Cooking ham question???

YogaLady1948December 16, 2012

DH wants ham for our family gift exchange dinner, last year we bought a $$Honey Baked ham and it was way too big and just not as good as in the past esp for the $$. Oh and he wanted one with no bone, to him it is easier to slice. So I found one, it is fully cooked, I will just need to heat it a bit, that is the question how to do that with out drying it out?? Can it go in a cock pot???

Luckily my DD and her BF will do the vegetarian cooking~~~all of our sides are OK for everyone;) With vegan desserts made by DD;)

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did a quick search and yes they do have them a crock pot! you have given me a great idea for our christmas party at dd's..she has double ovens but it was gonna be cramped!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you Susan;) I do not have double ovens, that is why I was thinking about using the crock, also hoping it stays more moist that way~~~;)

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We often make a boneless 3 - 4 pound ham. The directions on the label say to place it in a oven proof pan (I use my cast iron skillet, add about 1/2 to 1 inch water, seal with foil and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes a pound. We've never had a dry ham.

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Is it pre-sliced?

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Just did a fresh ham in the crockpot for the first time last Thursday. Put the ham in about 7:00 a.m. (with a can of chicken broth) on high, after about an hour, turned to low and cooked all day. We ate about 6:00 that night. Turned out very good. I was pleasantly surprised.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I do what Marie Cate does, all you want to do is warm it or bring to room temperature, can take out of fridge and let it sit to reach room temp. We had one this year that was boneless,pre sliced, with honey glaze my sister served it room temp no heating.
I personally like them just a little warm, but just heated, definitely not cooked a long time. Sealing up the foil is important. If you have one of those big electric roaster ovens, you can wrap Ham in foil with a little water,and heat it in there, those work great as an additional oven.

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It is a cooked, not presliced and about 5lbs. Right. I just want to warm it up, but not dry it out~~what about putting it in a cooking bag, with apple juice or white wine with brown sugar, in the crock pot on low for a couple hours~~~I want to free up the oven space and stove space, when my DD#2 and her BF get here to start cooking, the vegetarian food, I can no longer freely move around the kitchen~~~they take it over;) So, I preprep everything else and just relax while they do their thing;)

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I always do it in my barbeque pit/slow cooker. Throw in a can of root beer or coca cola. Always moist and so good.

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HMM Two, I have heard that about cola and rootbeer. I was thinking wine, because I do not drink it anymore and this would be a good excuse to buy some ;)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

no dont use wine the alcohol will dry the ham.

If I were using the crockpot I would wrap the ham in heavy duty foil to seal it up pour about a third cup of water into the foil package seal add a little water in the crockpot set tbe foil pack in it and heat on low for an hour or two check the ham to see if it is warm enough. I often squeeze a little honey over the top before heating. Coke is fine to use instead of water but dont use much. If you keep it sealed up it will stay moist.

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Thank you all~~~~;)

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cynic - The hams I cook are not pre-sliced. I usually have one of these in the refrigerator (linked below0 - it's great when the kids decide to come over at the last minute and leftovers are good for sandwiches or to serve with eggs for breakfast.

When I have time I buy uncured hams at Trader Joe's - DH likes them better.

His present this Christmas is a real Smithfield Ham. We haven't had one of those in years. It's definitey a 'different' taste.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 lb. Hatifield Black Forest ham

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I did a ham for Thanksgiving and it was great. I used that Dr. Pepper marinade that was posted before Thanksgiving. It was about 8 Lbs it took about 3 hours and was very good. It was one of those .99 cents a Lb sale ones. I basted it with the Dr. Pepper and Orange marmalade. I kept it in foil till the last 30 min.

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The reason I asked is a pre-sliced or spiral sliced will dry out much quicker. It'll work fine in the crock. Personally I don't like all the sugar that a lot of people want on meat and vegetables. I like the natural flavorings and for ham, the smokier the better! I also like the edges dried a bit so for me it doesn't matter but to retain most moisture, wrap it in foil or use a cooking bag.

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Thanks Cynic~~~I will not be eating or testing it at all, so we shall see how it goes~~~I am going to just use a bit of water to make me think it will stay moist.

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That'll work fine. FWIW, most hams are injected with water anyway so as long as there's a "seal" so moisture doesn't escape, no extra is really needed unless you want to add flavor. I'm sure your ham will be great. Don't lose any sleep over it, especially this time of year! :)

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