Since We Lost Dusty

samkarenDecember 4, 2012

Its just over a month since we had to put our baby to sleep. it is still hard because i can still hear his cries at night. thing i miss most is when he would play "tag-your-it" at bedtime.

we didn't get the other kitten. we thought we would see how OKE would be before jumping the gun..even though we would adopt one in a heartbeat.

OKE seems to be adjusting although i have noticed that he has picked up all of dusty's habits. Right now he is in my arms...he loves his mama

your resident DJ

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I'm glad you & Oke are adjusting so well.

It's not a bad idea to give things time to settle down before making a new commitment.

In time, I bet you get another little feller.

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When the time is right, the "one" will find you. Give your loving to OKE until it's time for another.

Trust me on this one. After losing my 18-1/2 year old cat last summer, I wasn't going to get another. It would be the first time in 25+ years of not having a cat. Parker simply walked into our lives just over a year ago and it's like he's been here forever.

We don't have pets. They have humans.

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Strange how the memories of our pets can stay soo long. I used to see Snuffy in my mind. He'd be walking in the door with his tail wagging and it gave me great comfort. It's hard to let go. Oke is helping you get through it, that's the power of our beloved pets.

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