What do you think of this layout

gingerjennyFebruary 26, 2012

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With a layout like this you have to think about how furniture is going to be arranged in the great room.

Also make sure that the MBR has space enough between the windows so that the size bed you want does not crowd the windows or their casings or window treatments. The MBR door also has no wall to fully rest against in the open position.

Same with the pantry door. It should probably swing in against the wall inside the pantry.

If you switched the toilet and the shower in the MBa you might get a bigger shower and avoid having the shower on all exterior wall--as well as being able to avoid taking a corner off the closet for access.

The entry into the bedrooms to the left seems kind of awkward. It is nice to have a vestibule between the bedrooms and the living space but the necessary jog with the current layout would make me rethink that entire complex of closets and bath in that part of the plan. The cut off angle of the den is also rather pointless.

I would also get rid of the angled wall/door out to the patio and put the door on one of the straight walls. There are a number of 45-degree angles in the plan but none of them relate to each other in any particular way.

Split bedroom plans have a lot going for them, but this one has some awkward aspects to it related to the above comments, imo.

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Thank you for the feedback. This layout was one recommended to me after requesting a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath ranch with a mudroom.

a lot of them had stairs going down to the basement in the laundry room. So this seemed to be one of the best. I thought about making the other bathroom not be a jack and jill.

The door going into the master does not have a wall. thank you for pointing that out as i didn't notice it.

I am guessing that the point of the angle was to eventually turn it into a den with a french door when it was no longer needed as a bedroom..i am guessing since it is framed for a door at that angle later?

why wound the pantry door swing in? I am not sure i understand that.

anyone have a great room this size? the furniture layout in a room like this is throwing me too.

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There are a lot of angles and awkward corners, in this plan. Do you have a very limited choice of plans (maybe the builder only offers a few options?) or can you look at other plans?

I would definitely try to find something else, if possible. The kitchen seems tight (the pantry opens into your main walkway) and you can only enter through the hall or dining room. When you say 'mudroom' do you just want a bit of storage in the laundry, or a separate space?

Have you checked other sites, like eplans, Donald Gardner (architect) etc?

Here's a link to a Donald Gardner plan. You can enter your own search parameters (same on eplans) but this is an example, without the angles and awkward doorways. You could add a bench (or take out the closet) in the laundry...even expand a few feet, into the garage. The stairs to the bonus room could be stairs, down to the basement. The dining room is extra space that could be left open, closed off on the entry wall...even add french doors to the hall side and make it an office, craft room, kids' playroom, etc. Garage could be front or side entry. Hope this helps :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Donald Gardner plan...just an example

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Overall this layout is similar to the one we are currently building. We were just discussing great room layout this weekend. We will have our TV on the wall that backs up to bedroom #2 (fyi we used Roxul insulation in this wall for sound proofing). We are planning on an extra long couch facing the tv, floating in the center of the room, with chairs on either side. You of course could do several couches also. I am including a link to my builder's website. The plan we are building is one of his popular ones and on his website you can view photos of some recent houses with the open concept great room layouts to see if that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sample open layouts and photos

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I would switch the bathroom between 2 and three with the closets. Putting the bathrrom in the middle of that space would make it larger too!

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Re: the pantry door: it has a wall to rest against inside the pantry so it won't really interfere with shelving if it opens in...if it opens out it will always have to be kept 100% closed.

Re: the angled wall/future doorway into the den. That door could just as easily be on one of the straight walls and function just as well. I really don't think that angle and the angle for the patio door near the breakfast nook make much design sense.

If the second bathroom is not Jack and Jill it will still have to service the den/bedroom or that bedroom will have no direct access to a bathroom without going through someone else's bedroom. You could make it a bath that is accessed from the hall and rework the closets. That may make a lot of sense because right now that part of the plan is a bit jumbled.

I would do some pretty serious playing with furniture layouts in that great room because a room without walls can be very difficult to lay out furniture in. You will have to have floor outlets to service lamps and such, (if floor outlets are allowable by your local code.) And in order to know where to place floor outlets you have to know where you are putting the furniture. Unlike a wall outlet that is inconveniently placed and can either go unused or have an extension cord running from it, a floor outlet stuck under the leg of a sofa or in the middle of a traffic aisle is good for nothing.

These are all things that I would consider while still looking at Plans, rather than trying to problem solve in the middle of a build.

Some architects have a strong sense of interior design and some don't . If the house is designed from the outside in, the inside may not be all that functional in some areas.

I don't design houses from the ground up, but I have worked on a few complete shells where anything could be done within the walls and one of my starting points was the function of the room and furniture layout. I would design the raw spaces around where I wanted the furniture to go. That way you don't end up with a bedroom that has no good place for a bed, which I've seen, more than once.

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