Very bittersweet

terilynDecember 5, 2012

I just reunited with my very best friend, through her son, my godson. We had not been in touch for several years. He contacted me because her dad was dying. I picked up the phone and it was like we had spoken to each other yesterday. Please do not put off that call, her dad passed away last night. We have vowed to never let "life" get in the way again.

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thank you for the reminder, and on a day when i was doing "real" christmas cards..NOT email...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

My best friend from Oklahoma, that I had not talked to in a long time called me this morning at 6 she was in tears, her mother just passed away. It is so hard to try to console someone from so far away. I wish I could be there with her.

I know just what you mean.

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Probably 6 months ago I had lunch with a good friend from the past. We drifted apart because he was one of those who could be brainwashed by the political emails and the other nutcase groups and I finally said if he didn't quit sending me all that garbage I was going to file a complaint with his email provider for spamming. It was.... an interesting lunch. He walked on eggshells a lot. But I was glad we got together. And that reminds me, his birthday is coming up!

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Thank you for the reminder, terilyn. I'm glad you could talk with your friend.

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When you love someone - let 'em know!

That person - or you - may not be here tomorrow.

ole joyfuelled

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So true Terilyn. So many of us let too much time pass.

It's good you all could reconnect so easily.

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My husband and his older female cousin (who grew up in same house) exchanged emails freequently. Then she started sending a lot of red-neck racist type stuff (supposedly "funny")
DH got offended, asked her to stop. She got mad, said the stuff was from her husband, not from her. They haven't emailed or even sent Christmas cards since. In the meantime, DH Mom died and we don't know if his uncle (cousin's Dad) is still with us. Sad.

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Life's too short to let minor hassles freeze a valuable friendship, jannie.

I hope that they can get the issue resolved and renew that important relationship.

Some time.

ole joyful

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