Amazing Race

terilynDecember 9, 2012


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This was great tonite! Wow is the language challenge ever hard!

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YAY!!! I wanted them to win from the very beginning but didn't think it would ever happen! I was cheering and had tears in my eyes,too. Great finish this season.

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Schoolhouse, so did I. Yippeeeeee

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OMG is right. I got so teary at the end. I rooted for these guys from day one, never thought they'd make it but surprise. And my second favorite team came in second. I was glad the couple didn't win because they took money they shouldn't have. >>As an aside , in my Country Living Xmas issue of last year, the boys were featured in big article about their 1802 mansion, Beekman place. It is spectacular. I was thumbing thru old Xmas magazines last week and could not believe my eyes. I took it over to my daughters house and said check these guys out. Love, love Amazing Race, always my favorite TV show.

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Yay! I really really wanted them to win, and when I saw the language challenge, knew they would. IMO they won because, like the old tale of the tortoise and the hare, they were patient and organized. Also, smart.

And they were lovable. It kind of makes up for the cowboys never winning.

Congrats, guys!

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FlamingO in AR

I was disappointed in the end. I didn't think they ran a very good race at all, it's just pure dumb luck that they didn't get eliminated earlier. And they sniped at each other a lot, that got old. I'm sure the producers knew that one of them spoke French and that's why France was in the list of countries to visit. And the NY home-court advantage, perfect timing for them, too.

I wanted a strong team to win the race, one that had finished strong in almost every leg, not one that limped in all bedraggled and pathetic. Did you see the look of disappointment on Jayme's face? They worked so hard and so did the kids from TX. And neither of those 2 teams ever had a harsh word for each other or about others, I never saw 3 strong teams get along so well as those 2 did with the twins.

The twins- I know most people didn't like them, but I really admired their attitudes and zest for life. I would have been OK with them winning.

So yes, I really didn't like the ending at all.

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I wasn't happy with who won. In my opinion they didn't deserve to win. They did not run a good race, they barely squeaked by for many, many legs and were whiny and easily frustrated at most challenges. Any of the other teams deserved it more than they did.

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I was very disappointed! I agree with FlamingO, except that I really disliked the twins, and am glad that they didn't make the finals.

The winners did not deserve to win! They were not "amazing" at anything, and should have been eliminated when they came in last a while back. The final leg almost seemed rigged for them to win.

I didn't realize they live in an incredible mansion and have their own television show. Brent is a physician and Josh is a New York Times bestselling author. So now I'm even more disappointed that they won. The Chippendales wanted the money to help their families--not increase their wealth.

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To be honest, I was sad when the twins were eliminated. Didn't want them to win necessarily but I enjoyed their personalities MOST of the time. Agree the Beekmans ran a poor race, I'm still amazed they made it to the final three. The Chippendales got on my nerves a little, also they kept mentioning the father with cancer alot. Sounds awful but I thought it was for effect. Remember the ABBA's? Didn't one of those guys get news that their father was diagnosed with cancer? They also brought that up often.

Not nearly the sniping and whining this season from any of the teams! Which I liked. At least the bit that the Beekmans did finally broke up their "blandness". ha.

I used to watch "The Fabulous Beekman Boys", think it went to three seasons? Their goat herder was such a soft hearted guy, he cried when anything happened to "his children" or sometimes for no reason except he was happy. :)

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I agree with schoolhouse, Wanda, Casey and Flamey.
I was really rooting for the Chippendales or the couple.
I did not want the two guys to win. Darn! I liked
how there was not no nastiness between the Chippies, and
the Texan couple. It was nice this season, no real awful
teams. The last 4 teams seemed to really enjoy the
experience, seemed to be NICE and THANKFUL to the citizens
of the different countries, not nasty like in previous
seasons. Just wish there had been a better winner!
Glad the Chippies won the car for the one guys mom.. that
was cool! lol

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I think the Beekman's were the nicest ones running...just very kind to everyone. I am thrilled they won because in this race brains count as much as brawn. The Texas couple took the hippies money so karma is a b!tch. The Beekman's would have never done that. I like kind sensitive men. That's why I liked the Chippendales too. In the end the Texas girl blew it because she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Didn't know who Houdini was. Really? Talk about a whiner, she was the worse. I'm sad I have to wait till spring , I guess, to watch it again.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was very surprised that the majority had no idea what the United Nations symbol was and had to ask people. The Beekmans knew immediately.

Sometimes it is nice to see brains win over brawn. I was actually rooting for the Chippendale guys,but I feel the Beekmens ran a good race too or they would Not have been in the finals.

I was so glad to see Karma slap down the twins especially.
They were exceptionally mean and rude and nasty last night. The Beekmens never did anything to them to be treated the way they were. And her repeatedly calling them the evil gays,,and the gays was very telling about who they are . Ugly mean nasty thieves.

So I am glad a nice team, that worked their way through honestly, and even helped others when they could, won.
The Chippendales also played a very good, nice, honest game,and were so torn up about that uturn theyused, great guys.

About the Chippendale guys I was looking for a new Callender this weekend and saw the Chippendale one and Jaymes is on the cover. I liked how they said maybe this will help how people think of the Chippendales. I am happy they won the cars, and some trips. He could sell those to get money for his dad. And so sweet that James was giving his to his mom.
Nice guys!

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I too was rooting for the Chippendale's and was sad to see them not win. I thought they played a respectful game, never bickered and were very polite to everyone they encountered. If AR has an All-Stars episode I'd love to see them return.

Beekman's got too whiney for me.

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Were Abbie and Ryan there last night? I don't remember seeing them. I know Ryan was really peeved at being eliminated. They were so strong at the beginning of the race.

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It is a game and they won! Everyone that was picked to be on the game deserved to win~~why do people say folks do not deserve to win?? It is a game and you win by how you play the game.

I wanted the Chippy's to win I love them;)

I liked the twins~~if you noticed they twinned talk all the time. I really enjoyed that, they finished each other sentences. Could be saying the same thing at the same time it was funny.

If you read the Beekman boys bios~~~they each say their biggest challege in the game would be they argue alot and think that they each think they are right. Also the shorter one said it would be a problem with the other guy being too nice and not rememebering it is a game.

It is nice that they won~~~~

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They certainly did not go on the Race to make themselves richer. They bought that house, which stood empty for way more ten years. The grounds were in shambles.

Josh has spent the last 5 years living in NY City and only coming back to the farm on week-ends. He needed to keep his job just so they could make ends meet. It was a major sacrifice.

Even with the obstacles, they managed to put jobs into this rural area and revive a nearly bankrupt community through ingenuity and hard work.

Yep. They bicker and yet, after 14 years they are still committed to one another. With divorce rates at 50% in this country, give me some good old-fashioned bickering any day. At least they work out their differences.

They are thoughful and kind and I'm proud to have them for neighbors. Here's a link you might find interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thank You

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I knew absolutely nothing about the guys, but after the first show, they were my favorites. I liked the Chips too but the Beekman's just won my heart. When I saw the magazine spread on them, which I must have read a year ago, I thought I know why I identified with them. They love old houses as I do . Their's is 30 or 40 years older than mine and a wonderful treasure. I just wish these guys were MY neighbors.

Years ago my daughter and her friend tried out for Amazing Race as it's always been the favorite show in our houses. They were going to be soccer moms with kids who played soccer but they as 40 year old women were also soccer players. When I saw the Houdini stunt the other night, I thought it was just as well daughter never made the cut. She would have ended in a mental ward as she's petrified of heights.

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I loved reading that blog, Yarnlover. Thanks for posting it!!
Wow, they are going to wonderful things with their winnings.

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As far as the Beekmans' whining and fighting, I fail to see it was a big deal. Even on their blog I just read where someone mentioned "all the fighting and bickering" they did. I mean, if you are a regular viewer of TAR there have been some seasons (if not most) where bickering and fighting is the norm and much more fierce than this season. In fact, the Beekmans were the only couple that participated in it and I think it was minimal. Again, compared to past seasons.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Their blog was great, very gracious and thankful. My husband and I have been married for 38 years and we bicker back and forth often it is not fighting it is just us being us, in the middle of it we might blow kisses or smooches or say but I love you. All our friends know it and know we are basically just playing with each other. Living together long term as the beekmens have you do things like that, better to let it out than let it build up into something explosive.

They were even nice in their descriptions of the evil twins. I personally would never in real life have a friend that would steal from anyone anywhere, and I certainly would not think very highly of them. If those girls were so quick to steal that money in front of a tv cameara being broadcast around the world it lets me know it is not the first time and probably won't be the last. That kind of behavior came very natural to them, only after they thought a minute about it did they basically force the other couple to take part of it by shoving it into their hands.
I just won't associate with a thief. I had a so called friend that came to a party at my home, found she had gone into the room with the coats and purses and stole out of the purses. I had to make apologies and feel horrible that now people felt they could not come to my home and feel secure. That was the last time she was in my home or anywhere around me. Had she asked me to borrow money if she needed it that badly I would have. I later found she was doing drugs and was going down a dead end road.

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Sally Brownlee

yarnlover, thanks for the blog link.

I loved the gingerbread "chips" and their rippled abs!

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Yarnlover writes:

"They certainly did not go on the Race to make themselves richer. They bought that house, which stood empty for way more ten years. The grounds were in shambles."

Gosh, on their website, in looking at the photos they posted, it says that a couple who owned the house before they bought (Eric and Patricia Selch) "finished extensive, historically accurate renovations, and the Beekman still stands today because of them."

"Josh has spent the last 5 years living in NY City and only coming back to the farm on week-ends. He needed to keep his job just so they could make ends meet. It was a major sacrifice."

Pardon me if I don't cry over this bit of information. The farm is also in the State of New York. In fact, it's less than 200 miles from New York City, and takes about 3.5 hours to drive from one place to the other. Josh did this for 5 years while he was a best-selling author.

On the other hand, my husband and I, because of our jobs, had to live in separate cities starting two weeks after we were married. We were more than 360 miles apart, and it was a 6 hour drive. This lasted for 6 years.

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The Beekman boys got engaged last night. I hope some A R contestants and Phil will be invited to the wedding. Not the twinnies

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