Survivor - (possible spoiler)

katlanDecember 12, 2012

I just watched it. wow. Can't wait til Sunday.

I won't say any details til tomorrow. But anyone reading, be careful in case someone else mentions some details you don't want to know.

Oh I can't wait til tomorrow to talk about it. I do have some questions!!!

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Surprised me!

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I just want to say that those definitely looked like fang marks! All seemed to end well, though.

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Yes! They were a hurting unit for sure.

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I was really worried my fav lady would leave like was discussed. Can't wait till Sunday. I want either Malcolm or Denise. I think it was a snake.

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FlamingO in AR

!!!!!!!!! Spoilers, for sure !!!!!!!!!

Well, whew! I was worried when the 3 were on their reward boat ride, it sounded like a sure thing that they were going to vote out Denise. I did not want that to happen at all. I can't believe how immature and pissy Abi was about not getting to go on the reward. WHY would they have taken her? They certainly didn't have to worry about Abi swaying Denise's vote, she is way too smart to fall for any of Abi's baloney. And why would they reward Abi with anything when all she's done is gripe and moan and cause strife? She is totally delusional about how people perceive her.

The lack of swelling in Denise's neck was odd- if it had been anything really poisonous, wouldn't it have swelled up big? I wonder if medics took a look at it? Maybe Abi bit her. LOL Poor thing, you know it had to hurt a lot for it to cause her to cry a little, she is so amazingly tough (and smart), IMO. She did great in the immunity challenge too, still managed to kick Abi's sorry butt, but wasn't quite fast enough to beat Malcolm. I am glad at how the vote went down later. I really do want her to win, but Malcolm is worthy, also. So is Skupin, just because he didn't deck Psycho Abi for calling HIM an idiot and a moron. I don't know how he held back. LOL

Somebody please watch the Ponderosa stuff for me and let me know what kind of a welcome she got there. (I can't- data limits prohibit videos for me.) She's going to be such a bitter jury member. A lot of her "friends" are, too, so I hope they don't let her sway their votes. She really hates Denise and it would be a shame if Denise lost in the end because Abi made the others vote with her. Hopefully they are smart enough to realize that Denise was only speaking the truth about Abi.

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Good show. I hate to say it, but if I were playing I would have taken Abi to the final 3. Just don't know if I could have stood having to spend 3 more days with her. Lol, Flamey, about "maybe Abi bit her".

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Here's the recap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recap/Abi

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Was Penner flipping off Abi? lol I don't really care who of the four win. They all did a good job to get there.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

He was flipping off someone but I thought it was Lisa she stabbed him in the back on the way out so I am certain he is not feeling warm and fuzzy about that.

I thought Denise had shingles till she showed the bite marks what ever it was it was big those two holes were wide apart, either a snake or a really big spider would be my guess. Which just creeps me out thinking of either of those things crawling on me while I slept.

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I didn't think Lisa stabbed him in the back, when he refused Lisa and Skupin's idea about the three of them, he gave himself up. And he was always talking about not taking anything personally in this game, it's just a game... hmmm...

Denise looked awful. UCK! poor thing. I hope a medic was standing close by because any allergic reaction like that could have turned deadly at any time.

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I think Penner was flipping off Abi, he is a nice guy and would most likely never do that~~she is a toxic person and brings out the worst in people.

I am so glad she is gone, I do not agree with keeping a toxic person like her around so you can win, If I could not win I would want it to go to a person I felt was worthy of it and played a good game also.

Does someone have the link to the Ponderosa??

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I am sure the medics there looked at Denise's "bite" marks. I sincerely doubt a snake or spider (that big) could bite you and you not know about it. I have been bitten by a spider and let me tell you, you would not be able to sleep through anything with fangs that far apart. So I am guessing a couple of insect bites and she had a reaction to that.

I hope Malcolm or Mike wins. I didn't like Abi, but I wouldn't have minded seeing her win because she was such a b it ch. She makes Russell seem like Mr. Personality Plus.

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I hope Denise wins! I was rooting for Denise and Malcolm all along, but I was disappointed last night that Malcolm would not give Denise the immunity idol. You never know what is going to happen--and since it was the last opportunity to use it, it would have been a nice gesture to give it to her.

Denise didn't get to have her husband stay with her, and she didn't get picked for last night's reward, but she was always such a good sport about it--so I think she deserves to win above the others.

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I too thought it would have been a nice gesture to give the immunity idol to Denise last night...just in case. I like her...tough woman.

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For the Ponderosa episodes, Google "youtube Survivor Ponderosa Philippines Abi". There should be two, maybe three parts.

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I can't say how happy I am that Abi is gone. Malcolm made an excellent point when he said it can backfire on you keeping people like that around, sometimes they somehow pull it off and win. She is a vain, nasty, cold hearted waste product. How bad would it suck to lose to her? haha

The only one I do not want win is Lisa. She was o.k. at first but the whole crybaby routine, "this game is bigger than me, "sniff sniff", and I don't know if I can learn it...." yada yada yada. And I just would rather not see Skupin win either.

I will be happy with either Malcolm or Denise. Denise hasn't pissed anyone off, she hasn't been negative, she hasn't had any confrontations, she's tough and strong. But she was also in the background not outwitting anyone. That might be a consideration for some on the jury. Malcolm played a great game also. And also did a lot of wheeling and dealing and working it. Along with also being nice, non-confrontation, wasn't negative was tough and strong.

Hmmmm, he and Denise are pretty darn even. I really hope it's one of them.

Here's the link to Ponderosa. Scroll part way down the page til you see the word Ponderosa in blue. There are clips from previous seasons on there also, so you have to scroll left or right to get to this seasons people.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ponderosa

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on jeff's daytime show, he mentioned they have a first aid kit of sorts and prehaps a pain reliever, could have helped denise...

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I used to want Lisa to win but all that righteous talk and the fact she would keep Abi - it went all out the window. Nothing would be worth keeping that girl around, even just three days, the girl was toxic! I think I want Malcolm to win at this point, just not Lisa anymore. Really, though between Malcolm, Denise and um, the other guy would be fine by me.

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People have to remember that Lisa is an actress and I think she is a motivational speaker in the Christian community~~~I am feeling that she has been over acting all along. I also liked her at first but grew tired of her fast~~when she went through Malcoms bag and found his idol then outted him at tribal about it. That was it for me, she came back to camp all weepy and sorry, such an act!

I was also disappointed that Malcom would not give Denise the idol, at least she knows how she stands with him.

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What I would have loved to have seen at Tribal Council would have been for one of the others to have "confronted" Abi about her claim to have another hidden immunity idol. I was waiting and waiting for someone to say something like, "What are you so worried about, Abi? Just play your hidden immunity idol tonight and you're automatically part of the final four."

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I am so done with Lisa too. She's so overly dramatic and weepy. Abi was the strangest person ever on Survivor. Why would somebody act like that? She was so toxic she'd make anyone's day miserable. Poor Denise...stuck a whole day with her. She deserves to win for that

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Abi is vehem, they are calling her one of the all time villians of Survivor. She definitely does not deserve to be in the final three, so glad she was voted off.
I would like either Denise or Malcolm to win it, not Lisa for sure. Lisa was so whiney. Malcolm was so nice to Lisa even when she blabbed about Malcolm having an immunity idol.

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You really should watch Abi on Ponderosa. The interaction with RC is amazingly strange. Worth watching!

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Hmmm, I wouldn't label Abi a villian. I consider villians on this show as conniving and manipulative and smart. We love to hate them, but they got game, and will do anything to win.

I don't think Abi is/was conniving or manipulative and absolutely not smart. I think she is just a self centered, heartless b!tch.

Please, oh please, don't let them get the idiotic idea of bringing her back. Hell, you might as well bring Colton back. I wouldn't watch the show if either of those two came back.

I also really, really hope the quit bringing back former players. Completely done with that concept.

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