anyone ever seen a compact like this?

ltlkoalaNovember 13, 2010

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Unknown maker c 1953 goldtone loose powder compact, Telephone dial lid with black enameled case, embossed goldtone circles with painted numbers and letters, case glued mirror, also came in green enamel. Value $175.00 - $575.00 depending on condition and color. Nice find
careful how you clean it.

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This place never ceases to amaze me.

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Thanks! Is vinegar too harsh, or should I clean with plain ol' soap & water? Used to belong to mom.

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Start with soap and water and be gentle with the finish. I'd stay away from vinegar and hold that in reserve as a last resort, or maybe never. Vinegar is 4% acetic acid and has the potential to etch or mar finishes depending on the material. One principle use for vinegar is its ability to disolve lime deposits (calcium carbonate) left by hard warter.

Rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning metals, stones, and glazed ceramics, but may soften lacquers and damage adhesives.

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