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secsteveDecember 23, 2012

That I lost a former co-worker that I had stayed in touch with for many years ago.

His wife dropped me a line on Facebook asking me if I was so and so. My stomach dropped immediately as I feared the worst. He'd been battling cancer for over a year and when I goggled his name I found the obituary. He died in June.

I found the phone number and called her. She said she searched for me after receiving my card. She felt bad that I hadn't been notified before now. I told her that at time like that, it's hard to remember who to notify and to not apologize. We then went on to talk for a good fifteen to twenty minutes remembering Robbie. I told her how he went to my defense when I was accused of being sloppy in my proofreading by a Navy Commander we were working for. Robbie told my boss the problem was the Commander was taking the work right out of the printer before I even had a chance to check it. We then talked about how he loved doing the Christmas Cards and how much she hated it.

She asked me to please stay in touch and I assured her I would. The sad part is he was only 50 and leaves her and two kids (one college sophomore, one a high school senior)behind.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend!

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I'm so sorry, Steve! I am sure his wife will appreciate your staying in touch with her. We are never prepared for the loss of a good friend. Thinking of you!

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I'm very sorry, Steve.

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So sorry -- a loss like that, which surprises you, is bound to leave you in a bit of a daze.
Your calling her was a good thing! Sharing memories made both of you remember happy, admirable qualities of your friend, even tho I know it was bittersweet.

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This holiday season must be very difficult for her and I'm sure your phone call brightened it immensely.

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I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. 50 is so young, and to still have kids at home, ugh, heartbreaking.

It was good of her to contact you, and for you to call her. I hope you can stay in touch. I think talking about lost loved ones helps so much. It helped me. I talk about my parents literally on a daily basis. It keeps them alive and well in my heart.

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