DEA scam phone call

sudiepavDecember 11, 2012

Yesterday I received a message on my answering machine and a live phone call today from a"DEA Agent" who needed information from me about purported purchases by me of controlled substances online. I have never made such purchases, but the person I talked with became quickly threatening and abusive, saying if I didn't cooperate, I was facing 3-5 years in jail and a hefty fine. I WAS cooperating...I had no idea what he was talking about. He ended by saying that he was sending police to take me into custody. I was really scared, but when I thought about it, I realized this must've been some sort of scam attempt. I googled "DEA phone scam" and found details of this. Evidently, they try to levy a fine on you to make this go away. My call never got to that. Should this happen to you, get off the phone. Get the # from Google. I reported it to the DEA extortion line.

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Thanks for warning us. Will be aware of another scam. You should also notify your state attorney general, and maybe local law enforcement, just in case someone comes to your home pretending to be in law enforcement. Just be careful.

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Thanks for reporting on this.

If someone told me he was sending police to arrest me, I'd say, "Thanks for the tip-off. I'm outta here!" (Not that I'd think that fast at the time.) Really, though, if you were a genuine suspect, would 'the fuzz' *telephone* you?

Maybe I could make a complaint to the FBI about a robocall we get. I think they're selling home security systems. The caller begins by quoting supposed FBI about increasing break-ins.

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There is no end to the scams. The Nigerians are doing an IRS scam now too.

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Cops don't call you about this, they come to you. Red flags a poppin' there. If you have caller ID did it say a name and number? (Curiosity only.) Did they have your name? I'm just curious how much they do before they call. I hope you didn't give them any info.

Marie is right, contact your local police and you should also call your phone company and report it.

I don't answer if I don't know the number. Blocked calls are refused.

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Another one that I got was someone called and said I have a nasty virus on my Windows software and I needed to log in right away to fix it. "Well, I don't have Windows" I told them and they said "Oh, sorry, we see you have a Mac, nevermind" ???? What? I told my husband and he said yeah, there is a scam where they call you saying your computer is being attacked - go to such and such website - log in and voila, there is full access to your computer - bank sites, e-mail, any purchases, etc. It's crazy out there.

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I felt obligated to post because I got a call like that, too. This is clearly a fraudulent caller. Please shut them down!

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This was where I posted my report. Apparently, several others have been getting calls, too.

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Interesting- I personally know someone who actually fell for that- sent them the $500 dollars they asked for! I wondered why she would have done that if she hadn't really ordered a controlled substance online. She called the DEA and was told that, yes, they were going after people but only the companies that sell online, not individuals.

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I answered the phone because I had been left a detailed message about a possible DEA investigation that might involve me. Normally, I don't answer if I don't recognize the number, but I was a little concerned about this. The caller was very threatening and abusive from the beginning. I never ordered any medicine online, except through my prescription plan and medicine for my dog for which I had a prescription. He knew my name and address. Even though I was totally innocent, I felt a little scared, and had I been someone a little more naive, I, too, might have been tempted to pay a fine just to get them off my back. He got no information from me, although he pressed for a lot...where do you work, you know you're going to lose your job,etc. Heinous people. I reported into the DEA hotline.

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i cant believe someone would pay them $500. I get a lot of the Nigirian emails. i like to reply saying please send the money to the state to pay down our debt

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Glad you posted this. I got a call like this last week. This was the caller's phone number 559-838-0300. Same pattern of calls. Very obvious scam.

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I reported the scam call to the local authorities. I also posted a warning against the phone number at to update others.

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