Please critique plans

DougdevOctober 5, 2012

Nothing is set in stone yet, so please offer any suggestions...good or bad...things you would change, etc

Info about plan:

Lot size is 100 wide by 130 deep. Total house size is around 4500 square feet.

The huge general purpose room on the upper level will be used for a gym.

Thing I am most concerned with: location and size of laundry room. is it too close to bedroom for noise and how is the size? It is possible to move it to an area in the gym if that would be way better, but then what to do with the space where it was? Thoughts on that?

And I would like the bathroom and kitchen set up in terms of where things go to be changed a bit but not sure how yet.

And if you like the elevations.

here are the links to the pictures:

Main floor:

Upper level:

Lower level:


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You will get more responses if the pics are viewable in the thread.

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First floor looks real good. If you have kids perhaps a playroom aka future study for them.

Second floor.
1. Laundry room is fine, I have it in the same place in our plans near the master
2. What is the multi purpose room for? Have you considered it for the master and that way you can add an extra bedroom. Especially considering you have a finished basement.

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I like a lot about the design-- the mudroom is great! I like the kitchen/great room a lot too. I think you like cleaning bathrooms more than I do, or you've got more help with it!

A small change I might make: reverse the stairs, so that the stairs leading down to the basement are closest to the front door (those are the stairs guests are most likely to use, right?) and rearrange the closet & bathroom of the front bedroom so that the laundry could be further from your bedroom. I say that because I'm sitting here in a room next to our laundry room listening to the spin cycle of our front loader.

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