I see your house? Feel free to e-mail me at



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Dwise84: We are building this house soon (finalizing financing) and would love to do a walk through of a real house. Would you be interested in letting my wife and I see your house? Feel free to e-mail me at



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Hey folks, my wife and I are several years out but dreaming of putting a Nantahala Cottage on our property near Boone, NC. I saw a posting in this thread that there is one in Banner Elk. Anybody willing to let us have a look at their hard work?

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we considered this plan for a very long time...
but, the "great room-living room" seemed
small for entertaining we now have two
grown daughters, one son-in-law and 2 grand
children and we would not all fit comfortably in
any one room
other than that, this plan looks wonderful
I feel if you actually close off the dining room
the living area will seem small
love love the hearth room deck and porch
and room arrangement

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We are located near Brevard, NC. Have our plan dried in. Shingles are going on the 1st of sept. Hoping to be in by Christmas

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My husband and I are in the final stages of "tweaking" the Amicalola. We are very excited to begin but after reading all the issues with costs of things..... I'm scared! We are in middle Tennessee and would love to walk thru a finished home and talk about ways to cut costs. Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi Michele, just had to say hello to clearly we had the same idea when we chose our usernames. :)

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Hello Michelle1973, I'm guessing that is your birth year, Lol! Are you building or have you already built?

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Hi All,

My husband and I are building the Harmony Mountain Cottage, smallest version of the Natahala/Tranquility line. We are located in Atlanta, GA and would love to see/walk through an actual home model. Is anyone within 2/3 hours drive that wouldn't mind us looking at? All of your suggestions have been so helpful!!!

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Kim Rogerson

Depending on the cost we are planning to build the Tranquility plan in central Texas, but we can't build a basement to raise the height of the home due to hard soil. Has anyone added a second floor covered patio to the second story of the Tranquilty floor plan or one of the other versions that is similar to it that Garrell offers?

Our lot we plan to purchase has a panoramic lake view, but we need to be up higher to see it. We are not planning to build any of rooms on the second floor, but we would like to have an interior staircase leads up through the unfinished second story that gives us access to door that opens onto a 2 story covered deck. If that isn't possible then we would need an exterior staircase with an easy walk up on the exterior side wall of the master/master bath. Our ideal location for our covered deck would be over the Master and Master bath, and we are hoping the roof line can be altered to allow a gable over the covered patio.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated, as I email Garrell 2 days ago, but I've heard back from them.

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Kim Rogerson

Actually the plan that I just asked the question about is the Nantahala plan not the Tranquility.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2015 at 7:52PM
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