Food Processor to mix cookie dough???

caroline94535December 20, 2008

I'm going to be making a sugar-cookie-type "Sand Tart," and Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Can I make the doughs in my food processor, as opposed to using the Kitchen Aid mixer? Will the results be just as good?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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I would just use a wooden spoon and a bowl. It takes longer, but I wouldn't use a food processor. That's more for chopping and pureeing food, than it is for mixing it.

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Just don't over process.
And add the nuts and/or oatmeal by hand at the end.

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Most butter cookies are best if mixed by hand. Using an electric mixer is even pushing it. You don't want to overdevelop the gluten in cookies. I've occasionally mixed them in the FP when I've been in a real hurry, but the texture of the finished product really isn't as good as if you mix by hand.

Just soften your butter for 10-15 seconds (depending upon your wattage) in your microwave, and you'll have no problem making cookie dough with just a bowl and spoon--and the clean-up doesn't get any easier than that.

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I don't like making cookie dough in the food processor.

If it is a pastry type cookie, I will cut the butter/shortening with the dry ingredients - but then I will move to a bowl and mix in the wet ingredients by hand.

I do like using my Kitchen Aid - I "pulse" the beater so that the dough isn't over worked. Just a few rotations, scrape the bowl and beater down and a couple more rotations - and so on until the dough comes together.

With sugar cookies - I cream the butter and eggs, add about half the flour and leavening and mix well (but don't over work) - then I gently "pulse" in the rest of the flour.... And since I roll them out - I make sure I don't add any additional flour. I chill the dough, then roll out on a lightly floured board.

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You can make cookie dough in your food processor with no problem.

What you need it the mixing attachment that does not usually come with the starter set of accessories. You have to buy it separately. It depends on the brand of your machine. Some do not have this attachment available and only offer blades, slicers and graters.

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A food processor does every little thing to suit your needs, from chopping, ... It has plenty of power to even mix cookie dough and it can do it real fast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lumix Food Processor

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