Happy Halloween from 'Trouble'

PurplemoonNovember 1, 2011

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Oh now, isn't that just the CUTEST!
I think she probably needs a name-change when ya post a pic like this! LOL!

And your silhoutte bay window looks so darn GREAT as her backdrop! Wonderful pic, PM! TFS! Jeanne S.

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She just has to be the main attraction, now doesn't she? LOL

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He has been sitting in the bay window watching the birds in the backyard during the afternoon, and not one Halloween decoration was knocked over, or even moved. WOW. I'm impressed! Maybe he's decided to give up Un-decorating finally. Or I'm boring him and he's just waiting....

I just noticed how the witch looks like she's doing some magic with the gazing ball out in my back yard. Cute.

hugs, Karen

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Darling picture of Jazz and your witch for sure. Couldn't recreate that if you wanted to I bet. Jazz wants to be a good kitty but it's hard for him with the nickname "Trouble".haha

I just took down most of my Halloween and I'm so glad to have that behind me. I say this because I forgot the top of one of my china cabs.


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Good for you, Punk. Even tho you forgot one spot. LOL. I had an absolute "vegetable" day and could do nothing, so all my Halloween is still up. Darn. I sure hope I can tackle packing it tomorrow, tho its not much this year it still seems a lot of work in my state of mind (and body).
And time to pull out the turkey decorations as well.

I don't think Jazz particularly wants to be a 'good kitty',
LOL. Look at his eyes...the wheels are always turning trying to think of something to do!

hugs, Karen

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You caught that shot just at the right time, very cute. I worry about what might happen if he decided to lay down however.

Love that crow in the cage and your witch too. Hope you feel better tomorrow.


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Luvs, he was laying down, facing the window so he could watch for birds in the backyard. He's been laying up there
each afternoon for the past week in fact. I can't believe how careful he is! But cats are like that most of the time.

Another useless day, so another day Halloween is still up. Tho I did grab the few things off the front porch and sit them in the garage at least.

hugs, Karen

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