Help with airfare?

sjerinDecember 5, 2012

We're trying to buy a ticket for our dd to fly to Germany for study abroad in January. Every time I click on what seems like a "good" possibility, I get the message back that it's not available. And then often a pricier ticket is mentioned. Isn't this a bait and switch? Why offer what isn't available? Does anyone have any tips?

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You might have to call the airline directly. Is this happening on a travel site or a speciic arline?
Try going to a different computer.

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Try booking it on Priceline or Cheap tickets. I've booked many flights - domestic and international and have never had a problem with either. Are you trying to book it directly through the airline?

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Get on airline alerts for all airlines. And be diligent in searching.

Bing is a good one to get alerts from.

Good luck.

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We've tried various sites and never had such a hard time before. What really ticks me off is the "not offered anymore" messages--I think the "low" fares must be just bait. I've tried alerts but I think the main problem is that there is a ton of business travel from my city to Berlin, so all the airlines can pretty much charge what they want. We tried near-by cities, separate trips, etc. but I guess we'll have to bite the bullet and pay a ton. Nuts. Thanks very much for your suggestions and for listening to me complain. Next to the posts at the top, this is post is silly.

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Try clearing out your history and cookies. A friend of mine tried that, because every time she checked on prices they went up every time she got on line. Once cleared her history and cookies she got lower prices.

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not silly at all...and believe me study europe is very important on your resume...

try talking to the school sponsering the trip, esp if there are more students attending...they like groups going anywhere...

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Kathy, we cleared history (and cookies) often but it didn't help today--they must have figured out how to get past that. We had to use another computer because they upped the price when we changed pages and came back, even after clearing. And don't even get me started on the seats and how they try to squeeze more out of you for those! How the game has changed! Thanks, Susan. That's nice of you to say but in light of the tragic loss of Jamie and others, this aggravation is not a bit important. Just frustrating.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

have you tried it compares a bunch at once

Here is a link that might be useful: kayak

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the only thing I can tell you is... airlines can cost 40% less when purchased online on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Tuesday just after midnight is the very best time. Also purchase exactly 6 weeks before your departure.
This is from the National Public Radio report

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That's good to remember, Joanne. I knew about the Tues/Wed. and we didn't have the correct travel dates until recently, so we couldn't follow the 6-week rule. I'm sure the fact that so many (business) people fly this route is the reason we had to pay so much. But the stupid extra fees for what used to be part of the ticket sure do bug me. I just heard a story on the radio yesterday that the airlines are doing so much better because of these fees--many billions.

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Best to book the ticket directly through the airline because if you buy it from a third party, if there have to be any changes made for any reason, it will be difficult to impossible.

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