Filmy coating on porcelain tile after cleaning

sunnytopJanuary 13, 2010

I have new ceramic tile floors in my sunroom. They have a smooth satiny finish to them. I had been cleaning them with soap and water and then I went with just plain hot water. Even using just plain water leaves a streaky apearance where I can see what looks like cloudy film and cloudy streaks when the light hits the floor just right. It's like each scrub pass leaves a hard water or just cloudy, dull marks. The floor does not shine anymore like it did when it was new. I used a Pledge product made for tile floors and it does leave it shiny new, but it seems like a waxy stuff that I wonder if it will build up after time like wax. Is there an art to cleaning porcelain tile floors?

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You might want to check with the company that installed them and ask what they recommend.

I use a steam cleaner on my ceramic tile.

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I would guess the Pledge product is a big part of your problem.

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Was your grout sealed? Perhaps you have having bits of grout leaving a film on your floor.
And just for kicks, try spraying with a glass cleaner and wiping with a dry cloth....

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I have ceramic tile in my kitchen - it is a black/grey tile and any dullness or filminess shows up immediately. I also have ceramic tile in the adjoining laundry room. I have used many commercial products & all made the black/grey kitchen floor look terribly dull. I finally found a good mixture/combination that works every time. Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 2 tablespoons of Borax (laundry whitener) with 1 gallon of water (adjust the amounts depending on the amount of water used). Wash the floor with a chamois mop - not a sponge mop. Rinse the mop under running water in the sink - not in the ammonia/Borax/water mix. This next step is important - while the floor is still wet/damp wipe dry with a chamois cloth. I stand on the chamois cloth and walk - or "scooch" across the floor to dry it. My floors always turn out absolutely gorgeous & shiny. Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions. No my grout is not loose. It is some expensive top of the line type with teflon in it that never needs resealing. I hadn't thought of the temperature of the water making a difference so I tried boiling water tonight and it did not leave streaks. I was amazed. Same water and rag, just different water temperature. I'm going to try some of the other suggestions too.

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We have porcelain tile on a lanai -- the installer said to clean it only with vinegar and water -- anything else leaves a residue that actually attracts dirt.

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I clean porcelain tile with 50/50 alcohol and water. Works great, drys fast, and no streaks. Put mixture in a spray bottle, spray floor, mop with damp mop.

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I thought my new steam mop was making the floors cloudy, but the guy at the flooring center says it is from minerals or something in the water. He recommended adding either vinegar or non-sudsing ammonia to the water in the steam mop. I guess you have to experiment to get the right amount.

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