Amazing Race

terilynDecember 2, 2012

Shoot, hated the end!

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I am so done with those two! Lots of swearing between them also.

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It looked like we were done with them. I hate it that they are in finale.

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I thought so too. I also don't like the couple since they took the money from the hippies. I can't stand the way she hollers all the time. I want the gay guys or the Chippendales.

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FlamingO in AR


That was very predictable, they always do that when it's down to 4 teams, to drag it out longer.

I actually like the twins and if it wasn't for the money thing, I'd be rooting for them. They get along so well, even when they are annoyed with each other, they get over it well and they're funny and very friendly. And their stories, they crack me up. Saying the exact same thing at the same time, very "twinnie".

Lexi's finger injury looked really painful, I felt sorry for her when that happened.

And the goat farmers- as my mother would say- they don't have a hasty bone in their whole bodies. LOL They stop and rest and stop and wander around for directions, stop and try to hug the demon that gave them a clue, stop and..... well, they stop too much, it's a RACE! If it wasn't for the great equalizers that they have in every episode (the place doesn't open for 12 hours) the goat farmers would be 3 or 4 days behind. I think the only quick thing they did was fix the windmill. And they didn't seem to have to run 1/3 of a mile to get to it, like the twins did.

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I like the twins and I like the goat farmers the best.

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I agree, Flamey!

I'm kind of rooting for the chippendales.

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The goat farmers are a kick...the way they take their time. It would be a riot if they won since only luck has kept them there. I think they're actually very sweet guys. I have never seen twins who look and talk exactly alike. They say the exact same thing when people are talking to them.

I just love this show and always hate for it to be over and have to wait till spring for a new one.

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it was interesting about chippendales..they seem to need the money for something important? or that's the way jeff made it sound?

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Here's a webpage that explains what the chippendales intend to do with the money.

Here is a link that might be useful: If the Chippendales win

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I wondered why I liked the goat farmers from the beginning. I was perusing thru old Xmas magazines today for ideas ,and last January's issue of Country Living featured Josh and Brent and their FABULOUS old house and barn and goats. Brent was a physician and Josh an advertising guy. Since I live in an historic home too, I remembered this article but didn't put it together till I re- looked today. WOW. Their place is beyond spectacular.

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