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madtown_2006_gwNovember 5, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm new to this board but I've been on various other GW forums over the years. We are in the very, very early stages of planning a master bath remodel and I was hoping for some feedback on the proposed new layout. I'd like to start shopping around and pricing out different fixtures, etc so I need to have an idea of how big things will be. Also just looking for feedback on the function/design of the layout and any considerations.

The bath is about 5.5' by 8' and has a long vanity, neo-angle shower, and toilet. I would really, really like to have a larger shower. The current one is just so small for daily use. We can't enlarge it in the current layout because there would not be enough room for the toilet (16" on center). So I thought perhaps we could move the toilet across the room, expand the shower a bit, and add a linen tower to account for the lost cabinet space. I am prepared to lose the counter space!

It would be nice not to have to move the plumbing and electrical too much. In this scenario we would have to move the toilet and probably adjust the shower drain, but the sink plumbing would stay the same. Likewise, the electrical could stay the way it is.

One thing I am unsure of is how work the linen cabinet next to the shower. I'll have to have a wall between the two, correct? Or I guess I could just do a glass enclosure and then the cabinet could have a freestanding look, instead of a built-in cabinet look?

What do you think of this arrangement? Are there other options that I am overlooking?

Sorry for the poor drawing! I am going to have a engineer friend draw it up nicely for me, but I couldn't wait to start posting!

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What's the window like? Any chance it could work in a shower? My first instinct was to put the shower in that corner, because it seems easier to move than the toilet. In addition, you need to think about whether the toilet will be awkward in front of the window.

If you do go to the trouble of expanding the shower, I'd recommend going to 36x48 and having a narrower linen tower. We just built one in that size and it doesn't seem overly large - though it will be great compared to what you have now.

Another thought: if you find out it would be difficult or really expensive to move the shower or the toilet to the other side of the room, I wonder if it would be simpler to put a smaller vanity under the window, and scoot the door closer to the corner? Leave the toilet as is, and stretch the shower out toward the door.

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kmcg - the window is just a normal wood casement window. It would definitely have to be replaced in order to work in a shower. I do like the idea of switching the shower instead of the toilet. I wonder what the cost difference is? I think I could fit a 48" shower, depending on how the shower/linen tower separation needs to be. I would have 19 inches left. If I didn't have to do a wall, then I could still have an 18 in wide linen cabinet, which would be great.

Here are some pictures, in case they help anyone visualize! :-)

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