YogaLady1948December 20, 2012

I did not think a lot about becoming a vegetarian, I started by cutting down on eating meat a few years back. I first started by trying to eat clean with out so many chemicals, or spices, more fresh food and organics. I did most of this because I was having digestive problems. My DD#2 started dating a guy about 3 years ago that had been a vegetarian for 8 years so she became one~~she had dabbled in it here and there in high school, so we had ideas of what to make.

I have been doing yoga for about 5 years now, there are alot of vegetarians in the yoga world~~so it seemed an easy decision for me to go that way. DD and her BF have helped me along the way.

Going vegan seems way to hard for me, DD does vegan deserts and avoids most all dairy, but can not give up her cheese. She eats it sparingly, but can not give it up.

It is just a matter of being more mindfull of what you eat and where you go to eat~~~I am lucky my DH is easy going about me having to read a menu before we go in a restaurant or even walking out if they have nothing for me;)

I have for the last 4 months given up sugar~~YIKES! Sugar is my drug, that was hard for me. I eat a few things like bread or crackers that have sugar in it but watch the grams and eat very little. I am working on giving up my potato chips and addiction to salty foods now;)

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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with me and whoever else may be interested. I couldn't be a vegan either. Not even sure I could become vegetarian--about the first time I saw someone eat a BLT, I'd fall off the wagon :-) Do you eat seafood? I guess some people do and some also eat chicken, or so I've heard.

Harry isn't supposed to eat anything processed because of his heart/artery problems and that's hard enough. No more opening a can of soup for me :-( Neither of us eat much meat--we usually share 1 pork chop, chicken breast, etc. They are so big these days!

Thanks again---gives me something to think about.

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