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country_bumpkin_alDecember 21, 2012

I loaned my carpet steamer to a friend a couple of weeks ago. She was taking her puppy to the Vet today and had told me she was gonna bring my steamer home. Got a message from her tonight that they'd just left the Vet and he'd kept their dog...she has PARVO! Anyway, she said she bring the steamer hime in the morning. Now, I'm concerned if I want the steamer here...around MY own dogs (one of which is a puppy). Would it be dangerous? Is there some way to disinfect the steamer..or do I need to do that?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Parvo is extremely contagious, I would be concerned about the puppy especially. Contact your vet or a vet before having it home.

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Not to be smart but I wouldn't even want your friend to come in. She could bring the virus on her clothing or shoes.Very contagious to pups under 1 yr.

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FlamingO in AR

If your dogs have been vaccinated against it, I would put it in the garage and disinfect it myself by bleaching every part of it, spraying it, running it thru it, etc. If they aren't vaccinated, I would tell her to keep the steamer indefinitely, until you can properly disinfect it at her house at a later date. Better safe than sorry.

When we get a new puppy, I won't even let it walk in the vet's office or yard, for fear of Parvo.

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So I was right being concerned? Glad I asked!! Thanks!! :)

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We adopted a dog a few years ago from the animal shelter. She came down with Parvo about 3 days after we got her home. I am pretty sure she probably contacted it in the shelter. My 2 dogs had been vaccinated, but, I still went into panic. I bleached and disinfected everything in sight, even the ground in the dog run that was attached to the house. Killed every blade of grass in the process, and could never get grass to grow there again. The vet did a good job, and our new dog came home about 10 days later and all was well. I would definitely put the steamer outside and disinfect it really well a couple of times, before bringing it inside.

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I haven't heard from her today! I think I'm just gonna ask her if she wants to BUY the steamer! It's too heavy for me to push anyway! :/

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We too got a dog from the vet years ago and he had Parvo from the shelter. The person had brought in a litter stating they were 8 weeks hold, but when we got him and he got sick, the vet said they were only 4 weeks old. Would not eat, had to cook hamburger etc, and fed him reg milk per vet. He lived to be almost 17 years and the only difference was his head was a bit larger than most his breed--Alaskan Husky. He later got a airborne disease very similar to Parvo, very rare but made it thru that. Could have been from the coyotes in the area as none of the other dogs in our rural area had it.
I wish you the best.
By the way he was the only dog we ever had that drank milk when he was not feeling good. Wierd!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Lots of good info at the link below.

What kind of a steamer is it? Unlike a carpet shampooer, I'd think that it could be cleaned up and be safe to use. I'd be afraid your 'friend' might not want to, or be able to afford buying it, considering she 'borrowed' yours. I could be wrong though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parvovirus

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