Vanity material

KelliCNovember 16, 2013

What kind of material does this look like? It's VERY heavy. The sink and counter are all one piece. I just replaced these with new and wanted to sell them, but I'm not sure what to sell them for or what material to tell people they are.


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Sophie Wheeler

Cultured marble. Ask $50 and be willing to take $25.

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Ha, I have the exact same thing! Was your home built in the early 1990s? I was figuring it'd be dumpster time for that thing but maybe there's someone out there who wants it..?

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Mine was built in 2004. I was asking $40 for the 49" and $30 for the 36". 2 people interested passed because it's not new. You know, because people normally have brand new vanities with faucets already installed sitting in their garage.

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