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SSShayneNovember 18, 2012

I remodeled my kitchen last november and replaced my appliances with Kitchen Aid appliance. Stove, Fridge and dishwasher. I remember reading nothing but negative comments about this brand. I just wanted to add that I after using them for a year, I love them and have had no problems whatsoever. I have the double oven stove, the 24" build in dishwasher, and the friench door fridge with freezer bottom. Not many will post saying positive - you usually only read negative reviews.

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So glad to hear about your positive experience! Can I ask you if your oven is loud and if it blows hot air out into the kitchen? These are the two issues I'm struggling with.

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I post often about how much I love my KA fridge and warming drawer when threads ask for KA info. KA doesn't seem to have the best rep for ranges. Like every brand, KA has its strengths and weaknesses. I'm considering one of their DW when I finally get fed up with my crappy Kenmore. Glad you're happy with our appliances!

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Not everyone is so fortunate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance problems.

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I am very happy with my KA French door fridge. I have had it since February. I noticed a considerable drop in my power bill after replacing the 28 year old frigidaire and the KA is way bigger with an ice maker the old one never had

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We've had good luck too. Our KA SxS fridge never had a problem except when I ran over the back water dispenser line which then needed replacement. The KA DW is on it's tenth+ years (as is the frig) and cleans well although I bet the db is near 54 or so.

Funny how these appliances are. I like Kitchen Aid.

As Murphy66 asked, how loud is the KA range fan and how does the venting affect you? TIA.

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I have two KA dishwashers and KA fridge freezer drawers and I am pleased as punch with them!

My KA dishwashers are fully integrated into inset panel cabinetry and look fabulous . . . many have asked if you can do this with a panel ready KA and you certainly can!

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Athensmomof3 may I ask what model dishwasher that you have that is integrated?

Breezy what model are you considering. I am also just about at the end of my rope with my kenmore elite....I paid an arm & a leg and it is just at the 5 year mark.

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Rikerk--no clue. I haven't studied them or looked at them IRL in years. I see model numbers thrown around here often, but don't know how they compare to each other. I know I had decided, based on reading here for two years, that the top brands to consider are KA, Bosch, and Miele. Bosch is now out of consideration completely because of their blantant misuse of Julias Childs' image. That leaves KA and Miele. I'm not sure I want to shell out the mega bucks for Miele, but will certainly look for a floor model or a deal on an old model when the new ones come out. Failing that, I will choose some model of KA.

What about you? Have you thought about models?

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Breezy I hadn't planned to replace the dishwasher yet but it will not be long before I really have to. I haven't even started to look at dishwashers yet. That was why I was hoping you had! Our dryer has been on the fritz & I have spent all my time researching washers & dryers.

SSShayne what model DW do you have?

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Just wondering what dishwasher you purchased. I saw the KUDE 60SXSS on sale over the week-end and am contemplating buying it. It is a discontinued model, but supposed to be KA's top model--or so the salesman said.

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I have this KA Dishwasher: Model #: KUDC10FXSS

This is the model # from the LOWES site where we purchased.
Its so darn quiet - the first few times I ran it I had to get up and make sure it was even on! It cleans great. Looks great too.

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I'll add my opinion of my KitchenAid stainless dual fuel double oven (KDRS505XSS). I've been cooking on it for 9 months and LOVE IT! I love having the small oven on top, it preheats quickly and heats evenly.

The bottom oven has the convection option. It has a fan that runs. I do not hear the fan unless I have the oven open. It's that quiet.

Someone asked about heat venting. I have not noticed any heat venting off the ovens, so I would call this a non-issue also.

I definitely would recommend it to others.

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I've had a KitchenAid KERA205PSS freestanding range for 6 years (now superceded by the KERS202BSS apparently). It has radiant heat cooking elements (Ceran), which have been remarkably good - I never knew that electric could be as controllable as gas, and a convection oven.
The only downside has been that I managed to spill drippings between the oven door glass panels and some of the markings on the cooktop have scotched. On the other hand, I've never tried really hard to clean them off.
No service calls and lots of nice meals!

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Excellent. We are building a house and have KitchenAid for ALL of our appliances, I had read a few bad reviews, but also glad to see ya'll having pleasant experiences!

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There were KA appliances in our house when we bought it 20 years ago - fridge (1989 model - still going strong, now in basement), D/W (1973 model - still working well when replaced in recent remodel), and double ovens (1980's or so model - still working well when replaced in recent remodel). Couldn't complain, so in our 2012 remodel we went all KA, including a built-in microwave. Six months later - no problems, and we like how all of them perform. Hard to beat, IMO, for mid-priced appliances.

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Exception - We went with a GE induction cook top instead of KA. Don't remember exactly why, but the GE is great.

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I have been looking for a double oven and microwave, what I have found is that all brands have negative comments. Is it that negative comments get posted or that the quality has suffered over the years?? Have found that KA has a repeated issue with using the cleaning cycle and their microwave with the door latch.

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Self cleaning cycle's high heat are notorious for tripping up many manufacturer's ovens. Not all buyers suffer, but it seems a fairly common problem. Dacor (no affiliation) has a reset button which, as I understand it, can be reached from the back of their oven. Not all are as lucky and the oven needs to be pulled to reset.

Back to KA, I played with one of their heftier models counter-depth french door 36" refrigerators yesterday (french doors, bottom freezer but don't know the model number). I went from manufacturer to manufacturer in the showroom testing french door refrigerators. Just like my older current SxS KA, the french doors closed well (good hinge, heavy door, nice vacuum). I was very pleased to see this.

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