Bought another chicken at Wal Mart and found out something

glenda_alDecember 22, 2011

Returned my overcooked rotisserie chicken.

Went to purchase another one and waited for them to take the ones that were on the rotisserie to come off, so I knew I was getting a really fresh not over cooked one like yesterday.

Gal told me, if you buy late in the afternoon, they are sitting out under that warming light for 4 hours before they take them off the sale counter.

TWO: I saw some chicken over by their deli gourmet cheese, etc section for a dollar less.

Those were not rositterie chickens, but gal said they are cooked, and injected with the flavoring, and they cooked them the nite before. NOT!

So I took one home, saved a buck.

Well, come to find out it was frozen in the center, and I had to put in oven to heat to thaw.

My thinking, is they are precooked, before shipping to WalMart stores, then put on the rotisserie in the store. So you are thinking you are getting a freshly cooked rotisserie chicken from THAT store.

It had the good flavoring, but the gal misled me into thinking they were fully cooking in the local store.

How could it be, it was frozen in the center?

That's my thinking and I"m sticking to it.

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Doesn't sound too appetizing to me. I'll bet that is exactly what they do, Glenda. I have bought bread in some grocery stores at their bakery counter, Publix being one, that is still frozen. I think they just zap it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp it up.

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Do you have a Costco near you? Try one of their chickens. I don't trust Walmart for much more than brand names I already know.

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I've bought bread from the bakery at Walmart in Florida and it has been frozen in the middle too.
Kathy G in MI

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I would definitely not want a chicken that was still half frozen, but that had been sitting on the rotisserie for a few hours. That temperature range is seriously dangerous. That half frozen one would go right back.

But then, I won't buy any perishables/meat in Walmart. It doesn't seem sensible to me to trust the cheapest store, that has the lowest paid employees around to be careful about food storage and hygiene. I'm just not comfortable with that.

Don't you have any great local places for rotisserie chicken? There's a poultry farm that has a little storefront where they sell the most amazing, freshly rotisseried chickens (and the BEST potato salad I've had with the exception of my dads, as well as fresh eggs).

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You made me hungry so at my market (which is an affiliate of Brokeshires) I bought a Lemon Pepper rotisserie chicken.
The last fresh chicken I've cooked has turned out not like I like it.
When I got home I took it out of the package and onto a paper plate. Hardly any oil or grease dripped off. I massacred it removing all beautifuly cooked parts and scraped the bone. I've never seen so much wonderful chicken. this should keep me in meals for a long time.

I dont like the deli chicken at WM always looks so overcooked.
One of my WM puts out cooked corndogs $! each sometime I buy two or three and when I get home slice them into little half dollars these are very good

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The rotisserie chicken was fully cooked, I saw them testing with the temp thingie.

It's just you are misled that it is freshly cooked in YOUR store.

My chili is all put together, and it will be fine, I hope!

I've frozen it until Saturday nite.

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I buy Sams Club rotisserie chicken, they are much larger but same price as Walmart.

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Too late. and I don't belong to Sam's Club and Costco.

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Sams club & walmart are exactly the same because Sams club is owned by walmart and it really serves as their local breakbulk warehouse.

Thus the name "Sam's Club" which is named after the founder, Sam Walton, founder of Walmart.

The only difference is that while other companies have to maintain their warehouse at their own expense, ole Sam Walton was smart enough to sell memberships to allow ppl to shop in his warehouse, thus covering the cost of the warehouse.

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I think they cook all the chickens early/ or by midday... they sit out for a while so the later you buy one the more over cooked it will be. Those that don't sell go into a freezer and are put out the next day or two in the 'other' section --and are priced $1 or $2 off the regular price. Those can be bought early in the day --before the whole chicken cooking process starts over for that day with the fresh ones.

Don't know if that's right, just what I kind of assumed. I general don't go to Walmart but that's how I think my grocery store does them.

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carla, the one I bought, today, after I returned the overcooked one, was not rotissorie cooked. Most definitely. It was a dollar off, cause it was precooked before it hit my local WalMart. Then the precooked were put on the rotisserie. One I bought today, was definitely NOT rotisserie. NOT the same color.

That's why they charge extra for the rotisserie chickens.

Lesson learned. The flavor was there. My white chili will be just fine and enjoyed. I am sure of that.

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Those chickens are precooked by the meat company then shipped to the stores frozen.

All the meat in walmart is prepackaged at the meat packing company and shipped to wallmart in frozen or fresh case lots, and all the wallmart store ppl do is open a box and set the packages out in the display coolers.

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I invested in a George Foreman rotisserie so I can roast my own chickens and season them the way I want. No injected sodium-flavored solution, no salty seasonings. My rotisserie has come in handy for many different meats.

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sephia I didn't know, George has his name on a rotisserie. That sounds like a good new appliance for me. :)

I read quite a while ago, how unhealthy the store rotisserie chickens are, and haven't bought one since.

I also found out, that most stores with a bakery attached get their bread pre baked, and they put it in their ovens to finish the baking and put the "fresh baked" bread on display.

Thus, now I buy my bread at a real bakery, or I bake my own.

Moni who LOVES the Farrells Artisan Bread from Tulsa.

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Moni - you're right about the precooked bread at most supermarket chains. We like the 'Artisan' sour dough bread that my Shop Rite sells and I've learned to order 4 or 5 loaves from the bakery. I buy them frozen and then when I want to serve a loaf I put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes to finish browning them - and I don't even have to thaw them first. I love the aroma when I take them out.

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I thought they wwere cooked in the store also. Kind of misleading that they're just re-heated!
I thought Wegman's baked all their cakes in store until I saw this video. Makes me think they all do something similar and what other things are pre-cooked.

Here is a link that might be useful: wegman's cakes

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ugghhh....I bought one yesterday and cut into it and it was bloody! I was so disgusted. Took it back and the lady's jaw just dropped....she was shocked. They are on sale this week and she said they just can't keep up. Someone must've rushed this batch. I don't know if I'll be able to buy one again for a long time.......

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I no longer buy food (or anything) at big stores like Walmart Costco,etc. I prefer local stores where I feel much more familiar. I chat with the manager, the deli folks,etc. They'll warm me not to buy something "off" and will tell me something is fresh. I've never had a bad rotisserie chicken. Get them all the time.

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It may depend on the Walmart and manager. I personally will not buy any meat, chicken or fish at my store. Also since my son in law delivers to the bigger stores I now now how long food sits in the warehouses and stores. So now I buy less and more choosy.

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I don't buy meat (or produce) at WalMart because of the reasons listed above. They don't even have a slicing machine if you wanted something cut into two pieces, for instance.

I do like rotisserie chickens and I buy them at Krogers. I always shop in the afternoon, and I know their chickens will come off the rotisserie at 2:30. They probably do earlier and later turns also.

I've never seen a marked-down rotisserie chicken, or a precooked one, in Krogers.

My convection oven has a rotessire but I've never used it. I don't think I could make one better than Kroger, and then have to do that clean up.


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I wouldn't trust Walmart with anything....I'll stick with my local grocery store......

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I know a store where they sell "day old" rotisserie chickens real cheap the next day! Now this means that they've either been on the spit for over 24 hours, or sat on the spit all day, got refrigerated last night, then reheated. Neither option sounds good to me. My Mom never would buy a rotisserie chicken. I'm thinking...

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I'm another person that will join the chorus on Walmart's meat or chicken. I bought one time and that was enough for me. White chicken chili is a favorite soup and I buy boneless chicken breasts from a popular store's meat dept. and simmer in a saucepan of water until tender.

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I used to poach my chicken until I discovered rotisserie chicken, but THINK I'll go back to poaching again :o)

Although my chili did turn out delicious, if I have to say so.

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Glenda, don't you have grocery stores close by where you can get a good rotisserie chicken? I would sure hate not being able to get them.

Question about the white chili. Would canned chicken work for that?

My DD bought canned chicken for her cat when he was sick, but he wouldn't eat it. She doesn't eat meat so she gave me 3 cans of chicken. So far I've only made chicken salad with one can.


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sue, I have Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Publix, yes!

I have poached chicken before many times, but after I tried the rotisserie, I really liked it and the convenience of using it.

Lesson learned, to get the rositteries chicken early before it sits under the light and dries out or GO BACK TO POACHING my chicken breasts that I buy from Publix.

PLEASE, DO NOT use canned chicken, please!

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I never shop at Walmart. I just don't trust it. The clientele at our Walmart is pretty sketchy, and with the stories of ppl opening jars and trying things, and putting jars back, I just don't trust anything in that store. People of Walmart, indeed, that's what mine looks like.

Our Sam's, however, is a completely different story. I know it is owned by the Walton family, but it is a completely different store. I buy my meats, veggis, rotisserie chickens, dairy, and many other things at Sam's. It's clean, there is always help when you need it, and the people shopping there look like they are employed. I hate Walmart, and lucky for me I don't have to shop there.

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I roast my whole chickens at home,,I stick them on an angel food cake pan ,,works great for me

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Caroline, I got a mental picture of your method. That is so clever.

Glenda, do you mean don't use the canned chicken for the chili, or don't use it for anything? Why not?


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sue, I only used canned chicken once, and didn't care for it. That's MY opinion.
Use it for chili if you want, but I'd rather cook my own chicken. My opinion only again.

Or as I have previously done, use rotissorie chicken, with success, until this week.

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I'm with you, glenda. I don't like canned chicken. I bought a can to keep just in case we get snowed in or something. Our electricity went off for almost a week and we still didn't resort to eating it so I gave it to a canned good drive. One of my friends though uses it to make her buffalo chicken dip and hers is really just as good as those that use fresh. I think if you mix in enough other stuff with it, it may be usable so maybe it would work in your white chili.

I think it's chopped too small and processed too much to get any real chicken taste out of it and kind of taste like tuna (that's probably just pyschological). It also just kind of reminds me of eating spam. Meat just shouldn't come from a can!

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wow, Sat, Dec 24, 11 at 14:33 was when I posted that.

Shows you things just don't go away :o)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We buy our chicken at CostCo and cook them on the Showtime. :-)

I usually brine overnight, butter and season the skin and THEN....."Set It and Forget It ", lol.

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I got upset then they over cooked the rotiessiere chickens due to people complaining they were not cooked but they were, I never found any pink inside them and they were nice but I find they can over cook them and its not good. And these aren't walmart chickens either but another store.

I find that the same store in different area was way better and so went out of my way to go there and pick one up.

I wouldn't have one that is frozen inside, don't like that same with other thins, I wondered how many times these things were frozen over and over again.

I did find it was better to get freshly cooked and not sit there under the lights, I found they dried out bad.

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Quite obviously there was a poster that came in, pulled up this thread, became controversial, and then deleted.

T'was not me that pulled up this old thread.

The person that pulled the thread up was DilbertDoe and is long gone since yesterday :o)

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I am sorry for calling this person out. I've never heard of that expression before and shouldn't have done it. I just felt she had an agenda of picking on Glenda. I'll just count to 100 before sending something like that again.

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grandma_bonnie, you are appreciated! Thanks!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

i have a strong feeling it was someone that registered to troll and create chaos = that is what they love to do. best to ignore them.
bonnie you didn't do anything wrong.

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My local grocery sells delicious rotisserie chicken, the next morning they sell any that are leftover from the day before at $2 each. Quite a bargain. I've never gotten sick from eating day-old chix.

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This turkey hasn't eaten chicken in a while ...

... but bought a couple of frozen turkeys for a friend, delivered them, and one for my freezer.

Thanksgiving's a week Sunday.

ole joyfuelled ... with a bit o' help from turkey, on occasion (chicken, as well)

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